Tuesday, September 20, 2011

quotable quotes

1. If time doesn't wait for you, don't worry!
Just remove the damn battery from the clock and Enjoy life!

2. Expecting the world to treat u fairly coz u r a good person is like
expecting the lion not to attack u coz u r a vegetarian.
Think about it.

3. Beauty isn't measured by outer appearance and what clothes we wear,
but what we are inside
... So, try going out naked tomorrow and see the admiration!

4. Don't walk as if you rule the world,
walk as if you don't care who rules the world!
That's called Attitude…! Keep on rocking!

5. Every lady hopes
that her daughter will marry a better man than she did
and is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as his father did!!!

6. He was a good man. He never smoked, drank had no affair.
When he died, the insurance company refused the claim.
They said
, he who never lived, cannot die!

7. A man threw his wife in a pond of Crocodiles?
He's now being harassed by the Animal Rights Activists for being cruel to the Crocodiles!

8. So many options for suicide:
Poison, sleeping pills, hanging,
jumping from a building, lying on train tracks,
but we chose Marriage, slow sure!

9. Only 20 percent boys have brains, rest have girlfriends!

10. All desirable things in life are either
illegal, banned, expensive or married to someone else!

11. Laziness is our biggest enemy- Jawaharlal Nehru
We should learn to love our enemies- Mahatma Gandhi
Ab aap bataaye kiski sune bapu di ya chacha di???

12. When things go wrong, when sadness fills your heart,
When tears flows from your eyes always say these words…
Eh Ganpat, chal daru la…

13. 10% of road accidents are due to drunken driving.
Which makes it a logical statement that
90% of accidents are due to driving without drinking!

top 10 things you never want to hear at work

Whoever came up with the expression, "It's better to give than to receive," must have been talking about bad news.
Of course it's awful to deliver bad news, no doubt about it. But having been on both sides of the equation more times than I care to think about, I'd have to say that, given the choice, I'd rather not be on the receiving end.
Unfortunately, there is an awful lot of bad news being delivered these days. And I hate to say this, but so sooner or later, you're probably going to end up on the wrong end of it. When that happens, you're going to wish you had some warning because, well, you know what they say, forewarned is forearmed.
To that end, here are 10 phrases that, when you hear them, you can be pretty sure that what follows isn't going to be good. And while knowing what's coming won't buy you much time, you'd be surprised how many cycles the brain can process when it's racing in panic mode.
After all -- and this is important, so pay attention -- how you respond can make a big difference in whether people think of you as a consummate professional or a child throwing a tempter tantrum.
Top 10 Things You Never Want to Hear at Work
1. We've got a crisis on our hands. Don't be fooled by the implication of shared responsibility. That's just a euphemism. Make no mistake; you're on the receiving end of the message because you're the one they're counting on to handle the crisis or die trying.
2. There's no easy way to say this. Guess what? There's no easy way to hear it, either. This can precede any number of events, from you're about to get fired or your top employee is quitting on you to your biggest customer is bolting for your top competitor. It's all bad.
3. Why don't you take some time off? This particular question can either precede or follow some really unpleasant news, like one of your employees has filed a sexual harassment claim against you or "I'm afraid you're burning out and I don't want to have to fire your butt."
4. All your meetings have been cancelled. This is where you say, "What do you mean all my meetings have been cancelled?" to which your admin replies, "What can I say, nobody wants to meet with you." They could be customers, the media, employees, whatever, you're now officially insignificant. Never a good thing.
5. Did you really just say that? Lots of people, especially public figures, have heard that one right after they think something that wasn't supposed to actually come out of their mouths, usually while the mic is on, the tape is rolling, or the boss is on the receiving end.
6. I accidentally deleted it. It's gone. You may not have pulled the trigger but the fact that you're on the receiving end means that, whatever it was -- probably a pitch or report you worked on for weeks -- you're the one who's going to suffer because of someone else's screw-up.
7. Do you really think your presentation went well? That's when you ask, "Was it really that bad?" and the other person replies, "Um … sorry to tell you this, but you'll be lucky if they don't cancel your whole project."
8. Can I have a word with you in private? Not that good news is always delivered in public, but even when someone wants to chat with you about something innocuous, he won't say it like that. He'll opt for something like, "Where can we talk?" or "You're not gonna believe what I heard."
9. Um … how long did it take you to do that? That's usually followed by something like a recommendation that you do it over and way, way better if you want to keep your job.
10. You've been served. Not much you can do about this one, considering you've already blown it by answering yes to the magic question, Are you [your name]? Whether you're served at work or not, it really doesn't matter. You're going to wish it never happened.
Did I forget to say that I've either said or heard every single one of these lines? In some cases, both. It's true. And you know I've never been a process server.


pelli choopula prahasanam -II

Tirumala rao eenadu paper lo matrimony ads pattukoni thegaa round ups chesthunnadu.

Retired ayyinappati nundi okkate digulu,easy chair lo ooguthu kallu rendu chaapi chetulu netti meeda pettukoni kumara rathnaniki 30 cross avuthondi inkaa manishi edigadu kaani burra edagaledu , pelli elaa cheyyali. elaanti pillanu thevali , netti meeda 1 pettinaa pavalaku ammudu podu emi cheyyalo emo veedini.vachepilla elaantidi vasthundo emo.

Emev emi chesthunnav vantitlo oka coffe pattraa.
aa marriage mediator subbaraju phone number
ekkada pettavu...okkati pettina chotu undavu ..

Enthasepayyindi pilusthonte palakave ...
choosthunna retired ayinappati nundi bottiga
nenante maryada lekunda poyindi emi chesthanu ..
nee palita paddanu ..

abba abba modalettaraa mee bhagotham metho vegaleka chasthunnaa ...idigo aa phone pakkane pettanu ..

aa vundaa ivvu ... hello subbarao adedo sambandham cheppavu gaa ammayi job chesthondanee, bagaane ichukuntaranee valla details phone number ivvu ...

tring tring ..hello sir, memu tirupathi nundi tirupathi rao ni matladathanda

avathala cheppandi sir ..

mee ammayi details maaku nachayi, ikkada maa subbaraju mediator meeku telusata kada ayana ichadu ...

okkasari ammayini choopisthe maa abbayini maree pilipisthanu ..

"adee mee abbayi details avee isthe " adenti ammayini choopinchamantadu abbayi gurinchi cheppakane ..

ayyo maa vadimendi chesadu..vaadiki job vachi 6 nelalu ayyindi annee post chesthanu kada details nenu meeru emi worry avvakandi.ammayini eppudu choopisthunnaru.maa vaadu cheppakudadu kaani buddimanthudani noru therichi okka mata matladadanukondi.kodukki pelli cheyyalanna thapathrayam anthaa kanipisthondi ..

sir, meeru emi job chestharu.mee aastipasthulu
.maaku pedda gaa levanukondi kaani kanukkovali kada ..

aa ade ade danidemundi.meeru ammayini choopinchandi , nachithe maa illu annee choosthurata. okkade koduku annee vadike kadaa.pigaa naaku pension bagane vasthundi vaaditho patu memu emi vundamu ammayi abbayi bagunte chaalu ..vaadi nundi okka paisaa asinchanu emi anukuntunnaro ..

ammaa , abbayi ata .. nee condition meet ayyaru kavalannavu gaa. deeniki ok cheppeyyali.idee kuduruthundi vallu kooda chalaa interested gaa unnaru ...

nanna abbayi age adee details ...ekakda chadivaru emainaa thelusaa.enquiry cheyyali kada ...

vallu ninnu choodataniki vasthunaru.annintiki NO anee anaku.vallatho patu details vasthayi ..

nanna maree leave petti raavalaa please nanna arrange here only ..ayinaa photo kooda choodaledu abbayidi elaa nanna ..

elaa vuntaru ...mamulugane untaru vedhavveshalu veyyakunda oorakane undu ...ninnu chadivinchi pedda thappu chesanu ..

aa roju nundi modalu, discussion eppudu ravali.
porapatunaa ammayi number mama gariki dorikindi..

poddunne 6:30 kanthaa hello! arunammaa nenu tirupathi nundi tirupathi rao nanna vallu eppudu vasthunnaru.ayanaku kuduruthundatanaa ...

"aaa ..emo nanna vallaku call cheyyandi "

"mee nanna garu, dorakatm ledamma neeve kanukko"

"aa sare uncle ".adee nene cheyyalaa abba eeyanekenti antha thondara ..poyi poyi naa number elaa icharu vellu kompadeesi commit ayipoyaaraa ...

next roju poddunne. maree call ...

"ammaa kanukkunnavaa"


inkenti roju 6 ke lechi koorchovatam ekkada
call chestharo anee takkuna melukuva vacheyyatam ..

final gaa the day arrived ..

poddunna 9 ki vasthamanna vallu ready ayyi gollu gillu kuntu intlo vedi vedi discussions enduku raledu emi ayyindi ...

mukkukuntu moolugu kuntu 4 ku vacharu ...

interview start! be silent ..sshhhh!!!!

peru emitammaa ..

"aruna andi", enni sarlu matladaru natho phone lo.i think idee compulsory question kaabolu ..

"Ekkada chadivavammaa"

"JNTU Anantapur "

" which branch"

"ECE... finsih ayyi 3 years avuthondi"

"maree nee nanna garu job cheyyabatti 1 and half anee annaru"

"aa adde appudu software field loki ravalani ledu
lecturer gaa chesanu uncle"
ori devudo, ori nayano naaku maa CEO job icheppudu kooda madhyalo one and half year gap endukochindi anee adakkundane naa talent choosi fresher gaa job ichesadu eeyanenti ilaa aduguthunnado poni edainaa comapny CEO ku post ivvataniki ayithe ok kaani kodali post ku kada"

"maree ee job lo appude 18k elaa isthunnaru "

ayye pani leka asahanam kopam tho nanna vanka choosanu.appatike patience daatipoyindi.

"nanna cover cheyyataniki papa baga job chesthundi valla CEO ku eeme ante baga panichesthundani peddayana kada ichaadu"

"meeru undandi nenu matladuthunna kada.neevu cheppamma"

"starting lo 6k ichevaru maree 4 months ke 10 chesaru.andaru manesi veluthunte manchi jobs vachi chinna company kadandi andukanee naaku baga money hike icharu"

"sare nandi ..mee ammayini piluchukoni guntakal
junction daggaraku randi maa vaadu bombay nundi akkada digesi maree next train lo vellipothadu"

"ee sari nanna ku full rise ayipoyaru kaani amamyi thandri kada,adelaa andi ammayini piluchukoni alaa railwaystations lo elaa choopisthamu ikkadike randi , lekapothe maa native anthe "

"ammayi nachindi kada anduke choosthamu ee vishayamu chepthamu"

vaana vachi velasipoyindi.nanna kemo ammayi nachunattu kodali post ichesthunnaru

nanna naakemo doubt abbayi bagoledu ...

entamma nee bagundi.musalayana kada konchem chadastam sarduku povali ..

hammayya inkaa ee yana calls cheyyadu ..repu 10 daka padukuntaa...

maree cherinaventane next roju morning as usual call..

tirupathi mama! nenu lift cheyyanu phone ...

pinni meeru matladandi ..ayane ...

"amma arunamma nanna unnaramma"

"lerandi, oorellaaru cheppandi"

"maa vaadi id isthanu theesuko,
tirumalavenkataramanamurali no full stop no commas at the rate ante araasi chuttu circle yahoo com raasukunnavamma correct gaa"

"sare nandi"

aruna, mee mama garu id ichadu, matladalata..

ahaa ippdu ayana gaaru interview chestharaa,
ayye pani kaadu,peddayanane ilaa unnaru inkaa
assalaina hero elaa vuntado ...

Annaaa!! apadhbandhavaa nannaa avesamlo pelli chesettu unnadu krishnaa paramathama vachi aa dukovayyaa ...aa roju nee velu thegi rakhtam karuthonte naa chunni (1000\-rs dress) chinchi maree kattu kattanee ..

chellee pilichavaa ... kastamento cheppu ...
chellemma nee anuragam enno janmala punya palam.runam theerchukonivvammaa ...

annaa pelli chesestunnaru nanna emi anukkokane ..

"Entee pella kuduruthondaa neekaa, chesuko. ayina vallu bhayapadali kaani neekenti
cheppu, joke gaani,emi kavaali , aa abbayi tho matldathaa. first mee tirupathi mamayya number ivvu"

"antha avsaram ledu.abbayi mail id chesthaa, kanukkoni isthanu, wait cheyyi"

"murali garu ... unnaraa, i'm aruna mee nanna gaaru cheppe vuntaru"

"konchem mee phone number istharaa"

eentee ee abbayi uluku ledu, paluku ledu.
3 hours ayyindi.choosthe online lone unnadu.

yaa got number,adenti inka emi matladadaa.
lite naa kendukata antha kutuhalam.

"annayya .. idigo ..number, matladi outcome ivvu .."

"ammulu, sorry raa kastam "


"emaa?? kastam ,adukuntavu po aa ababyi life tho neevu,thandri chatu bidda?"

"ante, sarigga cheppu nee vedhava dailogues pakka na pettu"

"Ekkada chadivaru ante , maa nana cheppaledaa"

"ahaa, inkaa inkaa"

"Emi chesthunnaru, mee hobbies entee maa chelli aduguthondi ante anne ma nanna choosukuntananee ananru , maa nanna nu adagandi"

"sare , elaanti ammayi kavalani anukuntunnaru cheppandi ante maa nanna ne cheptharu kada, maa nanna ku ok ayithe naaku anthe"

":D:D:D anna ippude veligindi andukenaa aa abbayi nenu number adigithe online lo unnaa reply ledu , valla nannaku call chesi permission
adigi ichaademo.NOWAY brother maree sonthangaa decisions theesukoleni vaadu akkarledu.pedda vallaku respect ivvali , valla mata vinali oppukuntaa kaani maree abbayini nammi nenu pelli chesukovali"

sare anna thanks, naku photo kooda nachaledu,
kaani dad oppukovatam ledu. let us c him...

Finally the day arrives ...

Tall, Dark Handsome.intloki adugu pettalante
vangalsi vachindi ...

same scene repeats here ..(please c the first part, backdrop oohinchesukondi ...)

"Emma bagunnavaa" //mama garu

"aaa bagunnanu "
ayinaa meeru phone chesi poddunne lepakapothe inkaa bagundedannemo.ayinaa thank god eeyana reddy vache modalettu anee same questions repeat cheyyaledu ...

Now this time to interview guy from my side
anna delhi nundi digaadu ...maree chellini
nanna gummadi dailogues kottesi oppinchesathademo
bhayamesi ...

anna ku kopam lo matladaledu thanatho sari gaa anee

"so meeru ekkada chadivaru "

"svu ,tirupathi"

"which batch " ...

// readers same question maa mamagaru vesinavee anna vesaaru..
kaani antha lengthy kaadu konchame...

anna manasulo nakanna 3 years pedda & 31 running , manchi college lone chadivadu, maree ku 2 years gap.. aa tharuvatha
tharuvatha 2 years job cheyyabatti 6 months avuthondi.

sare meeru amamyitho matladalni anukuntunnaaraa ..

(the most funniest par u will not be expecting this)

ahaa anee thala addanga oopesthunnaru ...

nanna theginchesi, babu mee nanna garu unnaranaa
emi parledu mataladu ..

ahaa anee mare inkosari thala addanga oopesadu ..

anna murali matladandi.poni bayata varandaa lo
chairs veyyamantaaraa ....

ahaa matladanu ..

maa abbayiki ammayilatho matladatam ante siggu..
ayinaa bottigaa emi matladadu maathone ..

ikkada chair lo koorchunna aruna ku konchem thala tiruguthunnattu gaa anipisthondi..

//sorry readers nenu marraige ante mee drustilo entee
anee adagadaniki kooda avakasam ledu, so meeru vechi choodalsinde...


ఓ చిరునవ్వు  నేను చిందిస్తె అర్థం
నీ గ్నాపకం నా మదిలో మెదిలిందని
ఓ కన్నీటి చుక్క నేల పై రాలితె 
నీ కోసం ఇక నిరీక్సించలేనని 
ఓ క్స్గణం నీ ఊహలతో గడిపితె 
అవీ మనం గడిపిన మధుర స్మ్రుతులనీ

ugadi special with luv

kausalya supraja rama porva sandhya pravarthake
uttishta narasardula karthavyam daiva mahnikam ...

Tellavaru jamune daggarlo unna ramalayam lo suprabatham vinipisthondi ...
madhusmitha nidra levagane tholutha choosedi seethapathi ni tharuvatha MadhuPathi ni.

swagathalu modalayyayi madhu manasulo ...

Ento ugadi panduga modati saarigaa atta garinitiki kaani puttintiki kaani
vellakunda chesukovalsi vachinanduku konchem badhaganu,ikkada thana intlo
tholi panduga jarupukovataniki avakasam vachinanduku anandaganu undi.

ee roju Konni nirnayalu theesukovali sri tho kalisi,
List raasi pettanu gaa proposals pettali ennitiki tick mark pedathado
ennintini postpone chesthado, Edi emaina okkati mathram thanu oppukoni theeravalasinde
ee roju nundi kallaku dannam pettali , oppukoru vaadistharu anee thelusu,
kaani oppinchali ...

Amma, nanamma la training & poddunne poojari pelli lo recite cheyinchina manthrala prabhavamo ,
sampradayanni acharinchali bharya ane kotta resposibility vachesindi kada anee konni panulu cheyyalani
anukunte ayana ekkada cheyya nichchaaru motta modatike addu vesaru first night lo ..

SriKanth gadhiloki ragane kallaku dannam pettaaniki try chesthe thanu okkka genthulo amada dooram
pakkaku jarigesi,"edo pellilo ati padaradani pedda vallu cheppinattu chesaa ikkada mathram oppukonu
naaku pathi devudani gatra tags thagilinchesthe"

thanemo amayakangaa face pettesi, " nenekkada ichanandi meere thaali kattesi theesukunnaru choosarugaa
poojari emi cheppinchado"

"Emo avannee naaku theleedu, ilaanti patha chinchakaya pachadi paddathulannee
o moola visireseyyi ,maga vallu thama swartham kosam pettinavee "...

"Entandi emaina meeru Nag fan ?? annamayya cinema enni sarlu choosarenti"

"gud gud ..Ammo emo anukunnane neeku cine knowledge bagane undi "

alaa aa smruthulanu chirunavvu tho smarinchukontune pani cheyyatam modalettindi ..
thanu thondaraga snanam chesesi vantalu cheyatam lo munigipoyindi ...

Sri nu lepali thanu emi list prepare chesadu ee rojunundi cheyyataniki ...
kaani thanu sri nidra leparadanna point gurthochesariki aagipoyindi ...

sri ku madhu manasulo emi anukundo thelisinatlu gaa kallu moosukone pilichadu thanani ...
"madhu dear oo sari ilaa raa ..."

madhu daggaraku ragane kallu therichi "ee roju nundi udayam levagane nee face choodalani decide chesaa"

"poddunne lechi naa moham choodatam emitandi akkada Janakiram unnaru
gaa ayanni choodandi"

"poddunne neevu levagane aa sethapathini, aa tharuvatha nee ee pathini choosthavani
naaku thelusu , nenu nee face choosthe mugguram cover avuthamanee elaa vundi naa short cut "

"Abbo naa sahavasam lo meeru konni nerchesukuntannaru"

"ayithe mottam credit antha needenantav, theesesuko , em parledu "

" ee roju meeru inkopani cheyyali ,thondaraga lesthe ippudu thamariki abhyangana snanam cheyistham with sunnipindi
and kunkudu kaya pulusu "

"thappadaa madhu, maa manchi madhu kada ..kunkudukaya mathram vaddu,
sunnipindi adjust ayiporadu ee ugadiki "

"alaantivemi kudaravu , kallu mooseyyandi nenu cheppevaraku theravaddu , ee bala undagaa
thamariki bhayamela "

"Emandi meeku ee vela pandaga special dress ento thelusaa "

"Entee "

"Pattu panche .. mee kosam konnanu gaa"

"Madhu .pellike nenu kattukoledu thelusu kada , naaku raadu raa neevu antha
pedda sarry thone elaa manage chesthavo naaku artham kaadu "

"mana pellilo chooddamanee anukunnanu meeremo North Indian tradition nu import
chesukunnaru gaa sherwani anee appudu elaanu theeraledu, poddunne deniki NO
cheppananee promise chesaru .. mee madhu kosam chinna thyagam cheyyaleraa "

"Ok maree ..done .. kaani pooja chesevarake "

" Good .. maa manchi ayana "

mungitlo kallapi challi muggulu raathre pettesindi poddunne chalaa panuluntayi time undadanee ..

"Emandoy sreevaru ...Mamidi, vepaku thoranalu vakillaku kattandi ,konchem pooja gadini ready cheyyandi nenu pachadi chestunnanu "

"chittam madam inkaa emainaa orders vesthara"

"Inka emi levu sreei "

"Done with that work. hey, ee roju nundi neeku kitchen lo help cheyyalani anukuntunnanu, so addule
nenu garite nu thippesthanu neeve kaadu ,neevu directions isthu undu nenu chesthu untanu "

"vaddandi , maree mee chetha panulannee cheyisthunnanee maa atta garu feel ayipotharu"

"ee sri okksari decide chesthe okkasare decide chesinattu not hundred times u know ..

so thamaru cheputhu undandi memu chesi choopistham ...ivannee naaku chitikina velutho pettina vidyalu pedda kastamemi kaadu"

"sare kaniyyandi mahanubhava ... annam udikipothondi adee vaarchi isthanu sarenaa "

"NO NO ..A BIG NO Ante poddunna credit kottesav gaa ippudu alaanti idea's emaina unnayaa, nene chesthanu"

pedda hero laa pose pettesi idi oka pani lekkanaa annattu plate sarigga pettakundaa vanchataniki try chesadu ..
jaaripoyindi ... chethula meeda hot hot ganji padesariki arichesadu ...

"Darling emi kaaledu, maree ee mathram daanike antha hungamaa enduku, sare sweet emi chesthunnav"

"meekenti alaane untundi, intlo burnol kooda ledu, undandi paste apply chesthanu, bobbalu ravu, cheppandi emi sweet cheyyamantaru, meeku istamayina holige or lite gaa payasam"

"holiga chesesariki alasipoyi padukonesthavu ,ee roju neevu nidrapovataniki veelu ledanthe,
so payasam cheyyi "

"sare nandi, sayamkalam alaa temple kellesi vaddam"

"maree kaani vanta, annee simple pulihore, payasam , vadalu chaalu "

"sare alaage,Andariki calls chesi wish chese panilo undandi, madhya madhya lo nenu wishes cheputhu untanu"

vanta ayipoyindi , devudiki naivedyam petti pooja chesesaru iddaru kalisi.

Sree ku chedu thinatam ante assalu istapadadu. madhuku ee vishyam thelusu kaani elaagaina ugadi pachadi thinipinchalani chinna katha cheppatam modalu pettindi.

"sree, ugadi pachadi enduku chestharo cheppanaa, leka meeku thelusaa"

"naaku theliyadu , cheppu"

"Emandi meeku sweet ante istam kada, entha thinagalaru"

"Enthaina thintanu, kaani ekkuva ayithe vegatu kottesthundi"

"Anadanni theepitho nu, kastalanu karamthonu, surprices nu vagaruthonu, anukokunda jarige sanghatalanu cheduthonu , kopam upputhonu , asahananni pulupu tho nu polchachu, edo naa analogy cheppanu, elaa vundi "

"Madhu inkoka ruchi marachipoyavu, adee naaku mathrame sontham, inkevvariki theleedu daani gurinchi"

"Entandi adee, shatruchule unnavee"

"Moddu, neeku naa meeda unna prema anedi undi choodu adee "

Madhu & Sri jeevitham lo prathi rojunu ugadi pandugalaa celebrate chesukovalani anukunnaru. manam kooda alaane cheddam. :-)

Prathee rathri vasantha raathri,prathi gaali paira gaali
brathukanthaa prathi nimisham paatalaaaga saagaali...

madhuku full kopam vachesindi ... tap on chesi water kinda sri chethini pettinchi inkosari kitchen lo vachi experiments emi cheyyakkarledu ...entee pandaga poota ilaa jariginde ane madhu baga feel ayipothondi ...

abhilasha swagathalu

Baahon main chale aaon hamse sanam kyaa pardaa
song nu hum chesthu abhilasha pillows nu hattukoni nalipesthondi.

thanu alaa chesthe inthaku mundu aa pillows ku right ledu naaku thappa anee vachi vaatini laagese vaaru. kaani silent gaa vachesaru bed piki emi matladakundaa edo book pattukoni nimagnam ayipoyaru.

kaani ee madhya gatha konni rojulugaa aravaind mubhavangaane untunnaru, abhilasha ku thanu emi hurt chesindo artham kavatam ledu, iddari madhya emi arguments jaragaledu, thanu emi korina oppesukuntadu, aravind emi adiginaa thanu chesesthondi.

ee introverts tho vachina chikke ide emi kavalo noru therachi adagaru manasulo emi undo thelusu kovatam kastam, abhilasha keppudu oka doubt rendu vibhinna manaasthathvalunna vallanu enduku mudi pedathado thanemo live for the moment aravind emo eppudu repu raaboye future kosam bhayapaduthu ee rojunu happy gaa gadapakundaa kastapaduthuntadu. mundu choopu undali kaani life is uncertainity anee ante vinipinchukodu evevo examples annee ichesthu untadu.

Ee suspence thane chedhinchali anee nirnayinchesukoni atta gaaritho poddunne phone lo discussion chesindi emainaa clue dorukuthundemonanee, sarmsam emitante ...

... ... ... ... ...

"Attamma mee abbayi chinnappati sangathulu cheppandi ayana mundu nunchi calm gaane undevaraa leka allari chesevaara" abhilasha valla atta gari nundi aara theeyatam modalettindi.

"emma ninnu emaina ibbandi peduthunnadaa maa vaadu cheppu emi antunnado memu sardi cheptham , ayina emitamma pelli ayyi 5 , 6 nelalu avuthondi visesham eppudu chepthavu maaku poddu povatam ledu "

"ledu attamma, oorakane aduguthunnanu.ade attamma doctor nu consult chesthunnam nenu anamic ata, so konchem recover ayithe appudu pregnacy easy avuthundata. kaani ee madhya mee abbayi denigurincho digulu gaa untunnaru mimmalni adigithe emaina thelusthundemo nanee aduguthunnanu."

"vaadu anthe lemmaa chinndaaniki thanalo thane badha paduthuntadu, ee madhya thana friends lo evvarikaina emaina jariginda"

"avunu attamma valla friend misses ku papa putti chanipoyindi"

"adenamma konchem ekkuva badha padi untade, thana vishayam lo alaa jarigithe elaa anukoni untadu anthe nammaa neevu matladi choodu lekapothe nannu matladamantava"

"ledu attamma , meeku thana gurinchi adigananee cheppinaa feel avuthadu enduku amma nu adigavu anee so meeru emi worry avvakandi nenu matladathanu kada, meeru thanakemi cheppakandi attamma please"

"sare namma , neevu mathram health baga choosuko, vaadu maree mamulavutadu, vaadu anduku vade neevemi digulu pettukoku , chinnappati nundi vaadidi thelisna sangathe"

"sare attamma alaage mammayya nu adiganani cheppandi"

Tease cheyyadam modalu pettali, lekapothe thana lokam lo thane undi potharu nannu kooda marachipoyettu unnaru.abhilasha thanalo thanu anukondi.

"Aravind entee ee madhya evvarainaa mee patha friends kalisara."

"Em, lede endukala."

"emi ledu mee chinnappati kalala rani gurinchi emaina thelisindemo aa amamyi ki pelli ayyipoyindanee evvarainaa chepparemo so anduku chintisthu present preyasi ni koddi sepu marachipothunnaremonanee anumanam vachindandi." abhinayisthu abhilasha teasing gaa adigindi.

"ammayi gaaru naa kalala raniki chinnappude pelli ayyipoyindi , appude naaku edainaa udyogam undi unte chesesukonevadini ,9 th class ke pillanevaristharu cheppu. chance miss ayyindi." anee edupu moham pettesadu aravind.

konchem daariloki vasthunnarannamata, bhagavanthudaa entha pareeksha peduthunnavu naanna naaku anee manasulo anukondi abhilasha.

"Entandi maree antha badha padakapothe o 10 years wait cheyyamani adigi undachu kada ammayini, ayinaa maree meeru ee vishyamaina anthu choodanide vadili pettaru kaada, alaantidi aa amamyini enduku vadulukunnatto " inkonchem edipinchalani abilasha anukondi ..

"bhale kanipettave ,kaani ammayi tho matladaledu okkasari kooda.appudu nenu matladi unte ippudu ee ammayi miss ayyi undedi kadaa so andukanee matladaledu ..choodu nenu emi chesinaa mundu choopu tho chalaa jagrathagaa chesthanu" antu abhilasha bugga meeda chitekesadu aravind.

"papam , entha thyagam chesaru naa kosam , dhanyuralini swamy anee vinayangaa namaskaram pettindi." abhilasha.

Aravind navvesthu "neelo ide raa nachindi, annintiki actions chesi bagaa matladesthav.
okkasari aa navve face nu choosthe chalu naa bhayalanni egiripothayi.ninnu choodataniki vachinappudu anandangaa antha serious situatuion nu kooda casual gaa theesukoni
cool gaa navvesthu unte chalaa happy ga anipinchesindi devudini emi adigano thelusaa ee ammayi ni naaku isthe thanani puvvalalo pettukoni choosukuntanu chinna badha kooda kaliginchanu anee"

"avunaa maree poola thota eppudu kontunnaru, nannu polalo pettukoni choosukovali gaa, ayinaa allari gaa matladatam thappa inkemi raadu kadandi naaku "andee thanu kooda navvesthu abhilasha..

abbayi garu manchi mood lo unnattunnaru adageyyali manasulo anunondi ablhilsaha.

"emandi attamma ku manavadu kavalata eppudivvabothunnaru, mee ee financial year lo aa project kemainaa approval chesthunnaraa", anee adigindi abhilasha.

aa mata vinagane navvu thunnavadalaa abhilasha nu daggaraku theesukuntu nuduti meeda oka chinna muddichi calm gaa ayipoyadu emi mataldakundaa.

abhilasha ku thanemaina wrong time lo wrong question vesindemonanee bhadha padindi, thananu thane thittukovatam modalettindi assalu sense ledu naaku anee anukuntu.

koddi sepu tharvatha anunayangaa emainaa thappugaa annanaa anee adigindi.

"Em ledu , abhee neevu chalaa weak gaa unnavanee doctor chepparu neeku chinna fever vachinaa thalladilli pothuntanu alaantidi emaina jarigithe neeku thattukogalanaa ade bhayanga undi."

abhilasha ku emi analo artham kaaledu , inthagaa thana gurinchi care theesukone husband dorikinanduku anandapadalo, leka leniponivannee alochinchesi thanu badha padi thananu badha peduthunnanuduku dhukhapadalo artham kaka ayomayam lo padipoyindi.

Monday, September 12, 2011

pravy - kaaru thechchina kastalu

కారు కొనటానికి  ఎలా  తీర్మానిన్చుకోన్నం  అంటే  అపీసులో  కొత్తగా  rule  ఎటారు    10  లోపు  తగలేడాలని  లేకపోతే  CEO ను  మీట అవ్వాలని  , join అయినప్పుడు specific గా
 అడిగా FIXEd  timings ఆ అనీ  NO NO flexible timings అనీ  తలా  అల్లడించారు  PM తంబి , VP సింగ్. అదేదో  ఇద్దరివీ  ఒకటే  తలలాగా . ఇంటి దగ్గర నుండి  ఓ KM  నడిచి  వస్తే  కాని   auto లు  దొరకావాయే,  ఒకవేళ దొరికినా  మా ఆఫీసు అడ్రస్ చెబితే  తలా  అడ్డంగా  ఊపుతారు  రామని ,  ఎందుకంటే  money తక్కువ  వస్తుంది  కదా ఏ  కోరమంగాలనో , ఏ techpark ఓ అయితే  బాగా  గిట్టుద్ది , నడవతనికేక్కువ  auto కు  తక్కువ  లా  ఉంటుంది  , పొద్దున్నే  లేవగానే   దేవుడిని  ఏమని  అడుగుతానంటే స్వామి ఈ రోజు ఎలాగయినా auto  దొరికేలా చూడు   స్వామి  , ఛీ  నీ  వెధవ  బతుకు అనీ  ఒక్కోసారి  కోపం  వస్తుంది. ఇంకా రోడ్  లో  auto కోసం  నిలుచుకుంటే  జనాలు / అబ్బాయిలు  ఈ  పిల్ల  ఏమైనా  lift లు  గట్రాలు అడుగుతున్దేమోననీ  చూస్తుంటారు ,  వాళ్ళకంత సహ్రుదయమున్నా  నాకు 
 అంత  scene ఇల్లియో  .. ఇలా  ఇలా  రోజు  లు  గడుస్తున్నాయి  , suddengaa y cann't i go for kinetic or PINK scooty anipichindi ... mana flash back choosthe cycle nu inter lo eppudo koni o one and half ilmoeter lo unnaa college kosam nerchukunnam, adee entante straght gaa vellatam turning vasthe digi turn teesi maree ekkatam hahaha ..daanini mind lo unchukoni sare anee andari salahalu sampradimpulu ayyayi , deenikosam oo 4 dealers thirigesi, entante annaaa ante palakataniki oorininda anna pranasnehitulunnaru vachchesaaru help cheyyataniki anthaa decide ayyaka konavalsina roju nenu oorilo lenu .. oo saari hyd kellaanu and more over konnaka nenu daniki bhayapaddanu ante anni velu posi intlo poojaku pettali , cycle ante edo chinna amount lite teesukovachchu kaani ee madhya kalamlo scooty le ara lakaaram palukuthunnay kada ... anthe assale chaala kastapadi convince ayyanaa konatanik dropped .. emi akkarledu kaalu cheyyo viragakottukovalsina pani ledu anee lite teesukunnaa ...

aa tharuvatha merupulaanti aalochana anna gaaru call chesi ammulu kaaru konu ade money tho migathadi appu ivvataniki bank lunnayi anee idedo bavundi kada anee aalochinchaa chinchi chinchi inka decide chesaa .. aa tharuva second hand kaaru annaru, oo sari chettukinda pleader katha gurthochchindi , adee koni daaniki repairs gatraa avasaramaa waste anukunna , ala kotta kaarune konnaa ... idee upodgaatham ..

Ento jeevitham maree intha complexaaa anee doubt vasthondaa meeku .. maa laanti vallaku alaane avuthondi .. telusukunnadi entante avasaraniki luxury ku chaalaa thin line untundi adee demarcate cheyyagalagalanukuntaa ...

O saturday mitta madhyahnam , Nenu week ends intlo nundi assalu kadalanu .. ante naaku selavu dinam ayithe inka janaalanthaa naalaane full rest teesukuntuntaaremo , ee tv lo maa TV lo choosukuntaa anee dhirye sahase lakshmi annaaru kada pakkane maa amma gaaru ame lakshmi ne theesukoni bayalu deraanaa ...

Alaa kuntu kuntu veluthu paaripoke pittaa neevagamante etta anee song paadukuntu veluthunnaa , o malupu vachchindi akkaditho jaaliga saguthunna naa prayanananiki aatankam ... sare anee elaano alaa turn chesthe engine aagipoyindi , konchem mitta meeda anthe kindaaku veluthundi kaani mundukelladu start chsthunte ... inkaa vachepoyevallu nannu jaali gaa choodatam modalettaru, emayithenenti antha vellakane start cheddam kastapddaa kada o 5 minutes rest teesukunaa ... alaa maree start chesi mundukellaa ... 1 KM saagindi ... LIF INSURENCE COLONY loki enter avvalante insurance undi kada parledu amma vallaku baagane vasthundi money anukonnaa ..choosaa traffi kanipinchaledu .. dookesaa speed 20 ku penchaa ...appude assalu katha modalayyindi, petrol veyinchaali and phone bill kattali ippudu adee naa target ... elaa vachcharo ekkadi nundi vachahro janalu full vachchesaru , o manchi place choosukoni main road lone side ku kaaru nu park chesaa ... 10 minutes ayyindi , janaalu thaggaru, 20 minutes aha ee kosana soochanalu levu .. intikelli poddama ante petrol undi kaani evaro okaru veyinchaali kada ,aa cheppatam marichaa, ikkada oka temporary driver nu arrange chesaa, and maa native lo okaru ...
ayananu call chesaa madam ITPL lo unnaa , meeremi chestharo cheyyandi anee annadu .. inkaa evvaru aapadbhandavulu evvaru kanaraaledu ..
maree venakku vellipovalante turn teesukovali gaa adee kooda raadu hahaha .. janalu vachche vaalu vasthuntaru kad adoka bhayam ...

Devudaa tarunopayam soochinchi, rakshinchu anee
jeevamu neeve kada devaa mose bharamu needa kada anee paadesaa, emundi vanadevudu karuninchesaadu ... rain baga padindi janalantha thaggipoyaru ... anthe oo vana padithe aa konda konaa haayi anee paadukuntu vanadevuniki thanks cheppesi petrol veyinchi bill kattesi intikochesaa .. moththaaniki to and fro 6 KM pattina samayam enthayyindo cheppagalaraa :-) ...aksharalaa moodu gantalu ...

pravy america prayanam

"Emite ? mogudante istam lede neeku ?"

"Endukalaa anukuntunnaru"

"Lekapothe emiti US ku ravalani ledu kaabatte monna Consulate lo alaa chesochchaavu"

"edaithenenti VISA vachchindi kadandi... ayinaa vasthanandi kaastha naalugu rojulu intlo gadipi, o pelli chesukogaane
mee venta vachchesthaarenti maaku koddiga panulu untayi chakka bettukoni ravali idemainaa mana kattakinda palle anukunnaara"

"pelli choopulalone adigaanaa US kosthaava ante o gangi reddu laa thala oopesaavu"

"ayyo, meda pattesi unte alaa anukoni untaanu meeru US ku ravataniki OK annanu anukoni oppukunnaru"

"ayinaa akkada mee anna choosthe naa pelli ayyaka pampisthaamu antaaru, neeku ravalani lede ?
akkade undu nene o 2 years kosari o 2 months vachchi velathaa "

"oh idedo baavundandi ? " antu nalukkarechesukunnaa ..slip of tongue ..
inka akshinthalu paddayi choodu devudaaa ...

ayinaa intha mondiabbayi mogudayyadentraa baabu ...poojalalo edo konchem lopam chesi untaanu andukanee ilaa ..ayina nenu
chese panulu alaane untayi le ..ayinaa US alliances anni oo egragottesedaani adento
soft gaa cool gaa matladithe manchi abbayi kada chesukonesthe o pani ayipoddi intlo kooda oo pello pello
anee okkate golaa anee sesesukunnaa ... ayinaa neno pichchi maa lokaanni ayanaku theleedu kori korivini techchukuntunnaru
koddi roju prashanthangaa enjoy cheyyochugaa life nu ... papam maa ayana ... monna US consulate lo
nenu chesina vedhava panike shock thagilindi ...

aa meeku cheppatam marachaa .. US consulate lo emi jaragindante ...

konni anivarya karanala valla naa pathi parameswar ralekapoyaaru ...

mundu roju raathri evo ingilipeesulo raasina FORMS choopisthu batti kottinchaaru ..
thokkalo forms maaku teleeda enti eeyana ento prathidaaniki kangaare lite anukuntu
ayana cheputhunnaa vintunnattu natisthu thooguthunnaa ..abbaa ilaa donga nidra entha baguntundo
chaalaa rojula tharvatha college days gurthochchayi ..ayana ku telisindi nenu thooguthunnanani
anthe gayyamani chee waste neevu konchem kooda interest ledu akkada mana INDIANs kaadu thellollu
ekkuva thakkuva ayithe ivvaru neevu raalevu naa daggaraku konchem kooda seriousness ledu neeku
aaahaa aa thiltu chevulalo manchidevisree prasad music laa vinipisthunnayi ...

consulate kellaanaa akkada oo 2 gantala sepu queue niluchonesariki opika nasinchipoyindi ..
poddunne lechi flight pattukoni vellaagaa full o range lo sleep ...
inkaa o musalodi daggarakellaa ...first adigina question paystub and w2 form ... anthe
leela gaa gurthochchindi maa ayana evo papers choopisthu idee paystub anee anatam ..
stub ante group of things kada anee serious gaa pins kottina maa ayana bank statements papers
ichchaa .. inkaa w form ante pathadi edo unte adee ichchaa ..ayana edo cheppadu latest di ledu vaad adigithe
cheppu ledani naa offer letters anni choopinchu anee ... inkaa chaalaa telivayina danni anee
ayana offer letters choopinchaa ... papam aa musalodiki pichi lesindi paystubs ante ivee kaadu antunna
maa ayana ive annaru anee balla guddi maree cheppaa ...

vaadu koddi sepu burra gokkoni pakkanodini pilichaadu ..

vaaditho o manthanaladesaadu musalodu ... nenemo yedhava maa ayana naaku
thindi pettagaladaa ledaa ane kada mee gola nenu thinedi chaala thakkuva
assalu naa painaa extra osentu kooda ayanaku kharachaavvadu anee manasulo thittukuntunnaa..

letme c what my computer says annad musalodu

chee yedhavaa .ademantundi neevu emi chepthe adee ade chesthandi maaku teledenti computer
memu softe nee kannaa experts ikkada anee anukoni jaali gaa o smile padesaa ...

final gaa remarks annadu ... one week lo pass port vachchuddi annadu ...

inka bayatakocchaka adenti VISA vachchindo raaledu cheppi chavaledu musalodu anukunna ..

ayanaku call chesi evo remarks annarandi ante re vachcheyyi raa hyd ku edo oka flight pattukoni night kellipthunnaa
neeku raaledu le anee edupugonthutho annaru ...papam pellani chivarisaariga choosukundamani ayana aasa ..
anthe maree pelli ayina vaaram lopu pellaanni vadili vellipovali ante evarikaina elaa vuntundi andulonu
VISA raaledu edo problem ...

Papam feel ayinattu unnaru anee anukoni o 5 minutes gap ichchi maree call chesi
paystubs ante bank statement kaada andi anee adigaa ...

"kaadu raa earning statement ane oka paper untundi kada adee .."

"adee kadandi , pins annni kotti bunch gaa undi kada ade kada "

"ante emi chesochchavu neevu, cheputhune vunnaaraa rathri anthaa ...??<>#@$%^&@* "

enni thitlu paduthunnayi pravy neeku papam ...

"emandi passport theesukunnadu vaadu nakivalledu"

"mmmmm ... ayithe remarks annavu"

"musalodu remarks evo rasthanani annadu "

ayanaku telusu naaku VISA vachhcindani phone pakkana petti o genthu gentharanta , intha sepu
tension pettinanduku nannu tension pettalani evo remarks raasipamputhaadule anee chepparu ..

idee US consulate baagotham ...

inkaa naa america prayanam vachchesanchikalo ...



Bhanu Rekha Pula mokkalu natataniki padulu theesthu undi, Nightie konchem piki peticoat lo egadopi chethulakantha erramatti, isuka misramam antukoni, moham erraga kandi, chinna chinna chemata binduvulu nuduti nundi jaaruthunte avee gulabi puvvu rekkala meeda manchubinduvalle kanipisthu ringulu thirigina juttu mohanni kappesthu unte acham sayam sandhya lo aa bhanuni rupu rekhalu ee bhanurekha okatenemonanee thalapisthondi...

Appude Bhanu Rekhanu daatukuntu oka aparichitha vyakthi munduku posagadu. okkasarigaa bhanurekha hrudayam sruthi thappindi, anandamo, edo jaragabothondi anee bhayamo, ullasamo bhashaku anthu pattani bhavam tho egisipadindi. Atugaa vellina athanni aapada masthakam okksari choochi thana kannulalo nimpokoni evvareethanu, inthdaka evvarini choosinaa ituvanti bhavana kalagaledu endukila avuthondi, ithanakee thanaku emi sambandham anee anukuntu ekkada reppavalchithe adrusyam ayipothado anee alaane choosthu undipoyindi.

Nindugaa alankarinchabadina uthsavamurthy kadilivasthunnattugaa bhanurekha daggaraku vachi moham meeda chitikesthu "Hello, Miss! Suresh valla illu Ekkada??" anee adigadu.

okkasarigaa ee lokamloki vachi vallu lerani, illu maripoyarani chepthe inka vellipothademonanee manasu chinnagaa kampinchindi.Avakasanni vadulukovadaniki manasoppaka okka nimusham amma nu adigi chepthanu, vallu ippudikkada undatam ledu antu cha cha notlo mata dagadu anukuntu thondaragaa intloki parugettukelli chetulu kadukkoni neeti glass tho saha aa abbayi mundu hajarayyindi,

"amma suresh vallu pakka veedhilone kada illu shift ayyindi evvaro aduguthunnaru, valla illu choopinchalanta nenu choopinchi raana "anee permission theesukundi. valla amma "ammulu enti aa nightie thone oorantha thiruguthava entee, dress marchuko" anee arichinattu gane annaru....

"amma suresh valla intike kada parledu ilaane velatha antu hammaya inkonchem sepu ee abbayi tho time spend cheyyochu anee manasulo anukontu bhanu rekha abbayi chethiloni glass thana vellaku thagala radani jagratha paduthu andukoboyindi, adee jaari kinda padabothunte glass nu pattukokundaa chevilo vellu pettukoni kallu moosesukundi...

abbayi aa scene choosi kisukkuna navvadu ...bhanurekha kallu therichi navvesthu idee na alavatu annee padesthu untanu aa sabdam ante padadu so kallu moosu chevulu moosesukunta ippudu amma thitlu start avuthayi choodu antundagaane bhanurekha valla amma "ammulu, mallee emi padesave , intlo anninti nokkulu pettesthunnavu " anee iddaru aa timing ku navvukunnaru..

sare padandi antu bhanu rekha aa abbayi tho saha bayaluderindi...

"mee peru adagane ledu intha sepayinaa"antu rekha conversation modalettindi...

"sasi andi, maree mee peru " antu sasidhar adigadu..

"oh! meeru rerajannamata ayithe nenu daytime ranini lendi" andi bhanu rekha.

"??" artham kanattu face pettadu sasi

"sare ayithe inka time undigaa kanukkondi" andi bhanu

"ayina entandi mee ammagaremo ammulu antaru,maree suresh valla intikelatham kada akkada vallu mee peru pette pilustharu kada,valla illu cheranee ,thelisipothundi itte " anee sasi annadu

"antha ledu ,vallu kooda nannu ammulu anee pilustharu, meeru kanukkoleru kaani nenu clue ichanugaa , edo okari guddivaadu gootlo rayi vesinattu vesthu undandi thagalakapodu" ani bhanu andi

"naakoke peru thelusu, telugulo konchem weak andi, kaani doubt maree sureedu anee ammayini elaa pilustharu cheppandi" ani sasi annadu.

"ammo inka meeru nanarthathalu, vipareetharthalu theesu naa andamaina peru khooni cheyyakandi, sahinchalenu ,bharinchalenu na peru "bhanu"" andi bhanu..

"Cool nice name, maree emi chaduvuthunnaru" ane adigadu sasi

"Inter fail andi, prasthutam khaaleye" andi bhanu vicharangaa face petti

" choosthe meeru moddaammayilaa kanipinchatam ledu, enduku fail ayinatto" anee adigadu sasi

"aa love lo paddanu, so chaduvu lo fail ayyanu" andi bhanu

"poni lendi, edo okadanilo pass ayyaru kada, naalanti vallu love lo padalanna ammayi kooda oppukovali kada meeru lucky" anee edo odarusthunnattugaa annadu sasi

"ledandi, bad luck athanu oppukodani express cheyyaledu " antu ika edupu moham pettesindi bhanu

"cheppakamunde alaa decide ayithe elaa cheppandi, kavalante nenu tips isthanu meeru proceed avvandi chepthanu "anee bharosa istunnatugaa annadu sasi

"ledandi, last year express chesi undalsindi, pass ayyi undedanni physics lo" andi bhanu

"ayina physics ku meee lova ku link entandi" anee artham kanattu burra gokkuntu", adigadu sasi

"adee artham kaaelda, matti burra sumandi meedi, maa tuckloo physics prof antha kastamaina subject alaa full shirt konchem madichi chalk theesi board meeda problem solve chesthunte note book kooda choodakundaa love at first hour of class anthe fidaa ayya ayana teaching ku, ilaa naaku tough anipinchina vatilo experts
ayina vallanu preminchesthu untanandi peekala lothullo" andi bhanu amayakangaa chaalaa deep gaa involve ayyi sasi tho matladuthondi

sasiki inka navvu aapukoleka pagalabadi navesadu ilaa kooda love chesthara andi antu ...

"Endukandi alaa navvutharu!! chinnappud maa drill master nu istapadda badminton baga adathadu, naaku ayithe racket pattukovatam kooda radu eppudu padipothu untundi, inka maa lekkala teacher, evvaraina (a+b) whole cube nu expand cheyyamante (a+b)into(a+b)into(a+b) ane cheptha,thanks god mana state lo M.BI.P.C kakunda Bi.p.c separate ga undi " antu suresh valla illu idenani choopinchindi bhanu ..

PART - 2:

" Orey suresh, brathikinchesav raa, intlone undi!! lekapothe ee ammayi spoon vesukoni thinesedi naa chinni medadu nu already ardam thinesindi " anee suresh chevilo mellagaa cheppadu sasi.

suresh navvuthu "Inter fail anee, valla physics prof tho love lo undanee cheppinda" anee adigadu.

"aa ade cheppindi, neekelaa thelusu "anee ascharyangaa adigadu sasi

"Emi ledu raa EAMCET , medicine seat kosam trials lo undi, last year manchi ranke vachindi kaani MBBS seat kavalani ee year attempt chesthondi .inka andariki Medicine trials anee hype ivvakodadanee inter fail ante safe anee chepthondi " anee suresh explain chesadu.

"sare kaani enti ilaa vachavu , vacation?? lucky raa IIT delhi elaa undi, akkada janalu CIVILs baga prepare avutharata kada thamiriki emaina alaanti chedipoye alochanalu levu kada " annaadu suresh

"re naa gurinchi thelisinde kada, ee nimushaniki emi chesthano theleedu, antha unpredictable , live for the moment naa philosophy,mundu gaa plans workout avvavu kaani naaku lite theesukoraa" annadu sasi.

"enti bhanu madam gaariki inni rojula tharuvatha gurthochaamaa, chalo movie keladam" annadu suresh.

"meeremi anukokapothe alaane rakandi, konchem dress change chesukoni vasthara", annadu sasi

"Enti ilaane vasthanu meekemainaa abhyantharamaa, maa oorilo vallaku alavate nannu ila choodatam" antu udikipothu cheppindi bhanu

"venukatiki mee lanti vadokadu langota kattukoni oorantha thirige vadata, re chokkaa vesukoraa ante oorlo andariki nenu erukane anee anevadata, valla aasamy okasari re patnam velatham rara ante aa roju kooda chokka lekunda bayalu deradata ee roju ayinaa chokkaa vesukora ante aa nannu aa patnam lo evvadu choosadu anee annadata" sasi navvuthu cheppadu

inka adee vini suresh intlo vallu andaru pagalabadi navvesaru..

bhanu edupu moham pettesi nenu cinema ku ranu, chaduvukovali, neeku illu choopisthe nanne edipisthavaa antu inka bayalu deraboyindi...

suresh chelli prathima vasthu evvaru maa bhanunu edipinchindi , sasi padathayi neeku antu bhanu naa dress vesukunduvu raa movie keladam chalaa nelalu ayyindi kada antu bujja gisthu adigindi ..

TAAL movie ku anthaa kalisi vellaru.bhanu prathima,suresh & sasi varasagaa koorchunnaru. koddi sepatlone pedda kekalatho oka allari mooka vachi bhanu pakkana koorchonnaru.inka bhanu ku chethulu kallu thagilisthu comments chesthu kothichestalu modalettadu.

sasi idantha gamaninchichi thana seat lo nundi lechi suresh nu thana seat lo koorchommani, prathima nu , bhanu move avvamani cheppi bhanu seat lo koorchonnadu sasi.

bhanu"thanks sasi", andi...

Film ayipoyindi bhanu valla amma vallu edo pani padindani pakka oorellaru, suresh valla intlo key ichesi prathimanu thodugaa intlo padukommani chepparata..

Andaru raatthri ki bhojanalu muginchesi middi meedaku cheraru ...

suresh TAAL gurinchi discussion modalettadu. chinnappatinundi adee alavatu vallaku movie kellatam andaru kalisi discussion pedatharu.

"assalu peda ammayini goppinti abbayi love anee katha eppati nundo undi, maree indulo enduku maree adee topic theesadu shubhash ghai"anee suresh modalettadu..

sasi nee opinion cheppu anee annadu suresh..

sasi ladies first , prathi bhanu cheppandi anee annadu ...

"aa vallaku pani pata leka katha lu raastharu maree daani gurinchi discussion waste, enthamandi premistharu, enni pelli daka vasthayi, anthaa adoka pichi gola, o 20 rs pettesi cinema patalu bagunnaya locations bagunnaya antha dakane alochistha" anthe anee balla guddesi maree cheppindi prathima

"sare alochinchi repu matladathaa, ee roju anthyaksari modalu pedadam, TAAL SE TAAL MILAA antu pata padindi bhanu ...

o ganta tharuvatha "prathi inka veladam, ee roju sasi daya valla motta waste chesesaa, velli nightout cheyyali pada " antu bhanu prathimatho
kalisi intiki vellipoyindi.

PART - 3:

Sasi , suresh proddunne bhanu valla intlo digaru tiffin box tho saha..

"bhanu ee roju kooda neevu chadavatam ledu, ee roju enjoy cheyyali half -day, eppudu chaduvena konchem relax kooda avvali athithi kosam aa mathram cheyyaleva , physics kastam kada nenu tips isthanu maatho time spend chesthe " annadu sasi.

"assale vaadu maha medhavi, chance vadulukoku bhanu " annadu suresh.

"sare" andi bhanu.

"caromsaa chessaa denikaina ready , meeru modaledatharaa nenu modalettana, ee game ayina sare ddee ante ddeene nenu bhanu ready maatho aadi gelichina vallu leru" antu prathima parachuri brothers hot favourites dailigoues pakkilo andi ..

"amma prathee, ippudunnaru, maa sasi games lo kooda choopisthadu, meeru odithe emistharu "antu suresh sawal visiradu.

"basthi me sawal antu , meeru emi cheyyamanna chestham emantavu bhanu" andi prathima ...

"assalu thaggaddu andi" bhanu sasi ni choosthu..

caroms ata tho modalettaru ,varasaga evvaru 2 games geliste vallu winners anee rule pettukunaru ,bagaa potapotigaa adi tie ayyindi game.

"inka chess adadamaa, maa vaadu champion thelusaa" antu suresh chess board theesadu .

ventane bhanu ku idea vachindi sasi tho evvaru adina odipotharu, thanu konchem alochinchi adithe suresh tho easy gaa gelavachu anee" prathi neevu sasi tho adu nenu suresh tho adathaa" andi.

sasi bhanu mind lo unnadi read Cheyyagaliginattu "nenu bhanu thone adatha otherwise chess game cancel" annadu.

"sare ayithe odipoyinattu oppukuntara" andi bhanu.

"aree adakane ela oppukunta" annadu sasi.

"come on raa ee ammayila gurinchi thelisinde kada taa pattina kundeluku mudu kaallu antaru , thanu cheppinate adadam" annadu suresh.

Bhanu anukunnattu gane suresh tho gelichindi, sasi prathima nu easy gaa odinchesadu.

"Evvaru win avvaledu kada.gelvakapoyina odiporadanee mathram anukunna" andi bhanu.

"aa mare naatho neevu adi unte khachithanga meme gelichevallamu " annadu sasi ..

Prathima cool cool music edaina vintavaa sasi andi...

"aa madam gari daggara collections emi vunnayo cheppandi"adigadu sasi

"maa bhanu patha cinema patalu ante chevi kosukuntundi, jagjith singh ghajals ante istam inka anni AR hits untayi, edi pettamantavu" anee adigindi prathima.

"jagjith ghajals pettukoni hayigaa idrapovachu , inka emi prepare avutharo ento janalu " annadu sasi.

inka topic divert cheddam lekapothe bhanu edupu moham almost pettesthondi,kaani enthaina bhanu nu edipinchi alaa muddugaa edupu moham,kopam akrosam udukuthanam annee kalipesi pedithe choodataniki baguntundi I love it anukuntu "bhanu ninna cinema gurinchi tamari abhiprayanni ee roju selavistharani annav gaa "anee annadu sasi.

suresh addam vasthu "aa ananvu gaa bhanu deenikemantavu cheppu.manasi character ku kastha pogaru ekkuve kada , anadangaa undi anee, manav vachi ksaminchamani pradeyapaduthunna agreement ku sign chesindi"

bhanu andukuntu "objection sir, aa amamyiki pogaru kaadu, athmabhimanam, akkada podudna nundi thanu valla nanna valal inti bayata wait chesthu undi, vallu avamanincharu, hero aa vishayamemi theliyakundaa just kalla edurugaa jarigindi choosesi heroine thidathadu."

sasi navvuthu bhanu antha deep gaa alochinchesi vadisthu unte good baga alochisthundi anukunnadu.

"kaani tharuvatha thana pani vallatho antha thelusukoni valla inti bayataku vachi guest house lo untadu kada thanu sacrifice chesadu kada" annadu suresh

"adee cinema kanuka, last twist pettesi, hero naa prema swachamainadee ayithe gelusthundi gelusthundi anee nokki cheputhunnadu kabatti herione tho kalipesaru, adee nija jeevitham lo ayithe chaala thakkuvamandi emi jarigi untundi anee vislesistharu and thappu thama vaipu undani thelisintharuvata kooda emi proceed avvakunda jankutharu mana ego debba thintundemonanee, maree jeevithantham kullipothu untaru piriki vallalaga" anee gukka thippukokundaa lecture ichindi bhanu..

sasi claps kottadu "baga cheppav bhanu, kaani antha chinna burralo inni unnayaa chaduvu thappa anee" navvesadu

"aa .aaa.. sasi laanti konthamandi emo mata ichi thappukuntaru" andi serious gaa bhanu

"urimi urimi mangalam meeda paddattu ippudu nenemi chesanu" annadu sasi.

"physics lo tips isthamani annadi evvaro" andi bhanu.

"oh! I'm extremely sorry madam eppudu chepincahmantaru, lunch chesesi ade pani modaledadam" annadu sasi

Lunch muginchesi books anni mundaravesukoni inter second year topics current electricty, nuclear physics, ,semiconductors annee cheppincahdu okko chapter theesi. suresh prathi vallu vellan disturb cheyyaradani appudappudu snacks tea ichi velle vallu.

inka raathri 1 ayyesari bhanu thoogatam modalettindi. sasi thana avasathanu gaminchi sare neevu paduko nenu migatha chapters important vi list chesi pedathanu ,annadu.

Poddunne thanu lechesariki sasi vellipoyadani thelusthundi. thana note book lo physics lo tips tho saha all the best bhanu and thanks for spending memorable time with me anee andangaa signature chesadu. arree kaneesam thanks kooda cheppaledu anee badha padindi.

"Prathe enduku lepaledu nannu anindi" bhanu

"thanu first bus kellipoyadu, lepoddannadu ninnu night late ayyindatagaa edo books lo neekosam notes raasi ichadata choosukunnavaa." andi prathima.

"abba lepi undalsindi " andi bhanu.

PART - 4:

EAMCET raasesi BhaanuRaekha tirupati ki valla pinni vaalla intiki vellindi swamy darSanam kosam suresh , prathee vaallu vachchaaru.suresh sasi nu join avvamanee call chesaadu.

Alipiri daggara tellavaarujhamune 5 ku anthaa bayalu deraru.TTD vaalla speakers lo M.S.Subbalakshmi kausalya supraja rama anTu swamy vaarini melukoluputhondi.Mottam pillaa paapalatho musali muthaka vallu, Padmavathi mahila university nundi vachina padmavathulu, SVU campus nundi vachina engineers anee garvangaa coller egiresukone srinivasulu, kottagaa pelliayina paduchu janTalu ilaa janaala sandaDi tho undi aa pradesam antaa.

Bhaanurekha chilakapachcha dharmavaram pattu pavada pink color anchutho daaniki match ayye pachcha blouse pink paita vesindi.appude thaalaraa snanam chesindemo thana ringula juTTunu vadilesindi paniki vasthundani band nu chethiki vesukondi.

koddisepati tharuvatha sasi valla TRAX vesukoni driver tho paatu vachchaaDu. Andarini konDapaiki TRAX lo veladamannadu.

"nenu mokkukunna emi addankulu lekundaa EAMCET raasthe kaalinadaka na vasthananee, nenu metlu ekkevasthanu" andi Bhaanu.

"abbaa, anni metlu ekkaalaa, emi chestaam aadavaaru vaari maata negginchukunTaaru kada" annaDu sasi.

"anta ibbandi ayithe meeru vellavachchu, naa kosam evvaru thyagaalu cheyyakkarledu andi " bhanu bettugaa

kaani mansulo maatram "abbaa ravayya magadaa chaalaa enjoy cheyyachu anee anukuntu" .

sasi driver nu paiki rammani pampichesaaDu. Alipiri daggara bayalu deraaru.

inka sooryodayam kavastundemo assale vesavi kaalam kavatam tho bhaanudu thana karyakramam tunchanu gaa modalettaaDu.

Bhaanu & Prathee okarikokaru chetulu pattukoni chinna ledipillala laagaa genthukunTu meTlu ekkuthunnaaru. Appudappudu madhyalo aagi chuTTu raasina govinda naamalanu palukutu srivarini smaristu undi.

sasi anta daaka gamaninchaledu bhaanunu thana paavada. Achchamaina padahaaranala telugu ammayi andaalu chooDalante halfsarries lone kanipistundi.Enta chakkagaa undi ee ammayi anukunTu inka aaTa paTTiddam maree TimePass elaa avutundi anee anukunnaaDu sasi.

"Enti madam garu, okkare baaga husharu gaa ekkesthunnaru, inka aa matram daaniki mammalni enduku metlu ekkamannaTTo anee" annaDu sasi.

"avunu enTidi Bhaanu, meDicine seat vastundi le maree anta bhakthi tho devuDini ibbandi peTTaku" annaaDu suresh.

"inkaa chaalaa samayam paDuthundi gaa appuDe maatlaDatam modaleTTaala anee oorukunnanu" andi Bhanu.

"Ayinaa meeru mounangaa unDi mammalni anTe elaa emi baagoledu, annayya neeevu okaDivi sasi ku Thaana ante Thandaanaa anee" andi Prathee.

Anjanaadri Daggaraku vahcesariki Prathee kaalla noppulu nenu inkaa raalenu baabu anTu koorchundi poyindi.

suresh sasi manasu artam chesukunna vaaDilaa bhaanu neevu sasi velutu unDandi nenu Prathee maree vachchi kalustaamu annaDu.Sasi chinnagaa suresh bhujam meeda pat chesaaDu.

Bhaanu Sasi iddaru ekkaTam modaleTTaru.

"enduku nannu lepaledu, naaku okkamaTa cheppi velli unDalsindi " andi Bhaanu.

"parledu madam gaariki memu gurtunnamu " annaaDu sasi.

"adee kaadu naaku ravalsina samadhanam" andi bhanu.

"sare emayindi ippuDu inkosari cheppesi velataanu, Elaa vachindi Physics paper " annaDu sasi.

subject anagaane "chaalaa chaalaa thanks sasi, neevu cheppinavanne baaga upayogapaDDaayi chooDaali ee mathram vasthundo Rank" andi Bhaanu.

PART - 5:

inka bhaanu stala puranam gurinchi edukondalalo evvaravaru swamy kosam kondalu gaa maararo annee cheputhu vachindi. sasi asakthi gaa annee vintunnaaDu.

"bhaanu, elaa telusu ekkaDainaa chadivava" annaDu sasi.

"maa nanamma vallu chinnappuDu aarubayaTa mancham meeda padukoneppuDu ee katalannee cheppevaallu" andi Bhaanu.

koddisepaTi taruvata suresh prati vallu veellato kalisipoyaaru.

inka andaru konDameedaku cheraaru.

Darsanaaniki Q lo vellaaru.sumaaru 3 gantalu pattindi adee sudarsna chakram undagane.Gharbagudilo vellagane srivaari divyamangalaroopanni choosi, okkasari thana pakkana unna sasini choosindi, inka manasu aapukoleka swamy sasini naavaaDigaa cheyyi okavela thanu kooDa nenu anTe isTapadite lekapote ledu anee korukundi...
endukano TTDvallu kooda lunch time avvatam tho anthagaa leru so konni nimushaalu gharbhaguDilone unnaaru.

Bayataku raagaane "athmaaraamudu aakalo ramachandraa!! anTunnaDu ekkada kaaniddam" annaaDu suresh.

Edo chinna hotel lo kaanichesaaru.

"Inka next emiTaa programme" anee annaaDu sasi.

"aakasa ganga, papanasanam venugopalaswamy guDi annee chuTTeddam, elaanu sasi TRAX undi kada" andi Prathima.

sasi driver nu pilichi akasaganga ku veladaam annaaDu.

akkada metlu digesi, daatataniki bhaanu paduthunna avastalu choosi cheyyi chaachaDu sasi...

"ammo!! naaku bhayam , neevu naa cheyyi vadileste "andi bhaanu

"cheyyi andinchi chooDu vedilestaano ledo neeke telustundi" annaDu sasi.

inka ekkuva bettu cheyyaraadani cheyyi andinchindi bhaanu.

akkada neellu chinna dhaaragaa saaguthunnayi, vaatini konni theeuskoni nettina challukontu "sasi,ive swamy vaariki roju abhishekaniki vadatharata telusaa andi" bhaanu.

"avunaa" annaaDu sasi.

inka koddisepu akkada neellalo gadipi vachesaaru, anthaa daaka theliyaledu bhaanuku sasi thana cheyyi vadalane ledu anee.

choosavaa , vadili pettaledu annattu gaa kallathone cheppesadu. bhaanu artham ayyindi annaTTugaa thala aaDinchesi cheyyi mellagaa vidipinchukundi.

papanaasanam vellaaru. Akkada aa neelladhaaranu choosthune parugeTtukunTu velli akkada velli nilabadipoyindi.prathee antune undi Towels dress emi thechukoledu bhaanu vaddu anTu, Emi vinipinchukokunDaane praathee cheyyi paTTukoni laakkellindi. baagaa thaDisipoyaaru iddaru. sasi bhaanu chese allarini anandangaa navvukunTu choostu undipoyaaDu, Suresh sasilanu kooDa neellakindaku laagesindi, papalanu nasanam ayipothayi anTu ...

"ayyoa camera marchipaoyi vachchaamae , ippuDelaa ?? photos teesukoni unDaalsindi. inka SaSi to eppuDu kalustaamo photos unTe baagunDaedi" annaaDu suraesh

"maraemi parlaedu , anninTini manasulo bandhincheyyi , EppuDainaa okkasaari chooDaalanipistae kaLLu moosukunTae kaLLa mundu reel laaga kanipinchaestaayi " andi bhaanu.

"ikkaDa ekkaDainaa aemainaa tinaeddaam, ippuDu manam okacaoTikeLutunnaam, suspense" annaaDu sasi.

"SaSi naaku ceppachchu kadaa, naenu evvaritoanu ceppanu, andi kannu koDutoo " andi bhaanu

"tinaboatoo ruchulenduku " annaaDu SaSi

"oraey naaku telusu , ekkaDikoa naenu guess cheyyanaa" annaaDu suresh

"rey, neevu naenu okkaTe, ilaa nee chevi paDeyyi , pratee , bhaanu vaaLLu guess caeste chooddam " annaaDu SaSi

"clue Please " andi Bhaanu

"AnninTiki samaana hakkulu kaavali anee O vacchhaestaaru, idee maatram kanukkolaeru " annaaDu suraesh

"annayya ,needi ekkuvaindi , inTiki padaa ceptaanu , nee sangati " andi pratee

"naa tarupuna kooDa O renDu peeku ceptaa , SaSi pakkana unTe O rechchipotunnaaDu" andi Bhaanu

SaSi veeLLanu coostu chinnagaa navvukunnaaDu...

vehicle okacoaTikeLli aagipoyindi... akkaDa digi Bhaanu mam meeru konchem naDavagalaraa 1 KM alaa naDavaali, ceppulu vaesukoalaekapoate ikkaDae vadileyyanDi slip avvaTaaniki avakaaSam undi...

"ammoa!! cheppulu laekunDaanae assalu kudaradu, antagaa ayitae caetilo paTTukunTaa avasaram ayitae kaani ikkaDa vadalanu " andi bhaanu...

"sarae naenu ready anTu intakee ee sthalam paeru enTee ippuDainaa suspense veeDutundaa " andi pratee..

raaLLa meeda iruku roaDDU meeda oka KM naDuchukunTu veLLaaru, chaalaa ettu nunDi neeLLU paDutunnaayi, inka ekkaDa jaaripaDipotaanaemonanee bhayam toaTi SaSi chaetini paTTukundi... inkoa chaetilo cheppula jata ...naluguru jalapaatam daggaragaa velli niluchukunnaaru...

"hey idee iedoa cinema lo choopistaaru, abba edo gurturaavaTam laedu " andi bhaanu ..

"ippuDu meeriddariloa evvaru cheppinaa vaaLLaku icecream " annaaDu SaSi.

"kashTam" andi pratee

"chooDaalani undi cinema lo choopincaaru kadaa , place paeru teleedu " andi Bhaanu ..

"sarae , ardam correct parlaedu icecream ippistaanu, adigo board chooDu talakoana" annaaDu SaSi

SaSi chetini vadilaesi neeLLa Dhaara kindaku veLLindi ... suresh, pratimaa vaaLLu jaagrattaa!! bhaanu paDaevu anee arustunna vinipincukokunDaa , paachi unDaTam valla kaalu jaari paDindi ...SaSi velli tananu lepi oDisi paTTukoni pakkaku teesukoni vachchi paadaanni choopinchamannaaDu... noppi taTTukoleka vilavilaaDutu aeDupu modaleTTindi .. anavasarangaa teesukochchanae anukoni baadhapaDipoyaaDu SaSi ...Bhaanu sunnitamaina paadaanni caetilo teesukoni mardana chaesaagaaDu, pratimaa , suresh iddaru daggaraku vachchi Bhaanu nu Odaarchaaru...

"noppi taggindi, maremi parledu meeru velli neeLLalo eeta koTTandi naenu ikkaDe koorchonTaanu " andi Bhaanu...

prateemaa , bhaanu iddaru maTladukunTu koorchonDipoyaaru... suresh ,SaSi baaga eeta koTTi alasi full joshto vachchaaru
veeLLa daggaraku.

"bhaanu noppi taggindaa naDavagalavaa" annaDu SaSi

"laekapoate ippuDu maemu ninnu ettukonae teesukellae pani peTTaledu kadaa, ammoa elaa moyyaalo " annaaDu suresh ..

"ikkaDiki teesukochchina vaaLLadi bhaadyata needemi kaadule "andi bhaanu SaSi ni choostu ..

"sare padanDi anTu suresh prathee meeru mundu vellanDi, nenu Bhaanu venakaala vastaamu "annaaDu SaSi ...

suresh, pratee vaaLlu konchem mundu veLlagaane bhaanu vaipu tirigi "Ettukonaa" anee navvutu annaaDu SaSi ...

"amma, aaSa " andi bhaanu ....

"chooDu maree aDagalaedani anaevu " annaaDu SaSi ...

bhaanu navvukunTu chetini andinchi ee maatram support chaalu lea andi...

"bhaanu neeto oka vishayam cheppali elaa cheppalo teliyaTam ledu" annaaDu SaSi ..

bhaanu ku aemi aDagaboatunnaaDaa anee aatrutagaa okkasaari oopiri bigabaTTi eduruchoosindi ...

"paapam ninnu chesukobeyevaaDevado kaani jaalestondi " annaDu SaSi ..

"Em Endukanee ??" andi bhaanu

"neevu doctor ayithe patients anthaa abbayile, chinnapilla nunDi 80 ella musali valla daaka antaa nee clinic vastaaru doctor amma baagundani, nee chetilo chaavu ayinaa ok anee vachestaaru " anTu navvaaDu SaSi.

SaSi , anTu arichestu piDikili biginchi SaSi veepu meeda kottindi bhaanu ...

"chooDu paigaa ilaa appuDappuDu debbalu kooDa tinaalemo " annaDu SaSi ...

bungamooti peTTukoni emi maTladaledu bhaanu ..Calm gaa velli TRAX lo koorchondi ...

Suresh pratee "enti thanu alaa vundi sasi, maree emainaa annaavaa "anee adigaru ..

"tanani edipiste aa face nu choodaTam ante saradaa andukane edipinchaanu" annaDu SaSi ..

"aahaa, alaa kooDaa anipistondaa tamariki, chooDu nenu inkaa eppuDu serious avvanu emaina anu " anee normal ayipoyindi bhaanu ..

SaSi bhaanu & co nu inTi daggara dimputu "naenu delhi ki veLlipotunnanaa, bhaanu maree cheppaledanee anaevu " annaaDu ..

"send off ivvaTaaniki vastaamu maemu veLataamu raepu tirigi anee" andi Bhaanu ...

bhaanu pinni vaaLlu raatri ayinaa inkaa raakapoyesariki konchem kangaaru paDutunnaaru ,bhaanu coodagaane bhaanu pinni "Emmaa !! darSanam baagaa jarigindaa, alasyam ayyesariki ekkaDainaa irukkupoyaaremonanee anukunnaam" andi ..

"laedu pinni, SaSi TRAX lo anni places tirigaamu, talakona vellaamu, anduke late ayyindi" andi bhaanu ...

"saraenammaa, tini paDukonDi alasipoyi unTaaru " andi pinni

bhojanaalu muginchaesi vachchi paDukunnaaru ..bhaanu ku SaSi gurtostunnaaDu edo oka vankaTo tanto maaTlaaDaalanipinchindi, suresh, SaSi number ivvu raepu enninTiki veLataaDo time kanukkovaali andi bhaanu ...

cardless phone teesukoni midde meedaku veLlindi, phone ring avutunTe gunDe koTTukune Sabdam tanake vipistondi avutunnaTTugaa anipinchindi..

SaSi phone etti hello annaaDu ...

SaSi tone nu gurtu paTTIi bhaanu chinnagaa " SaSi guess me " andi ...

" sorry inkosaari maTlaaDanDi" annaaDu SaSi

"antae laenDi, inni rojulu selavalochchesariki nannae marachipoyaaru " andi mislead cheyyalannna uddaeSyam to ...

"oh! pushpa elaa vunnaav ?? ippuDe nee gurinchi talachukunnaa telusaa " annaaDu bhaanu anee gurtupaTTI ...

venTanae bhaanu " naenu pushpa kaadu , bhaanu nu " andi uDukkunTu ...

"bhaanu neevaa, inkaa pushpanoa , laavaNyanoa anukunnaanu train lo parichayamayyaaru lae vaaLlanukunnaa " annaaDu SaSi

"sarae, mee snehituraaLla list to naakaemi pani laedu, raepu enninTiki bayaluderutunnaaro anee vishayam kanukkundamanee caesaa " andi bhaanu

"saayankaalam 4 ku mee oorimeede veluTundi "annaaDu SaSi ...

"GoodNight ' andi bhaanu ...

"hey enTi appuDe nidra vastondaa koddi saepu maTlaaDachchu kadaa , kaali noppi elaa vundi, pain killer emainaa teesukunnaavaa" annaaDu SaSi

maree inta caring gaa maTlaaDite already sagam munigaa peekalalotulo munagaali inkaa aemi chance vadalavaa saami anukunTu "vaesukunTaa , inkaa aemi maaTlaaDaali, poddunna nunDi maaTlaaDindi chaaladaa " andi bhaanu

"maree eppuDu kalustaamoa kadaa "annaaDu SaSi

"EnTi eppuDo anTaavu raepu meeT avutaam kadaa " andi bhaanu

"adee sarae raepaTi taruvaata eppuDo kadaa" annaaDu SaSi

"oka vishayam cheppaali " andi Bhaanu

"EnTi" annaaDu SaSi saayamkalam tanu vaesina joke ku sattire vaestundaa anukunnaaDu ...

"SaSi , endukoa neevu naaku chaalaa years' nunchi telusannaTTugaa anipistondi , maree neeku " andi bhaanu

"same here"annaaDu SaSi ...

"SaSi , endukoa manamu o naalugaidu samvatsaraala taruvaata kaluste appuDu elaa anipistundi , chaalaa maarpu vachi untundi kadaa ee roju ilaa anipinchindi appuDu kooDaa elaane anipistundaa "andi bhaanu

"Emoa teleedu, chooddaam" annaaDu SaSi..

"SaSi, unTaanu , nidra vastoandi , good night " andi bhaanu

"raepu kaluddaam, veLli paDuko bye " annaaDu SaSi ...

baaga alasipovaTam valana andaru poddunne 11 alaa nidra laechaaru ...okaesari lunch chaesi station ku bayalu daeraaru ... SaSi bhaari luggage to paaTu vachchaDu ..tanatoa paaTae vaaLla amma , naanna vaaLlu vachcaharu..

"ammaa naa friends suresh, suresh chelli pratima aa ammaayi bhaanu " anee parichayam chaesaaDu ..

"namaste aunty " annaaru antaa ..

suresh nu pakkaku pilichi "ammaa, edainaa magazines konukkostanu " anTu laakkellipoyaaDu ...

"rey, ammaa vaaLla mundu bhaanu to maaTlaDalaenu , tanaku ee card key chain gift gaa ivvu " annee ichaaDu SaSi ..

"Eraa, friend ni naaku eppuDainaa emainaa ichchi chachchaava, maree daaruNam raa "annaaDu suresh ...

"abbaa manalo manaku annnee avaSaramaa" annaDu SaSi ..

"choostunnaa , choostunnaa , EnTi emaainaa manasu paaresukunnaavaa ,tanu chaalaa sensitive jaagratta ,chinnappaTi nundi tana nature telusu " annaaDu suresh..

PART - 6:
SaSi ku veedkolu cheppaaru ... bhaanu ku edo tana sareeram loni oka bhaagam thananu veeDi potunnaTTugaa anipinchindi ... aa nimushaalanu saaswathangaa bandinchesthe elaa untundanipinchindi ...kaani emi cheyyalekapotunnanee asaktata aavahinchesindi ...

Suresh ATP ku tirigi raagaane thanu ichina card ,key chain ichaadu .. key chain voice recorded model, "bhaanu eppudainaa ninnu evvaraina aatapattisthe
ventane nee purse loni mini mirror lo ninnu neevu choosuko, adee nenu ninnu choostunnatu" anee message play avuthondi ...

Bhaanu ku medicine seat vachindi anantapur lone.SaSi ki madhya uttara prathyuttaraalu jorugaane saagayi, modata koddi nelalu .. tharuvatha slow gaa busy ayipoyaaru. kaani bhaanu b'day ku maathram greetings thappakundaa vachedi. anthe alaa alaa 3 years gadachipoyaayi ...

bhaanu sasi meeda premanu penchukuntupoyindi ...

thana dairy lo ilaa raasukundi ...eppudu modalayindi naalo ee theeyani bhavana ...

From where should i start, whether the day when i saw a walking enigma through my way (or) from the moment when glances captured & locked in my heart safely, all along my life I' ve heard name of yours close to my heart beat, i felt the presence of yours where ever i've gone, so many time i thought it was an illusion but the truth is your love which i nurtured in my heart doing all these funny things with me!!
you have occupied my heart and mind ...

pratima vaaLla inTikellinappuDu suresh, sasi photo nu choosi vachedi...

pratima ku enduko anumanam vachchi "bhaanu edo daastunnavu" anee adigindi ..

"emi ledanee daaTesindi" bhaanu..

pratima gamanisthune undi bhaanu nu , sasi gurinchi maaTladinappuDu tana mohamlo kaluva puvvulaa vikasistunTe aa anandam , enduku contact lo leDo anee anTe vaadipoyina puvvu laa muduchukupoye aa mohanni choostune undi ...sare tane cheptundile anee pratima adagatam maanesindi ..

Bhaanu tanalo thaanu "jeevithamlo eppuDaina porapaaTuna SaSi taarasapaDite Emi cheppaali? tana meeda isTam penchukunnadanaa ??Enduku anee aDigite Emani samaadhaanam cheppali " laanTi aalochanalato gaDipedi ..

okkasari college avaranalo doorangaa backside nundi SaSi laa unna okatanni choosindi .... SaSi nemo nanukoni parigeTtukunTu daggaraku veLlaboyindi ..Intalo evvaro ammayi vachchi bike meeda aa abbayi venakaala koorchovaTam to okkasaarigaa tana chinni gunDenu evvaro nalipestunnaTTu gaa tochindi ..kaani SaSi ayyite okkasari chooDaalanna taapathrayam to BIKE stand daggaraku naDichindi ...aa abbayi SaSi kaadani telisi baadha paDaalo okaveLa SaSi ayyi unTe thana to paaTu vere ammayini oohinchukoleka paDe baadhakanTe sasi kaadani telisi santhoshapaDaalo artam kaaka class bunk kotti intikochindi ...

"Emmaa alaa vunnavu??" adigindi bhanu valla amma ..

"emi ledu?? velli padukuntaa lepaku "anee cheppindi bhaanu ..

thana gadikelli thalupesukundi ...valla nanna vallu medicine seat raagaane middepaina thanakosam room madhyalo prathima valla intikellatam maanesindi velithe ekkada sasi photo choodalanipisthundo anee ..

prathima puttinarojunu kooda bhaanu marachipoyindi ...poddunna nundi eduru choosi bhaanu nundi wishes raakapoyesariki bhaanu intiki vachchindi prathima ...

"aunty, bhaanu edi?? college nundi vachchesindaa" andi prathee

"aa vachchindamma ..enduko ee madhya mudulaa ledu ..ento college lo emainaa godavalemo?? valla nannagaaru antunnaru, vishayam ento kanukkomma" andi bhaanu valla amma ..

"sare aunty, exams tension ayyi untundi meeremi worry avvakanDi " andi prathee

metlu ekki gadiloki window lo nundi choosindi .. bhaanu bed meeda padukoni edusthu undi ...
inkaa aagaleka ..bhaanu bhaanu antu thalupu daba daba baadesindi ...

"bhaanu eraa emayyindi ?? enduku edusthunnav?? naatho chepparaadaa" andi prathee

anthe pratheenu koorchopettesi thana odilo thala daachesi edchesindi baagaa emi maatladakundaa...prathee ku vishayam artham kaaka "ooruku bhaanu emayindi cheppu" andi ...

emi cheppakundaa baadha anthaa theerintharuvatha errabadda mohanni kallanu chetulatho thuduchukoni stirangaa "emi ledu, edvalanipinchindi, edchaanu ante" andi bhaanu ..

"sare ayipoyindaa, nee meeda peekala daaka kopam vachchindi telusaa" andi prathee

"enduku " anee ayomayangaa moham petti adigindi bhaanu

"ee roju date enti" andi prathee

"ayyo, sorry raa ..neekosam gift kooda thechchanu mundugaane choodu" antu thana books rack lo nundi greeting, gift theesi ichchindi ...

appudu choosindi prathee bhaanu room nu ..aschryamtho

"enti raa ee posters ...intha opika ekkadidi neeku ..Enti ee books collection LOVESTROY by erich sehgal ...good baagaa improve ayyindi doctoramma "

bhaanu "anandangaa thana collection anthaa choopinchindi ..mana archies gallery lo konnaanu monna nee kosam gift konataanikellinappudu ..neeku gift konali kada so ninnu thodu theesukellaledu" andi

"sare ayithe ,ready kaa, first venkateswaraswamy temple ..aa tharavatha emeralds lo icecream, thayaravvu" andi prathee

"nenu raanu ekkadiki mood ledu " andi bhaanu

"praledu, naa puttinaroju kada nenu cheppinatte vinaali " andi prathee

sare antu iddaru temple kelli aa tharuvatha emaralds kellaru ...valla favourite spot aa oorilo ...

pratheeku elaa modalupettaloartham kaaka sasi gurinche ayyi untundanee

"bhaanu, sasi call chesaadu telusaa " andi prathee

anthe bhaanu moham veyyivolts balbu veliginattu veligindi..."etlunnadata, ekkadunnadata memu gurthunnamaa , naa gurinchi adiagaada" anee prasnala pravaham kuripinchesindi bhanu ..

"bhaanu, sasi ante istam kadu " andi prathee

sudden gaa aa question adigesariki "alaa emi ledu" andi bhaanu

"naaku telusu , ninnu gamanisthune unnanu, pichchidaanaa chinnappati nundi nee gurinchi telusu enduku bukaaysithavu cheppu" andi prathee

"emo teleedu naaku artham kavatam ledu " andi bhanu ..

"sare bhaanu okkati cheppanaa, naa mata vini ekkuva penchukokuraa,thanu contact lone ledu ...ayinaa idee cheppu thanu inkevarinainaa istapadiunte ... neevu tattukolevu ..nee baadhanu memu choodalemu ..oodaarchalemu"andi prathee ...

"prathee, naa chetilo ledu.thanu dakkakapothe badhapadathanu.konni years daaka anthe kada daanikosam naa manasunu ippudu vaddu penchukoku anee cheppalenu , istapadatam thappaa cheppu" andi bhaanu

"thappu kaadu raa , practical gaa alochinchamantunnaa, thanu ekkado unnaadu, mee caste kaadu , valla family vallu ninnu accept chestharo ledo chaalaa chaalaa unnaayi , neeku emi artham kaavu, assalu ee lokam lo undalsina daanivi kaadu"andi prathee

"prathee, nenu manasu thone alochisthaa, neelaagaa anni kuduruthaya,kastamemo anee, anee alochinchanu adee assalu samasye kaadu.lekapothe anni kudirina atanni vethukkoni preminchalenu. anukokundaa kalisaamu konchem time anandanga gadipaamu ,istapaddaanu thanani marachipolekapothunnanu" andi bhaanu

"ayithe infatuation needi" andi prathee

"sare ee 3 years lo entha mandi college lo naaku friends leru ,vallatho kalisi rojulo 3/4 th time untunnaa evvaru sasi laa nachchaledu enduku. maree maa bava nu chinnappati nundi naa mogudu anee intlo antunnaa thananenduku istapadaledu ... ee koddi mandiko okarini choosthe istam kaluguthundi nenu thananu pelli chesukovali anee preminchatam ledu naadi infatuation kaadu ayyi unte ee paatiki thanu kanipinchakpoyesariki karigi poyi inkokari meeda kaligedi"andi bhaanu ...

"ayithe thanu dorakakapothe assalu choodakapothe ninnu neevu emi chesukovu kada" andi prathee

"cha , antha pirikidanni kaadu raa. nenu mentally chaalaa strong telusaa.thanu nachchaadu anthe assalu thananu nenu ee jeevithamlo okkasari kooda choodalekapothe ,choodali anna assatho eduruchoosthaa " andi bhaanu

"ahaa maaku telusu entha strongo?? ledu raa neevu reality choodatam ledu , choodakapothe anee aduguthunnaa" andi prathee

"thanatho gadipina time chaalu anee anukuntaa"andi bhaanu

"pichchi mudiri paakana paddadi , nenu neeku cheppalenu baabu "andi prathee o navvu navvi oorkundi bhaanu ...

"ante pichchi anee confirm chesthunnavaa , leka nannu pichchidi antunnava entaa navvu "andi prathee

"sare prathee ee roju maa intlo nidrapovachchu kada " andi bhaanu

"sasi gurinchi matladanu ante vasthaa" andi prathee

"neetho kakapothe evvaritho cheppukuntaanu "andi bhaanu

"sasi gurinche matladathanantavu ,friend ayyinanduku thapputhundaa" andi prathee

thana dairy theesi pratheeki ichchindi.. "elaano pedda spy laa telusukunnavu gaa sasi ni istapaduthunnaananee , dairy chaduvu. naaku pichchi ee range lo pattindo telusthundi" andi bhaanu

"ammo ee alavatu eppati nundee neeku antha opikaledanukuntaa kada "andi prathee

"sasi ki rayatam alavatata" andi bhaanu

"so thamaru rayatam modalettaraa" andi prathee

ninna date nundi front kellu anee open chesi chooyinchindi ...

30 May

sumaaru 3 samvathsaralu gadichayi, nee tho gadipina aa roju maathram ninnane jariginadaanilaa undi. entha mandi parichayam ayyaru.enthalaa naa jeevitham maaripothondi, nenu enthalaa maaripoyanu. naa hrudayam aduguna dagunna poralalo ninnu badhrangaa daachesaa ...

29 May

prathi roju gadusthunna koddi ninnu cherusthundane aasa ,ee roju ninnu
choodananduku badha ...

28 May
roju udayame lechi emi chesthuntaavo, inkaa nidrapothune untavaa good morning anee manasulone anukuntaanu ...

27 May
ee madhya okkati gamaninchaa,naaku teliyakundane andarilo undi aapukolenantha navvu vachchi navvuthunnappudu "sasi" anesthunnaa, kopam vasthe mirror lo choodamanannav gaa adee ayithe assalu marachipoledu ..exam hall lo koorchoni answer gurthu rakapothe sasi anee antunnaa

26 May

chetilo nundi edainaa vasthuvu jaarithe kallumoosukoni chevilo vellu pettesedanni kada ...sasi antu danni aapataniki try chesthunnaa padakundaa ..entha improvement good good antavu neeku telisthe...

25 May

ee roju gudikellaa amma tho kalisi ..gudilo archana cheyinchataaniki first nee peru cheppesaa.amma sasi evvaru anee adigaru.sasikala anee naa friend amma aa amamyi puttina roju ee roju anee cheppaa ...

24 May

priya, kusalame kada ?
mari nenaa nee roopu naa kanupapala medaluthunte ,
nee tholi choopu sparsa nannu ukkiribikkiri chesthunte,
nee chiru darahasanni naa padavantukoni
nee talapulatho virahavedanalo nee rakakai eduruchoosthu ?? ..

prathimaa, aa paper lo last aksharalu chedaratam choosindi, artham ayyindi adee raasthu kanta thadipettindi ..inka dairy chadavaleka moosesindi ..

"bhaanu, chaalu inka chadavalenu" andi prathee
PART -7:

sarath chandra dark red pulser bandi meeda Red T- shirt pepe black jeans hit combination dressing tho fasttrack goggles pettukoni,nike sports shoes vesukoni
100KMs vegam tho ATP college avaranalo doosukupothunnadu hospital main compound mundu aapalani ...ade time lo bhanu valla friend nu andukovalani ammayi peru
piluchukuntu speed gaa edurugaa vasthunna bike nu gamaninchaledu ..sarath cool gaa antha speed lo kooda breaks vesi skid avuthunna vehicle nu balance
chesi hospital mundu avaleela gaa apesaadu ...emi jaraganattu ammayi vaipu kooda choodakundaa casual gaa vellipoyaadu ... bhaanu okka kshanam emavuthundo
artham kaaledu ...blank gaa ayipoyindi medadu ... aa tharuvatha thanaku just accident avvabothu miss ayyindani konchem shiver ayyindi and atugaa veluthunaa
sarath nu choosindi ..enti ee candidate nu eppudu choosinattu lede anukoni..

sarath principle room ekkada anee akkada unna andamaina nurses lo oka ammayi daggarakelli sister can u show me princpals room?? annadu ..

anthe aa ammayi edo maaya chesaadu anee annattu gaa sarath nu principal room daaka teesukelli room choopinchindi ...

thanks sis, BTW I 'm sarath, new housee annaadu ...

oh!! ayithe mimmalni maree maree meet avuthundachchannamata andi aa nurse sweet gaa navvuthu ...

Excuse me May I come in sir annadu door daggara niluchukoni ...

yes come in annaru principal ...

Housee cheyyataniki vachchaanu , osmaniya university hyderbad lo medicine chesaa ,here is my certificates anee oka file chooyinchaadu ...

principal okkasari aa papers choosi, do n't u know thatu shud n't be wearing jeans, ee roju join avvaddu, repati nundi join avvu anee class theesukonnadu ...

careless gaa ok sir anee principal sign chesina paper nu theesukoni bayatakochchaadu ...manasulo ammaa thalli cool gaa akkada hyd lone housee kooda finishi chesi USMILE raasi ee US /UK chekkeddamani anukunte ikkada undaraa o year paatu anee thala thinnaavu ..abbaa palletooru , ee edaari lo andaalaa!!ammayilu choodu elaa vunnaro anthaa muddasuddallaa nindugaa paitalu kappukoni .. campus lo akkada heaven apsarasalu ikkada hell raa baabu anthaa bondallaa unnaru.assalu veellaku beauty sense lenattu undi. malayalee nurses undangaa saripoyindi lekapothe idee nijangaane narakam raa babu. thank god atleast okka nurse bagundi ento time pass elaa cheyyalo anee anukontu. akkada friends vachcheppude baga aata pattincharu elaa brathukuthavu raa .. pedda dailogues kottesi vachchaa ee sarath eppudu chukkalalo chandrude ... akkada evvaru lekapothe create chesthaa anee coller egaresi maree vachchadu ...
sare repati nundi hunt modaledadaam anee anukoni zoom anee bike vesukoni film kellipoyaadu ..

Next day college ku same cool look tho vachchaadu ...

bhaanu valladi first batch avvatam valana senior evvaru leru ..sharath housee gaa join ayyaaDanagaane bhaanu batch abbayilu velli parichayam chesukunnaru ... adee hyderabad lo undi vachchadante PG seat kosam exams prepare avvataniki akkada edainaa coachingcenters information cheputhadani ...sharath thanu senior anee anipinchesindi...chuttu finalyear batch nesukoni canteen lo chaay thaaguthu o saari hyderabad lo birla temple kinda unnaa hotel lo
dorike chay ni smarinchukuntu bad time raa sharath needi anee manasulo anukuntunnadu...

chuttu unna pillalo prathap anee okadu "anna koosintha mana college ishayalu chepparaade? porilu masthuguntarata akkada ?? " anee telagana yasa try chesaadu

"anna ginna jaantha nahi, call me as mama mams ..meeru anna antunnarani telisi mee batch ammayilu anna anee annaranuko meeku varasalu thappipothayi" annaaDu sarath ...

"attevvaru?? maama, kompadeesi maa batch lo evvarainaa ;) " anee adigaaDu prathap...

"ledu , inkaa mee batch lo andarini koosintha microscope lo petti choodanide" annadu sarath ..

"naaku varasa thappinaa parledu anna maa batch lo o pori untadi masthugaa kaani manaku paderakam kaadu " annadu prathap ...

"edi chooyinchu o saari " annadu sharath ...

"adigo annaa, aada navy blue choodidaar vesukoni unde aa porine" annadu prathap ..

inka batch lo okadu bhaanu friend, "anna, aa ammayikantha ledu kaani veede egestraalu sesthuntadu light teesukondi anee bhaanu nu cover cheddamani choosaadu"

"entee coveringaa? bossu ittantivi maaku telusu, mee batch ammayi anee feelingaa " annadu sharath

"alantidemi ledu anna, manchi ammayi, manchi friend, veedu okasari edo vedhava comment vesaadu appudu emi anakundaa , time choosukoni okkade unnappudu jagrathagaa o class peekindata, aa ammayi peekina class ku o 4 rojulu evvarithonu maatladakundaa ayipoyadu, andukane cheppa" annadu aa abbayi ...

"4 rakam ammayaa " annadu sharath

"ante kaastha length ekkuvaina detailed gaa cheppanna" annaadu prathap

"modati rakam ammayi kopam tho laagi petti koduthundi, anavasarangaa paruvu poddi veelatho kastam, inkokaru valla intlo annalanu,ayyalanu piluchukosthaaru, moodo rakam ammayi comment vini silent gaa velli edusthu koorchuntundi, vellanu choosthe manavaipu nunde saanubhooti pavanalu veechi comment chesinavadina thanthamu ammayi laanti vallu valle handle cheukuntaaru, emi cheyyalemu ilaanti vallanu" annadu sharath ...

"annaa!! emi cheyyalemaa , padeyyalemaa "annadu prathap

"rey, veellatho inko danger entante challenging gaa theesukoni manamu vallanu muggulo dimpalani anukunte maname koorukupoye chances ekkuva , nenu ee case's ku distance maintain chesthaa" annadu sharath

"enti annaa, neevu kooda ilaa ante elaa o saari try chesi choodaradu" annadu prathap..

inkaa aa roju nundi bhaanu gamaninchasaagadu sharath, thana dressing sense nu, matlade theerunu ,patients nu treat chese vidhanaanni direct gaa attack modaledadaama leka elaa anee avakasam kosam eduru choosaadu ..bhaanu valladi first batch avvatam valana senior evvaru leru ..sharath housee gaa join ayyaaDanagaane bhaanu batch abbayilu velli parichayam chesukunnaru ... adee hyderabad lo undi vachchadante PG seat kosam exams prepare avvataniki akkada edainaa coachingcenters information cheputhadani ...sharath thanu senior anee anipinchesindi...chuttu finalyear batch nesukoni canteen lo chaay thaaguthu o saari hyderabad lo birla temple kinda unnaa hotel lo dorike chay ni smarinchukuntu bad time raa sharath needi anee manasulo anukuntunnadu...

chuttu unna pillalo prathap anee okadu "anna koosintha mana college ishayalu chepparaade? porilu masthuguntarata akkada ?? " anee telagana yasa try chesaadu

"anna ginna jaantha nahi, call me as mama mams ..meeru anna antunnarani telisi mee batch ammayilu anna anee annaranuko meeku varasalu thappipothayi" annaaDu sarath ...

"attevvaru?? maama, kompadeesi maa batch lo evvarainaa ;) " anee adigaaDu prathap...

"ledu , inkaa mee batch lo andarini koosintha microscope lo petti choodanide" annadu sarath ..

"naaku varasa thappinaa parledu anna maa batch lo o pori untadi masthugaa kaani manaku paderakam kaadu " annadu prathap ...

"edi chooyinchu o saari " annadu sharath ...

"adigo annaa, aada navy blue choodidaar vesukoni unde aa porine" annadu prathap ..

inka batch lo okadu bhaanu friend, "anna, aa ammayikantha ledu kaani veede egestraalu sesthuntadu light teesukondi anee bhaanu nu cover cheddamani choosaadu"

"entee coveringaa? bossu ittantivi maaku telusu, mee batch ammayi anee feelingaa " annadu sharath

"alantidemi ledu anna, manchi ammayi, manchi friend, veedu okasari edo vedhava comment vesaadu appudu emi anakundaa , time choosukoni okkade unnappudu jagrathagaa o class peekindata, aa ammayi peekina class ku o 4 rojulu evvarithonu maatladakundaa ayipoyadu, andukane cheppa" annadu aa abbayi ...

"4 rakam ammayaa " annadu sharath

"ante kaastha length ekkuvaina detailed gaa cheppanna" annaadu prathap

"modati rakam ammayi kopam tho laagi petti koduthundi, anavasarangaa paruvu poddi veelatho kastam, inkokaru valla intlo annalanu,ayyalanu piluchukosthaaru, moodo rakam ammayi comment vini silent gaa velli edusthu koorchuntundi, vellanu choosthe manavaipu nunde saanubhooti pavanalu veechi comment chesinavadina thanthamu ammayi laanti vallu valle handle cheukuntaaru, emi cheyyalemu ilaanti vallanu" annadu sharath ...

"annaa!! emi cheyyalemaa , padeyyalemaa "annadu prathap

"rey, veellatho inko danger entante challenging gaa theesukoni manamu vallanu muggulo dimpalani anukunte maname koorukupoye chances ekkuva , nenu ee case's ku distance maintain chesthaa" annadu sharath

"enti annaa, neevu kooda ilaa ante elaa o saari try chesi choodaradu" annadu prathap..

inkaa aa roju nundi bhaanu gamaninchasaagadu sharath, thana dressing sense nu, matlade theerunu ,patients nu treat chese vidhanaanni direct gaa attack modaledadaama leka elaa anee avakasam kosam eduru choosaadu ...


Bhaanu ku aa roju hospital lo night duty vesaaru, thana batchmates kooda evvaru leru.. Emi cases lekapoyesariki ladies room lo koorchoni PG ku prepare avvataniki books mundesukundi.thana room lo phone ring ayyindi , edo emergency case vachchindata, gadiyaram vanka choosindi. onti ganta avuthondi , emi case vachchindo anee OPD ku parigettekellindi, oka 50 years aame laavugaa undi,4 gantalappudu gundenoppi antu padipoyindata, baaga chematalu pattayata, ilaa jaragatam second time ata. ametho paatu vachchina ame koduku annadu.

inka inko musalayana bhaanu tho edusthu "chaalaa dooram nundi vachchamamaa , madakasira lo unna RMP doctor edo tablet ichchadu, kaani peddaasupathriki teesukellandi bathakaatiniki avakasaalu thakkuva anee chepparammaa, edo okati cheyyamma " anee chetulu pattukunnaadu ayana ...

bhaanuku antha emergency case aa rathrisamayam lo choodatam modatisaari, daaniki thodu thana batch vallu evvaru leru adee aadivaram raathri avvatam moolana emi cheyyalo paalupoledu , patient pulse choosindi , baagaa down gaa undi ...thanu ee maathram ajagraththa chesina thana valla oka nindu praanalu povatam istam leka bhayam tho motta modata ultrasoundscanning cheyinchalanna alochanaraagane valla senior professor ku aa time lo call chesindi, thondaragaa rammani.

ayana vachchaadu, choosadu migatha sst.professor vallu vachchi evo tablets ichchi poddunne ultrasound scanning chesthamani chepparu...

inka aa professor baga thaagi unnaremo, bhanu nu pilichi aa time lo antha senior most professor nu call cheyyalsina avasaram emiti?? ninnu modati samvathsaram nundi choosthunnaa, pogaru neeku, ayinaa aa okka case kosam nenu parugettukuntu raavaalaa ?? evvaritho elaa matladalo emi cheyyalo theleedu, elaa doctors avutharo veellu, assalu ninnu naa subject lo fail chesi undalsindi?? ponile aadapilla anee jaali padi pass chesaa anee naanarakaalu gaa thittatam modalupettadu , chuttu cherina migilina Jr.Doctors andaru kooda bhaanu ne thittaaru, mammalni adagakundaa ayanaku call cheyyalsina avasaram emitani ...

bhaanu adee avamanam gaa bhaavinchi thaladinchukoni edchatam modalupettindi ..okkaru kooda thananu support chesi matladakapovadam valla inkaa badha padindi ...

sharath idantaa gamanisthu ,bhaanunu andarilonu alaa thittatam aa ammayi edvatam choosi elaano alaa paristhithi ni ease cheyyalani "professor, meeru kopam thechchukovatamlo assalu thappuledu, mammalni adigi undalsindi aa ammayi, ayinaa edo chinnathanam avvatam valla alaa call chesindi, aa ammayi tharupuna nenu ksaminchamani aduuguthunnanu, meeru cheppandi "

anee akkada unna inko konchem senior doctor nu thana vaipu ku thippukovalani choosadu.

aayana kooda "sarelendi , Doctor bhaanu chinnapilla inkosari alaa cheyyadu ,enthaina mana pillale kada,maname venakesukoni ravali " anee annaru ...

sharath bhaanu daggaraku velli bhujam thattaadu .bhaanu edo artham ayinadaanilaa anthavaraku emi matladani thanu "sorry proffesor, inkosaari repeat cheyyanu" anee andi ...anthaa vellipoyaaru ...

bhaanu alaane alochisthu koorchondi podduna daaka, inka thana duty ayipovatam tho intiki bayaluderindi ...

sharath ku thanks kooda cheppaledu ... hospital bayatakuraagaane poddunne aa suryakiranalu thagalagane thala thiriginattu anipinchindi, raathri anthalaa edchatam vallanemo neerasangaa anipinchindi ...

konchem dooram nadichesariki spruha kolpoyindi.sharath bhaanukosam anee vasthu dooram nundi choosadu alaa padipovatam ... bhaanu theesukoni auto pilichi maree hospital ku teesukelithe pedda news avuthundani valla intiki theesukelladu. valla ammatho neellu theesukurammani cheppi bhaanu moham meeda chilakarinchi water thaagipinchaadu ...sharath valla amma paalu thechchi ichchaaru ..

bhaanu avee thaagi parledu nenu velathanu anee bayala deraboyindi, sharath drop chesthanani bhaanu intiki vachchi drop chesaadu ...bhaanu valla amma bhaanu vaadipoyina moham choosi emayyindonani kangaru paddaru , sharath bhaanuku emi kaaledani night emi thinakapovatam valla neerasamtho padipoyindani cheppadu.

sharath vellipothu "bhaanu by the way I'm sharath, housee gaa cheraanu, OU hyderabad lo chadivanu"anee cheppadu

bhaanu ku appudu gurthochchindi, inthadaka okka sarikooda aa abbayi peru adagaledani "'avunaa, thanks sharath" andi.

sharath bye anee cheppi vellipoyaadu ...

PART 10:

bhaanu marusati roju college kellindi. Thana friends tho jarigindi cheppi badha padindi. valla professor elaa andarilonu alaa matalannaro anee andaru odaarcharu ,thelisanade kada aa professor pichchi vadani , sharath elaa vachchi support chesado cheppindi.

sharath kosam hospital anthaa vedikindi, oka room corner lo nurse tho chaalaa daggara gaa kanipinchadu, vallu emi chesthunnaro artham ayyesariki side ayipoyindi.sharath nu elaa pilavaalo artham kaaka.

bhaanu thana manasulo cha ithanu enti ilaanti vaadu anee anukondi...

inka thana friends tho paatu class room lo koorchondi.

sharath , bhaanu batch abbayilatho paatu class room loki vasthu bhaanuku smile ichchaadu.

bhaanu ku konchem ibbandigaa anipinchindi inthaku mundu thanu choosina drusyam medilindi, kaani raathri thananu support chesi matladinadi gurthu thechchukoni elaanti manishi ayithe naakenti naaku help chesaru so naa friend anthe anukoni smile ichchindi reply gaa.

sharath bhaanu daggaragaa vachchi canteen ku vasthaava bhaanu annaadu.

bhaanu lechi friends ku siga chesi nadusthu vellindi sharath tho paatu classroom lo nundi.

bhaanu batch abbayilaku artham kaaledu?? ee ammayineppudu padesaadu buttalo veedu saamanyudu kaadu anee anukonnaru.

sharath "elaa vundi ippudu?" anee adigadu.

"parledu" andi bhaanu.

tea, samosa order chesaru..bhaanu money ivvabothunte sharath undagaa ammayivi andulonu neevu ivvatamaa anee annaadu.

"emi , ammayilu ivvaraadaa money, meeru ammayilatho pettincharaa " andi bhaanu

"yaa, inthadaaka ee ammayithonu pettinchaledu" annadu sharath

"maree nenu meeku treat ivvalani anukunnane naa favorite emeralds lo" andi bhaanu

"oh!! alaa ayithe idduvu gaani, bill mathram nene isthanu , adee naa policy, inthadaka break cheyyaledu" annadu sharath

veeditho vaadinchi gelavatam kastam anukondi manasulo.

"enduku meeru housee ikkada chesthunnaru" andi bhanu

"maa amma mahalakshmi ni choosavu gaa ninna, nenu intlone undalata ee year, elaanu next year US/UK lo MS chestha gaa" antu cheyini gaalilo flight laagaa leputhu cheppaadu sharath.

bhaanuku enduko konchem apasruthi laa anipinchindi, veedu ekkadiki vellatam ledu, antha scene ledu anukondi manasulo.kaani bayataku mathram "avunaa, manchi plans unnayi meeku" andi bhaanu.

"maree neevu , pelli chesukoni pillaa papalatho ikkade undamanaa" annadu sharath

"pelli vishayam maa nanna vallu choosukuntaru PG ikkade chesthanu " andi bhaanu navvuthu

bhaanu sharath appudappudu meet avuthune unnaru. bhaanu valla intlo kooda sharath intiki drop chesinaa emi analedu manchi abbayi anee. bhaanu ante sharath intlo andariki nachchesindi.sharath enti ee ammayi maa intlo popular ayipothondi anee anukonnadu chaalaa sarlu.

sharath valla amma okasari "re, bhaanu valla caste enti?? velli matladamantava ?? thega nachesindi raa ammayi "anee.

" vadina oppukodemo amma" annadu sharath.

"vadina enduku oppukodu raa, ayina thanu oppukunte entha oppukokupothe enti " andi sharath valla amma.

"maree valla ayana ku rendo pelli cheyyalante oppukovali kada amma " anee annadu sharath.

"re vedhava, mee anna ku kaadu raa neeku pillanu choosthunna " andi sharath nettina okkatisthu.

"amma edo jeevithaanni baagaa enjoy chesthunna, nee mata vini ikkadikochcha inka ekkuva thyagalu ante cheyyalenamma "anee annadu sharath.

"adee kaadu raa, doctors dorakatam kastam, adee ammayi ni choosthunte chaalaa manchidi laa undi alaanti ammayilu dorakatam kastam, enduku cheputhunnano artham chesuko, bhaanu ayithe ninnu daarilo peduthundi "andi sharath valla amma.

"amaa lite theesuko, aa ammayi vasthe ilaa matladaku "annadu sharath.

"aa maathram, maaku telusuleraa, mee nanna tho matladatha " andi sharath amma.

Bhaanu nu college lo kalisaadu, canteen keluthu cheppadu sharath valla matladina matalanu.

"hey, neevu emaina ati gaa matladava naa gurinchi intlo "andi bhaanu.

"ledu, ayinaa neevu naa kind of girl kaadu naaku telusu" annadu sharath

"hammayya brathikinchesav, ayinaa neevu aa nurse tho aa roju anthaa choosanu "andi bhanu naaluka korukkuntu.

"anthaa choosaava" noru konchem chinnagaa terusthu noti meeda velu pettukoni bhaanunu aascharyam tho choosthu adigadu sharath

"anthaa ante anthaa" andi bhaanu

"maree naatho matladuthunnave , ninnu kooda emaina chesthanani anipinchaledaa" annadu sharath konni nelalu gaa parichayam unna closeness tho.

"naaku naa gurinchi baaga telusu, evvaru elaanti moves chestharo baga kanipettagalanu " andi bhaanu.

"oho alaanaa ,sare ayithe ippudu kaadu kaani, eppudaina naatho paatu vasthavu gaa appudu choostha" annnadu sharath.

"sharath, eppudaina neevu nannu emi cheyyavu, naa permission lekundaa ,innni nelala nundi choosthunnaa gaa" andi bhaanu.

saayamkalam intikellindi, intikellesariki valla inti mundu black scorpio aagi undi. Ekkado choosane ee color di anukuntu ayina evarochcharabba intiki anukuntu intlokellindi.

sharath valla amma nanna ,bhaanu valla amma nanna vallatho matladuthunnaru, teapoy meeda snacks tea lo choosi vachchi chaalaa sepayyindi anee anukondi.

"namaste aunty, meeru ilaa vachcharaa?? enti aunty visesham" andi bhaanu.

"emi ledamma , neevu rammani chaalaa sarlu cheppavu gaa, maa pedda kodalidi sreemantham chesthunnam mee ammanu piluddamani vachchanu , uncleki kooda ee side pani undante ayanatho patu vachchaa, sharath vachchadaa ammaa ee roju hospital ku " anee adigindi sharath valla amma.

bhaanu ku heart beat skip avvabothu hammayya deenikosame kada vachcharu , pelli matalaku kaadu kada anukondi.

PART 11:

sharath parents vellipoyaaru ? bhaanu valla nanna bhaanu ammaku edo siga chesaaru ?? bhaanu valla amma bhaanu tho "enti sharath nu pelli chesukovalani anukuntunnava? ippudappude neeku pelli cheyyalani anukovatam lede memu, unna okkaganokka koothurini inkaa chinnapillavu maaku leni thondara neekenduke ??" andi.

"anukunnaa , edo jaruguthondani ayinaa nenu emi cheppananmma ?? chinnappati nundi bavakichchi cheyyalani meeru anukunnaru?? ippudu nenu doctor ayyesariki vaddani anukunnaru ?? appudu nenu emi matladaledu chinnapillanu anee ippudu anthe mee istam vachchinappudu pelli cheyyandi , naa chaduvu ku addam vasthe maathram oppukonu "andi bhaanu avesangaa...

"adee kaadu raa, mee amma ku konchem avesam ekkuva thelisinde kadaa, ayinaa manchi kutumbam baagaa aastiparulu aa mathram sambandham maree vasthundo raado ayinaa nee istanni nenu eppudu kadananu , mee amma matalu pattinchukoku" annaru bhaanu valla nanna .

"emani cheppamantaru vallaku "andi bhaanu valla amma.

"cheppam kada ippudappude emi alochanalu levani , inkosari kooda ade ante saripothundi, neevu hungama cheyyaku" annaru bhaanu valla nanna...

bhaanu baaga kopam vachchi meda meedakelli sharath ku call chesindi.

"hi sharath, enti idi anthaa telise chesthunnavaa ?" andi bhaanu

"aree nenu emi chesaanu ?" annadu sarath

"ahaa maree aunty maa intikenduku vachcharu "andi bhaanu

"maa amma vachcharaa?? naaku telede? emannaru " annadu sarath.

"mana pelli matladataniki vachcharu" andi bhaanu

"abbaa , bhaanu maa ammaku thondarekkuva ? annantha pani chesesinda, nenu kanukkuntale " annadu sarath

"avannee naaku theleedu? maa intlo naaku nachchani pani cheyyaru , mee intlo sangathi naaku teleedu, inkosari ee vishayam mataldaradu manam iddaramu anthe" anee arichinattugaa cheppindi bhaanu.

sharath, bhaanu neppudu antha avesamtho kaani kopam lo kaani choodaledu.pelli topic inkosari thana drustiki teesukuraanivvaraadu, amma ku cheppeyyali ippudappude pelli alochanalu levani PG ayyintharuvatha thanaku nachchina ammayini chesukuntananee cheppeyyali anee manasulo anukonnadu.

Bhaanu ku final year exams daggara paddaayi, sharath tho orthopedics,paediatrics subjects elaa chadavalo cheppadu thanaku kastamgaa unte, adee pass avvataniki chadavali antha kastangaa unnayi.

Exams ayipoyayi, aa tharuvatha housee hyderabad lo chesthu PG test rayataniki crash courses attend avvalani anukondi. Intlo amma nannanu oppinchindi, elaagu Pg seat vasthe thanu ekkado chadavali anee valla intlo prepare ayipoyaru, valla nanna family shift cheddamanee cheppadu hyderabad ku, kaani bhaanu oppukoledu.thana jeevitham lo okkasaarayinaa hostel lo undalanukuntunnanu andi. Housee ku mathrame undamannaru.

sharath ameerpet lo thanu attend ayyadani thana friends akkade unnarani akkada hostels unnayani daggaralo cheppadu. bhaanu valla nanna gaaritho paatu DIWAKAR travels valla bus lo bayalderindi.

prathima bhaanu valla amma busstop ku vachcharu bhaanuku sendoff ivvataniki.

prathima bhaanu tho " hostel lo eppudu levu, neeku bayata lokam gurinchi theliyadu, jagratta evvarini nammaku pichchidaanila and gold chain rings jagrattha" anee andi.
bhaanu valla amma "prathee pothe poyayi leve, pilla jagratha gaa unte chaalu,time ku thinu ammulu , roju phone cheyyi , nelalo okkasari intiki raa"anee annaru.

bhaanu valla nanna "emmaa inkosaari alochinchuko, undagalava? eppudu ninnu vadili memu undaledu,neevu undaledu, akkada ee mathram kastam anipinchinaa ikkadiki vachcheyyi" anee chepparu

sharath valla friends engagement attend avvataniki mundugaane hyderabad vellipoyadu. Thanaku Institution and hostels address ichchadu.

Appudeppudo chinnappudu vellinattu gurthu hyderabad anthe eppudu vellaledu thanu. Edo moola bhayangaane undi, kaani sharath di kooda house ayipoyindi inka PG ku exams prepare avvataniki hyderabad vachchesthunnadani dhairyangaa cheppukondi thanaku thaane. Thana friends evvaru raaledu thanatho patu konthamandi ammayilakemo already pellillu fix ayipoyayi.sare emi avuthundo chooddam anee anukondi manasulo.
PART 12:

bhanu to paatu vaalla naanna gaaru kooda vachi tanani akkada vunna oka manchiinstitue lo PG crash course lo cherpinchaaru. daggarlo ne vunna oka hostel lo bhanu ni join cheyinchaaru. vaalla adrushtam koddee hostel ki daggara lone "Image hospitals" vundi. Bhaanu akkadi ki velli housy gaa join avvadam gurinchi enquire chesindi. vaallu oppukovadam to one week lo join avutaanani cheppindi. hostel,institute, hospital annee daggaralone dorikinanduku bhanu naanna gaaru konchem happy gaa fell ayyaru. bhanu sharath ki call chesindi.

"hey sharath, neevu cheppina institute lone course join ayyanu. ikkade daggarlo vunna image hospital housee kooda cheranu " andi bhaanu.

"bhaanu aa hospital lo enduku cheravu, akkada ekkuva pani vuntundi chadavataniki time undadu" annadu sharath.

"ohh!! alaagaa.. naaku teliyadu kadaa.. ayinaa, emee parledu, doorangaa ekkado cheri ee bus's lo tirige badulo daggarlone naduchukuntu velli ravachchu " andi bhaanu.

"sare nenu anantapur lo unnanu ninna nighte vachaanu " annadu sharath.
"oh adaa sangathi, ninnu nammukonte anthe, nannu okkadanne rammannavu anthaa choosukuntanani cheppavu, nanna nu teesukoni vachchanu kabati saripoyindi" andi bhaanu.
"hmmm... nenu cheppinaa kuntisaaku antaavu kaani, vadina ku baby boy"annadu sharath.

"avunaa , ayithe uncle vi ayipoyavannamata " andi bhaanu atapattisthu.
"chinnanne kada ayyindi thandrini kaadu.. inkaa youth madam "annadu sharath

"aa PG chesi inkaa special courses chesesariki thandremi kharma thathavo muttatavo avuthavu , appudu kooda sharath-the youth anee tag pettuko " andi bhaanu.

"hey elaa undi akkada food, hyderabad manjeera nellaku emainaa tellabaddava papam lekapothe maree nallapillanu evvaru pelli chesukuntaru "anee reverse lo bhaanu edipinchatam modalu pettadu sharath.

inkaa chaalu anukoni "bye , nanna unnaru" andi bhanu.

annee panulu poorti avadam to bhanu naanna gaaru anantapur bayaluderaaru. bhanu ki annee jaagrathalu cheppi dabbulu emainaa avasaramaithe phone cheyyamani cheppaaru. daggarlo vunna travels office choopinchi inti meeda benga padite ventane rammani cheppaaru.

"abba.. nanna .. nenemannaa inkaa chinna pillanaa, parledu untanu.. homesick anipisthe alaane vasthanu" andi bhaanu.

"ledu raa , modatisaari vadili veluthunnam , adee okkadanive "anee almost kallalo neellatho annaru bhaanu nanna gaaru. adi choosi bhaanu koodaa chinnapillalaa valla nanna pottachuttu chethulu vesi edchesindi. manasulo okkasarigaa ontaridanini ayipothunnanane bhaada padindi ,ee vedhava sharath vasthaado raado hyderabad ku anee anukondi, inkeppudu nammaraadu anee anukondi.
bhaanu valla nanna " inko padirojulalo okasari vasthanu raa " annaru.

"sare nanna.. lekapothe nene vasthaanu " andi bhaanu.

bhaanu roommates bhaanu alaa tana nanna gaarini pattukoni edavatam choosi navvukunnaru muddula koothuremo anee anukoni.

course ku velli raavatam, books mundesukoni chadavatam idee bhanu dinacharya. roomates koodaa antha gaa maatlaadevaaru kaadu. already aa room lo 6 ammaayilu vunnaaru. room lo thanani extra member gaa veyyatam valla hostel owner meeda kopam tho bhaanu ni sarigaa palakarichevaaru kaadu. bhaanu ku ade modati saari hostel ku ravatam valla inka vere godavalalo thala enduku doorchaalani thana chaduvu , kindaku velli thinesi ravatam... appudappudu amma naanna gurtuku vachi night times duppati kappukoni edchesedi. andaritho hi ,bye thappa inka emi matladatam ledu. night chadvukovalanukunte room lo light aapeyyamannaru 10 daatintharuvatha. sudden gaa prathima puttina roju repenani gurthochchindi bhaanu ku.

appudu noru vippi matladindi " ikkada STD booths enni gantalaki open chestharu bhargavi " andi bhaanu.

"poddunna, 9 ki alaa" ani cheppindi aa bhargavi ane ammaayi.

"antha kanna early morning undavaa" andi bhaanu.

"ledu" annaaru migatha vallu.. alaa ani muthyaalu raaluthunnayemo annattu tamalo taamu musi musi navvulu navvaru.

divya anee ammayi "nenu morning shift kelathanu ,nenu velle daarilo oka shop 24hrs open chesi vuntundi "andi.

bhaanu moham santhosham tho vipparindi " sare, poddunne meeru velletappudu nannu pilavaraa, plz" andi .

"sare , neu elaagoo vudayaanne alarm pedataanu.., meeru kooda lechui naato raavachu" andi divya.
poddunne divya lechi bhaanu nu nidra lepindi. iddaru cheekatilo vellaru.adee november ending avvatam valla 5:30 ku inkaa cheekati gaane undi. divya tho kalisi veluthoo thirigi vachcheppudu thanu okkate ravalanna vishayam marachipoyindi. "prathima ku call chesi birthday wishes cheppali, chinnappati nundi thane motta modata wishes cheppedi, eduru choosthu untundani" alochisthu nadusthu undi. divya STD booth choopinchindi. bhaanu ku appudu gurthochchindi purse kooda lekunda alane vachcehsindani. prathima ku phone chesi wishes cheppindi,divya money pay chesi office ku late avuthundani cheppi vellipoyindi.

venakki tirigi vasthoo vunna bhaanu ku sudden gaa daari thappaanani anipinchindi, thanaku ameerpet CHERMAS thappa inkemi theleedu. divya hostel venakala nundi theesukoni vachchindani anipinchindi. inkaa cheekati gaa undatam valla road meeda koodaa evvaroo leru. "cha..inta vayasu vachi daari taapaanu.. naaku burra ledu" ani tananu taane tittukondi. konchem dooram vellindi, ekkadaaa thanaku thanu vachchina route kanipinchaledu.konchem tellavaruthunnattugaa undi. inkoddisepu ayithe elano alaa kanukkovachchu anee dhairyam cheppukundi , chethilo money kooda kooda thiragatam ledu. okkasarigaa bhayam, edupu vachchesaayi. kallallo nundi kanneelu dhaaara gaa kaaripothunnayi. evevo pichchi pichchi alochanalu chuttumuttesayi, amma nanna gurthukochcharu. jeevitham lo ontarigaa adee ilanti paristhuthulalo unte entha extremegaa alochanalu vasthayo annee vachchesayi, ippudu evvaraina vachchi thanani ettukellipothe anee bhayapadindi. doorangaa evvaro thalli koduku jagging chesukuntu vachcharu. bhaanu vallanu aapi ikkada 5 stories building "APPAYYA PATEL residency" ekkadandi ani adigindi. vaallu teleedannaru. "ee place emiti ante" idi yellareddi guda annaru. Eppudu vininattu kooda ledu ani anukondi. alaane inkonchem mundukelithe srinagar colony anee board kanapadindi. doorangaa srinagar colony lo sathyasai nigam nundi suprabhatam vinipinchindi. bhaanu ku gudiloki vellalanipinchindi.kaani vudatanne phone cheyyalanna aathram lo snanam kooda cheyyakundaa vachchindi, anduke manasulone venkateswara swamy ni okksarigaa thalachukondi, elaano okalaa thanu safe gaa hostel ku cherchamani kannellu thuduchukuntu kallu moosukoni oka shop metlameeda koorchondi dhairyam thechchukovataniki prayathnisthoo.

evvaro daggaragaa vachchi bhujam thattinattu anipinchindi. okkasaarigaa bhayam vesindi. ventane kopam tho chivukkuna thala etti choosindi. edurugaa SASI

PART 13:

Adee kalo nijamo artham kaaledu. sasi kooda ascharya pothu "bhaanu neevu ilaa ikkada ??" anee adigaadu

bhanuku notamataravatam ledu , anandam tho kallalo neellatho moham anthaa erupekkindi ..emi samadhanam ivvakunda alaachoostu undipoyindi ...

sasi chanuvu theesukoni bhujalanu pattukoni kadiputhu "emayyindi ? bhaanu ikkada neevu ilaa , evvaro ammayi edusthu undi ento vishayam kanukkundamani daggarikochcha, konchem sepu mundu ilaa jog chestu poyaa appudu ilaane unnavu? inka evvaro vishayam ento anee vachchaa??"annadu

bhaanu thala oka pakkagaa vanchi sasi kallaloki choosthu "inkaa gurthu unnannaa sasi ?" andi

"assalenduku aa anumanam vachchindi ?" annadu sasi

"emayipoyaavu sasi? inni samvathsaralu okkasari kooda gurthulenaa... inkosaari okka mata kooda cheppakundaa naa jeevitham lo nunchi vellipoyavemo
naneee manasulo anukontu "oorakane adiganu le, lekapothe inni years tharuvatha nannu choosi gurthu pattevadivi kaadu kada " andi bhanu

"sare ikkada koorchoni emi chesthunnavu, adee edusthunnattunnavu emayyindi ?"anadigadu sasi

"chepithe edipisthavu nannu life long , nenu cheppanu? " andi bhaanu

"sare nee istam , inkaa penkithanam polede ?? 4 years kindata elaa vunnavo ippudu alaane unnavu ? ee mathram maraledu " annadu sasi

chaalaa maaraanu , maarchindi neeve nee alochanale anee manasulo anukuntu "choosthavu gaa appude alaa c heppesthe elaa maraano ledo" andi bhaanu

"naa prasna ku answer raaledu ?" annadu sasi

"oh! adaa morning joggingkochchaanu , ameerpet chermas kellali veladamaa" andi bhaanu

"sare, pada " annadu sasi, ee ammayi edo dasthu undi thane cheputhundile manasulo anandamtho pogipoyindi bhaanu antha accidental gaa meet avvatam valla.

"sasi, ikkada neevu " andi bhaanu

"time pass chesthunnaa " annadu sasi

"avunaa, maaku theleedu time pass elaa chestharo cheppachu kada" andi bhanu

"bhaanu , nee chalaki gaa matladatam thaggaledu , choodu neevu maraledu anee inkosari rujuvayyindi" annadu sasi

"mata marchaku, time pass anee edo annavu, job chesthunnava" andi bhanu

"naaku udyogalaku padadu le kaani civils prepare avuthunna" annadu sasi

"endukalagaa , mundu nundi interest undedaa" andi bhaanu

"tharavatha chepthaa kaani nee sangathi cheppu, nuvvu enti ilaa"annadu sasi

"ikkada PG ku coaching theesukuntunna, ikkade daggarlo hostel lo untunna" andi bhaanu

"enti ikkadaa , ee hostel " annadu sasi

"appayya patel residency anee " andi bhanu

"hey, i know it, naa friend madhu akkade untundi" annadu sasi

"hostel vachchesindi matalalone , koddisepu ikkade wait chesthavaa sasi, just 10 min lo vasthanu" andi bhaanu

"sare" annadu sasi

bhaanu hurry gaa anandangaa 2nd floor lo unna thana room kellindi. vellesariki room lo andaru okkasari arichesaaru , bhaanu ekkadikellavu?
anee okaru ante emayipoyavu mee inti nundi call vachchayi thelusaa anee inkokaru thanu valla matalu vine paristhsthi lo ledu meeku tharvatha chepthanu
antu towel theesukoni bathroom lo doorindi.vallu alaane choosthu undi poyaru. 5 minutes lo bayataku vachchesi thana suitcase lo nundi sarries bayataku theesindi.
vallanu sarry kattukomantaraa , leka short kurtha vesukommantaraa anee adigindi. vallaku artham kaaledu.

thana roomy madhu nu choostu "neevu cheppu madhu" andi bhaanu

"sarry kattu" andi madhu

"madhu neeku sasi thelusaa" andi bhaanu

"telusu, em??" andi madhu

"kinda vunnaru velli thanaku company ivvavaa" andi bhaanu

"neeku sasi elaa telusu "andi madhu

"tarvatha chepthanu vellavaa please" andi bhaanu

"sare " antu kindaku vellipoyindi madhu.

inko 10 minutes ready ayipoyindi. assalu anandam tho kala gaa bhaanu moham veligipothondi, room lo ee ammayi intha happy gaa undatam choosi enti some one speacial adigaru, bhaanu navvuthu avunu antu baagunnanaa anee adigindi...

chalaa bagunnaru madam , gurudu kallu thirigipothay annaru..

Madhu kindakelli sasi tho matladuthu undi.

"sasi neeku bhanu elaa parichayam?", andi madhu

"my best friends's cousin " annadu sasi ..

"preperation elaa saguthondi, ee saari emainaa chances unnayaa meeru kottataniki "andi madhu..

"kottagalanane anukuntunna, anyways this is my lifes biggest ambition let me see" annadu sasi..

anthalone bhaanu steps digi vachchindi ...

sasi alaane kallappagisthu choostu undipoyadu , ee ammayi emi maraledu appudu elaa anipinchedo ippudu anthakanna
ekkuva oh! god i love her anukunnadu ...

madhu gamanisthune undi sasi kallalo spark bhanu nu choosinappudu ...

"madhu sathyasainigam keladamaa", andi bhaanu

"ledu bhaanu neevu vellu, amma vallaku call cheyyi", andi madhu

"sare" andi bhaanu ..

"sasi vaipu thirigi veladaamaa sir", andi bhaanu ..

"madam meeru emo pavithrangaa vasthunnaru memu ilaane ravalaa, maa room keladama temple daggare untunna "annadu sasi..

sasi valla room kellindi, ekkada choosina books papers mat pillows, and cheppulu choosi enti neevu okkadive vuntunnavaa andi bhaanu ...

avunu lekapothe chadavatam kudaradu annadu sasi ...

refresh ayyi vasthanu antu bathroomloki dooradu sasi ..

bhaanu papers , books anni sardi oka choota pettindi ...

mat nu madachi pettindi , pillows nu, raggunu dulipi madatha petti alamara lo pettindi ... paraka tho mottam rooms oodchesindi ...
ippudu bagundi choodataniki anukuntu undi ..

anthalo sasi bathroom lo nundi vachchi choosaadu, "arre, idanthaa evvaru cheyyamannaru bhanu", annadu sasi..

"evvarainaa cheyymani cheppalaa, ayinaa just sardaanu anthe kada " andi bhaanu ..

iddaru kalisi gudikellaru, okksari tirumalakellinappadu vallu chesina allari annee gurthu techchukunnaru, prathima susresh vallu
kooda undi unte baagundedi anee anukunnaru ... aa tharuvatha room kochi sasi intlo landline choosi intiki call chesindi bhaanu, ventane prathima ku kooda
call chesi thanu sasi nu meet ayyina vishayam cheppindi ...taj lo lunch teesukelladu .. evening birla templekellaaru alaa rojantha anandangaa gadichipoyindi ...
bhanu nu hostel daggara dimpesi vellipoyadu sasi.

bhaanu room loki vachchi andariki hi anee cheppindi.

inka andaru bhaanu cot chuttu cheri "enti bhaanu poddunne cheputhananee annavu maaku thana gurinchi " anee adigaru

bhaanu navvukuntu "mmm elaa modalupettali ? ayinaa eppudainaa mottam vivarangaa chepthaanu prasthuthaniki mathram thananu first time maa compound lo unna thana friend address nu vetukkuntu vachinappudu kalisaanu, alaa modalayyindi maa parichayam, tharuvatha 4 years tharuvatha ee roju poddunne divya nannu std booth teesukellindaa, akkada daari thappipoyanu, ikkadaku elaa ravalo teliyaledu, oka chota metlameeda koorchoni edusthunte evvaro bhujam thattinattayyindi , choosthe sasi roju naa jeevitham lo marachipoleni roju anee dairy theesukoni rayatam modalettindi"

room mates anthaa abba appude update cheyyalaa bhaanu ? annaru

"ayinaa inkaa story antha neevu cheppakkarledu, memu nee dairy cha divestham le vanthula varigaa, emite emantaru meerantha " andi madhu ...

bhaanu inka amayakangaa pettesi adee naa personnel nene chepthanu sare naa madhu enti neevu kooda veellatho cheri andi bhaanu kopmagaa

sare nammaa eppudu chepthavu andadigaru

ee sunday emantaru andi bhaanu

sasi thana gadilokellagaane music system on chesi pehla nashaa pehlakumar anee pata pettukoni vintu okkasari bhaanu nu modati sari kalisinappudu , aa tharuvatha
tirumala konda ekkeppudu , aakasa ganga daggara thalakonalo vallu gadipina time nu gurthu chesukuntu nidrapoyaadu ...

ikkada bhaanu thana gadilo bedpainaa dairy nu gundela meeda pettukoni kallalo neellatho inni years thanu elaa sasi kosam parithapinchinadee gurthu
chesukuntu "jeevitham lo anthe okka roju lone enno ennenno anukoni sanghatanalu jarigipothuntaayi, aa roje jeevithaaniki saripada anandannni, anubhuthulni, vishadanni nimputhundi alaanti okka roju lekapothe jeevithaniki artham ledemo nissarangaa jarigipothu untundemo ??" anee raasindi bhaanu thana dairylo ..

bhaanu next roju lechi class's kellindi .akkada class lo sudden gaa sharath prathyakshamayyadu ...

"hi bhaanu elaa vunnavu?", annadu sharath

"ippatidaaka bagane unna, neevu vaachhavu kada inka choodali" andi bhaanu

"bhaanu nee kallalo edo teliyani merupu kanipisthondi, nannu choosaa aa anandam", annadu sharath

"avunaa , kanipisthondaa" andi bhaanu

"enti nannu bagaa miss ayyavu kada, rojuku enni sarlu thalachukoni untavu nannu" adigadu sharath ...

"mmm chethi vellu okkokkati vippitam start chesindi enchukunttalu gaa, serious gaa lekka pettinatte petti emo sharath count ravatam ledu kaani aa hostel address ichchinanduku ee class lo cherinanduku ikkadaku vachchettu chesinanduku rojuku o 100 sarlu anthakannaa ekkuve thittukoni untaanu , kaani ninna okarini eppudu jeevitham lo kalusukolenemo anee anukunna vallanu kalisaanu, ikkada nee prodbhalamtho vachchinandu valla so roju 1000 saarlu kaadu laksha saarlu neevu chesina paniki neeku thanks cheputhune untaa manasulu andi"bhaanu

sharath ku okka mukka kooda artham kaaledu thanu emi matladuthundo."madam , erragadda lo bed book cheyyamantavaa emi matladuthunnavu " anandu sharath

"sharath, neekeppudu cheppaledu , sasi anee nenu oka abbayini istapaduthunna, thanani 4 years gaa kalavaledu , ninnane ikkade srinagar colony lo kalisanu " andi bhaanu

"abbaa bhaanu gunde pindesavu gaa , inkaa cauliflower pettu chevilo, nenu nammanu kaani lite theesuko " annadu sharath

"sare nammaku thanani parichayam chesthe", andi serious gaa bhaanu

"sarele evvado gottam gadini choopisthe nenenduku nammuthanu", annadu sharath ..

"ee sunday nannu meet avuthanannadu, evening vachcheyyi hostel daggaraku" andi bhanu

"madam mee ammagaru naatho mee kosam chalaa luggage pampincharu avee eppudimmantaru" annadu sharath

amma peru vinagaane " amam vallu elaa vunnaru sharath, amma nanna naa meeda benga pettukunnara " andi bhaanu

"aa next week vellalanta mee daddy vachchi theesukelatharata, nenu theesukosthananee cheppanu "annadu sharath

"sare veladam " andi bhanu ...

class start ayyindi velli koorchunnaru class lo ...

bhaanuku sasi ekkado dooramgaa unnappude anthagaa eduruchoosedi, pade pade
thananu gurthu chesukuntu undedi alaantidi ippudu thanu pilisthe palikentha
dooramlone unnadu, assalu ilaanti roju vasthundanee anukoledu adee intha
thondaragaa, assalu thanu oke okka KM dooramlone unnadu ane vishyanni
gurthu chesukunnappudalla adento thana pakkane unna feeling ee santhoshanni
thanivi theeraa anubhavisthondi.

sasi ki thana jeevitham lo ee 4 years anadangane unnadu,
thana goal saadinchali ane pattudala unnindi, kaani bhaanu nu
kalisina samayam, thanatho spend chesthunte kaluguthunna trupthi,
bhaanu ne thana destiny anee anipisthondi endukanee ee ammayi
thana jeevithanni ,thana gamyanni thana vaipuku tippukuntondi,
thanaku artham kavatamledu thanalo ee maarpulenduko? bhaanuku kooda
alaane anipisthonda, thana jeevitham lo evvaraina undi unte elaa
anee anukunnadu, assalu aa ooha ragane sasi manasu chinnagaa kampinchindi..
tharuvatha cha nenu swarthaparudini kaadu, thanu jeevitham lo eppudu
anandanga thanaku nachchina vallathone undali manchi amamyi anukunnadu.

aadivaram rane vachchindi, bhaanu inka aa roju room lo
chese hadavidi antha intha kaadu, andaru maaku parichayam chesthaava
anee adigaru? sure andi bhaanu.

sharath ku edo moola nijamaa sasi ane jeevi vunnada assalu anee anukunnadu?
ayinaa chooddam lite le anukunnadu.kani enthaina kutuhalam koddi thondaragane
vachchesaadu evening 5 ku alaa.

bhaanu thayarayyi kindaku vachchindi. "hey sarath, sathyasai nigam keladam?"

"enti bhanu, kompadeesi gudilo devudini neevu istapadinathanu antaava" anee annadu sarath.

"ofcourse ayana naa modati BF le, kaani ayana manishi kaleru kada anduke , sasi ni
pampicharu " andi bhanu.

"neeku nijangane pichchi" annadu sarath.

"avunu pichche, karavanaa" andi bhaanu.

"vaddule thalli, maree boddu chuttu enni injections veyinchukovalo "annadu sarath.

"allari ekkuvayyindi needi, sasi tho cheptha" andi bhaanu

"cheppu , cheppu "annadu sarath...

alaa mataldukuntune temple ku cheraru, bayata wait chesthunnaru.
sarath vallanu datukuntu velle prathi vallani sasi nenaa annatlu choosthu

"enti bhanu, neeve eppudu late vasthavu anukunte gurudu nekanna ghanudila unnade"annadu sarath.

"6 ku rammannanu, maname thondaraga vachchamu,sarele lopalikeldam " andi bhaanu.

velli darsinchukuntunnaru, bhanu pradakshinalu cheyyataniki vellindi.

sasi vachchi sarath pakkane niluchukoni bhaanu kosam vethukuthunnadu choopulathone.

sarath kenduko anumanam vachchi "hi , meeru evarikosamaina vethukunnara "ani adigadu.

"avunu, friend kosam " annadu sasi.

"ammaya, elaa vuntundi ?" annadu sarath.

"??" meekenduku annattu face pettadu sasi.

"ahaa, ippude oka ammayi evvari kosamo vethukuthundi "andukane adiganu annadu sarath.

"avuna, meeku thanu ekkada vellindo telusaa" annadu sasi

"shiva temple side vellinattunaru, kavalani divert chesthu ?" annadu sarath.

"By the way I'm sasi" annadu sasi..

"nice to meet u , i'm sarath" annadu sarath.

"akkadikeladaama "annadu sharath.

"sare " annadu sasi.

evvaro vere amamyini choopisthu "ee ammayi indaka evvarikosam vethukuthunnattu kanipinchindi" annadu sarath.

"thanu kaadu lendi"annadu sasi konchem neerasangaa moham pettesi.

dooramgaa sasi, sarath tho undatam choosi iddaru bhale kalisare anukuntu, valla daggaraku vasthu
sasi nu choosthu cheyyi gaalilo oopindi. sarath kavalane thanu cheyyi gaalilo oopadu bhanuku
reply isthunnattu gaa ...

"sarath, aa ammayi neeku telusaa" annadu sasi.

"oh! thanaa naa best friend" annadu navvuthu sarath..

Part 15:

bhaanu vallu niluchunna chotiki vachchindi.

"enti sarath ikkadunnavu? nee kosam temple lo vethukuthunnanu telusaa, hello sasi entha sepayyindi vachchi, thanu sarath " antu parichayam chesindi bhanu.

"aa meme parichayam chesesukunnam neeku aa srama thappinchalani" annadu sarath.

"oh! avuna manchi pani chesaru?" andi bhanu.

"sare ekkadikeladam " annadu sarath.

bhaanu sasi nu gamanisthondi, enduku uneasy gaa feel avuthunnadu?thananu choodagaane kallalo merupu kanpinchaledu, edo alochisthunnadu?
enti emaina thanaku health bagoledaa anee anukuntu undi...

"hey ikkade daggarlo Jubileehills ,roadno 12 lo pizza hut undi veladama ?"annadu sarath.

"mm sare veladam" andi bhanu.

"hey sasi enti calm gaa unnaru?" annadu sarath.

"emi ledu ?" annadu sasi

"ayinaa neetho matladintharuvatha evvaraina normal gaa elaa vuntaru sarath, neevu mareenu. kadaa sasi?" andi bhanu

"emi ledu, nenu okkadine unnappudu bagane unnadu, ninnu choodagane alaa ayipoyadu" annadu sarath argue chesthu.

"maremi parledu sasi , appudu ante nenu doctor nu kaadu, wife daggara, doctor daggara emi daachi pettaradata? dorikipotharu ,cheppu emayyindi "antu thana chethi tho sasi nadini pattukoni choosindi.

edo serious gaa kanipettinadanilaa "akali vesthondata? ade kada problem" andi bhaanu..

"sasi thana mata nammakandi, thanu doctor enti, enni subjects backlog lo unnayo adagandi"
annadu sarath navvuthu..

"bhanu konchem ninna night sariga nidrapoledu anthe, i'm quite O.K. " annadu sasi..

sare antu pizzahut lo velli koorchunnaru.sarath sasi pakka pakkana koorchunnaru,bhaanu vallaku oppositelo koorchundi.bhaanu charge theesukuntu menu choosthu veg or Nonveg ,naaku garlic bread starter baguntundi andi..maree meeku andi bhanu.

"anything is fine " annadu sasi.

"ofcourse Non veg lenide mudda thigadu kaani o manchi Non-veg pizza order cheseyyi" annadu sharath.

inka thanu order chesi wait chesthunnaru...

sarath thana chethiloni cell nu visiresadu bhanu vaipuku . adee bhanu ku daggaralo padindi, bhaanu daanini andukoni tirigi sarath vaipu visirindi.

ventane sarath"bhaanu, gud, monnane dating tips lo chadivanu, ilaa ammayi ki abbayi meeda istam undo ledo teluskovalante, edaina chetilo unnadi
visirithe tippi alaane visiresthe istam unnatu, nemmadi gaa isthe just respect unnattu anee raasaru" annadu..

bhanu ventane "nenu nammanu, vadu timepass kosam chettarasthadu, adee vachchi maa meeda experiment cheyyaku...ayinaa adi human tendency eduti vallu edaina visirithe thirigi visireyyatam neevu cheppu sasi "andi bhanu..

"may be ayyi undachchu "annadu sasi..

"evvarinaina thana support bhale techcukuntundi sasi, thananu nammaddu "annadu sarath..

"avunu, thanu anthe" annadu sasi..

bhaanu udukkuntu "nenu cheppedanilo nijam lekapothe enduku support chestharu" andi..

sasi navvesthu "ade neelo undi, eduti vallu alochinchaleru,neevu emi cheppina correct
anipinchela chesthavu" annadu

"ante nenu emaina witch naa" andi bhanu..

anthaa kotule, chance dorikithe edipinchatam modalu pedatharu anee thitla dandakam modalu pettindi.inthalo order chesina pizza vachindi thinatam modalettaru... sasi ku adigi maree thinamani chepthondi..sarath ku konchem
jelousy gaa feel ayyadu..thananu hostel daggar dimpesi evari rooms ku vallu vellipoyaru.

PART 16:

sharath raathriki phone chesadu bhanu hostel ku..

"gurudu konchem methaka anukuntaa? ayinaa bhaanu nijanagane IIT lo chadivadantavaa?" annadu sharath

"nee kenduku aa anumanam, ayina thanu ekkada chadivithe neekenti ?" andi bhaanu..

"sare naakenti, ahaa emi ledu, pichchi janalu alaanti abbayilanu elaa istapadatharo, muddapappulaa unnadu " anee anandu sharath bhanu ata pattinchataniki..

"aapu, inkokka mukka matladaddu thana gurinchi "andi bhanu ..

"sare kaani enti thanu istapaduthunnada, emaina cheppada ? "annadu sharath ..

"emo teleedu ? neekemanipistuhndi, thanani choosthunte " andi bhanu

"ayinaa IIT antunnavu, akakda ee north ammayino love chesi unte emi chesthavu" annadu sharath

emi reply ivvaledu bhanu , alaa monangaa undi poyindi ..

"enti , chalaa serious gaa istapaddaavaa? ilaanti matters late cheyyaradu cheppeyyi thanaku"annadu sharath

"alaa kaadu , inni samvathsrala tharuvatha meet ayyamu, elaa adagali? emani adagaali, neevu
antunnattu evaraina thana jeevitham lo undi unte " andi bhaanu..aa mamtalu antunnappudu
thana swaram loni thadabatu nu gamaninchadu sarath..

"bhaanu , naa mata vini thana tho patu ekkadikaina velli konchem vishayalu sekarinchi "annadu sharath..

"neevu vasthava ?" andi bhaanu

"naakendukamma antha adrustham ? okkadanive vellu" annadu sharath..

"artham kaadaa neeku, thana jeevitham lo evaraina unnaru anee thelisithe thattukogalani anukuntunnava ?" andi bhaanu

"ayithe emi cheyyamantavu ?" annadu sharath

"nenu, neevu thanatho sanghi veladam. neevu koddi sepu pakkakellu.lekapothe nenu velathanu .o one hour tharuvatha join avvu mammalni anthe idee naa order" andi bhaanu ..

"sare thanatho emi matladali, konchem prepare avvu"annadu sharath ..

"choosava sharath, neeku kooda prema istam ivanneea ante telusu, kaani enduku avannee padavu anee doorangaa pothuntavu " andi bhaanu

"chiraaku , visugu, nannu istapadithe chaalu kaani lite teesuko, ippatiki padavu avee naa vontiki, edo neevu edusthunnavani encourage chesthunna anthe" annadu sharath ..

"anthenaa " andi bhaanu ..

alaa alaa o varam gadichipoyindi, bhaanu nu okasari intiki rammani chepparu, vishayam entante
vachchintharuvatha chepthamani cheppaaru.

bhaanu sasi tho kalisi sanghi temple vellindi ...

"sasi , ikkadiki vasthe tirumala metlu ekkatam gurthosthondi " andi bhanu

"avunu" annadu sasi ..

"hey pelleppudu chesukuntunnavu? " antu thana prasna la pravahanni modalettindi ..

"ippatlo ledu , alochinchaledu " annadu sasi ..

"sare poni enni years tharuvatha chesukuntavu "andi bhanu

"civils lo vasthe 3 years training. aa tharuvatha, raakapothe o 5 years tharuvatha adee oka company
start chesthanu daanini batti, " annadu sasi

"ante friends evvaru leraa , chadiveppudu?" andi bhanu

"ee ammayi casual gaa adigindhaa! curiousity tho adigindhaa" anukuntoo "unnaru, abba aa dayse veru le , baaga enjoy chesanu " annadu sasi

abba elaa adigedi.. artham chesukodenti ? emi adagalani anukunnano, nijamgaa sharath annattu muddapappe.ayina 4 yella kindata bagane undevadu kada, ippudendikilaa ayyadu ,chadivi chadivi emo.

"em evarinaiana ammaayini choosi pettaavaa naa kosam" annaadu sasi, bhanu alochanalni cut chesthu

edhurugaa nannu pettukoni evarino choosaavaa antaadenti, nijamgaa buddune anee manasulu anukuntu "inthakee elanti ammayi kavalenti, ayina
intha mundu choopu avasarama ,5 years tharvaatha pelli ki ippude choodatam baavodhemo "antu sasi ni resoponse emi untundo anee choostu undi kallu thippakundaa ...

chinnagaa teasing gaa navvuthunnaadu sasi.
bhaanu thananu alaane choosthu ee abbayi navunu choose manasu paresukunna, babu navvaku raa alaa anee anukuntu undi ikkada naa heart beat skip avuthondi, inka ippudu ninnu miss chesukunte inka jeevithantham alaane undipothanemo anukuntu undi.

maree modati parichayam lo moham meeda chitika vesi palakarinchinattugaa vesthu "enti madam ee lokam lo unnaraa, thamari alavaata , pakkana chettantha manaishini pettukoni ekkadiko dreams lokellipothuntaru , idemi bagoledu , maree nee sangathEnti" ani adigaadu sasi

babu nuvvu ok ante ippude,adee naa favourite god kooda unnaru , kaanee nee manasulo emundho cheppavayya mahanubava anee anukuntu " mmm ...PG ki try chEsthunnaaga adhi ayyaka, appudu aalochinchochchu" andhi yadhaalaapangaa.

sasi manasulOne calculate chesthunnadu. PG entrance next year raasthE, finish ayyEsariki 4 yrs avuthundhi. kaanee ee lopala vaalla parents pelli chesedhdhamanukunte. appudela ee ammaayi naa kosam wait chesthundhaa. idhem practical anipinchatledhu. intha maturity vachchi, practicalities gurunchi alochinchakundaa inko life ni hold lo pettinchadam samnjasamenaa?? ilaa saaguthunnaayi sasi alochanalu.ayinaa aa sharath tho thana relationship emito kada, valla parents telisina valla intiki pampincahtanike thodugaa vastharu alantidi sharath unnadanee ikakda pettarante ?? ento anee alaa alaa alochisthundagane hello antu gaali lo cheyyi ooputhu sharath vachchi join ayyadu vallanu, bhaanu tho edo mataldalani thapathrayam
kanipisthondi sharath moham lo ...

"bhaanu veladama , manamu anantapur vellali, late avuthundi" annadu sharath ..

"oh, vellali kada" andi bhanu ..

"enti ooreluthunnava bhanu" annadu sasi ..

"avunu, ammavallu rammannaru? "andi bhanu ..

sharath emi matladakundaa bhaanu nu tho patu bus ekkaadu..

"sharath, sasi assalu emi bayatapadaledu telusaa. abba kastam abbayi manasulo emi undo telusukovatam , kavulemo adadani manasu lothu samudram lothu tho samanam antaaru, abbayilu emi thakkuva kaadu "antu matladuthone undi bhaanu..

sharath bhaanu nu choosthu "bhaanu sasi parichayam ayinappati nundi chaala anandangaa chinnapilla thayarayyavu , telusaa. ento matured gaa pedda ammayilaa undedi naaku telisina bhanu" annadu

"mmm nenu emi maraledu ? chaduvulo paddanu appudu konchem serious ayyanu anthe, ippudu aa badhalu levu kada, neevu annattu okarini manaspoorthigaa istapadatam lo edo undi, aa anandam assalu varninchalemu." andi bhanu ..

bhaanu poddunne inti daggara dimpadu, bhanu valla nanna sharath tho chaala baga matladuthunnadu? babu ikkade refresh avuthava, break fast chesi vellu anee antunnaru..

bhanu valla pinni vallu vachcharu,intlo konchem kolahalam gaa anipinchindi

bhaanu pinni bhaanu nu pakkaku vasthu ee abbayenaa sharath anee adigindi

"avunu" andi bhanu ..

"manchi selection ammulu " andi bhanu valla pinni.

"selection enti pinni, thanu na friend" andi bhanu navvu anthalone bhanu valla amma daggarakellindi ,
thanu padukoni unnaru ...

"enti nanna amma inkaa nidra levaleda ?" andi bhanu

"amma ku health bagoledu" annaru bhanu valla nanna

"emayyindi?, BP emainaa perigindaa nanna, tablets time ku teesukovatam ledaa amma " andi valla amma daggarikelli cheyyi pattukoni choosthu ...

"neeku teliyandemundi raa mee amma gurinchi, ne gurinchi okkate benga , neevu refresh ayyi rapo
konchem matladali annaru" bhanu valla nanna ..

sharath koddisepu undi vellipoyadu ..

sharath valla intlo kooda antha edo anandanga unnaru ..

sharath valla amma vachchi "sharath, neeku bhanu tho engagement , repu sayamkalam, valla intlo
vallu oppukunnaru" andi ..

sharath ku aa mata vinagaane "amma enti nannu adakkundaane settle chesaara, aa amamyiki
istam undali kada amma antu ventane naaluka karuchukoni naaku aa ammayi istamaa anee adigara?
alaa elaa chestharu okka mata cheppakunda" anne annadu ..

"teleeda bhanu valla ammaku health bagoledata, valle matladaru vachchi, munde adigamu kada vallanu "andi sharath valla amma ..

"amma ayina enti idee, okka mata ani adigundachchu kada, ayina jaragadu" annadu sharath ...


Bhaanu valla nanna bhanu nu sofa lo pakkana koorchopettukoni , “nee permission lekundaa
Oka nirnayam theesukovalasi vachchindi ammulu annaru, aa ninrnayam neeku sammathame anukuntaa” annaru ..

“meeru emi chesina naa gurinche kada nanna , parledu emito cheppandi ” andi bhanu

“sharath tho nee pelli nishayam chesamu , ammulu” annaru bhanu valla nanna ..
shock thagilinadaanilaa koorchundi poyindi …assalu oohinchaneledu , thanu emi answer cheppalo
artham kaaledu, thanu sharath tho close gaa thirgakunda undalsi undi , andukane ala anukoni
untaru, ayina aa adda gadida ku ayina buddi undakkarledu cheppi undachchu kada bhanu nu chesukonu
anee annee telisi thanu alaa elaa emi teliyani vaadila unnadu ilaa alochanala pravaham lo undipoyindi …

“ammulu, eraa? Enti vallu repu vastharu matalu mataldataniki ” ananru bhanu valla nanna ..

“ammulu, neevu oka intidanivi ayyavu ante naaku nischinthagaa untundi, anduke nene cheppanu, inka doctor nu andulonu aa abbayi valle interest chooputhunnaru, neevu kooda PG US lone cheyyochchu anthaa nee future nu alochinche nirnayinchamu ” andu bhanu valla amma ..

“nanna maree matladadaam sarenaa , amma naa dress’s paina naa room lone unnayi kadaa “anee antu i edupunu anuchukuntu alochisthunnadanilaa pelataniki siddangaa unna agni parvatham hrudayam lo unnatlu anipisthonte gaba gaba metlu ekkesindi thana room lokelli thalupu vesesi edchesindi …

phone andukoni sharath ku call chesindi …

sharath valla amma phone lift chesindi, “bhaanu bagunanva amma, nee gurinche matladukuntunnam?” andi sharath valla amma …

“bagunna aunty , meerelaa unnaru?” andi bhanu ..

“neevu ee intiki kodaliga vasthonte elaa untanamma, happy gaa unna ” andi sharath valla amma ..

“emmaa, sharath tho matladalaa ? ” andi ame ..

“avunu aunty , okkasari ivvaraa” andi bhaanu ..

sharath phone raa bhanu antu sharath kichcharu phone …

“sharath college ku vasthava matladali ” antu phone pettesindi bhanu ..

koddi sepu edchesi inka alasyam chesthe intlo nanna vallaku telisipothundani thayarayyi
“amma nenu college kellali, resultsvachcayemo telusukovali” andi bhanu ..

sharath kosam canteen lo wait chesindi .. chaalaa serious gaa vasthunnadu ..

“emi jaruguthondi sharath” andi bhanu …

“ade bhaanu naaku artham kavatam ledu” annadu sharath…

“jaragadani telusu gaa ” andi bhanu ..

“jaragadu ” annadu nischayangaa sharath

“neeku istam ledani cheppochcu gaa” andi bhanu ..

“elaa cheppamantavu ? aa ammayikemi thakkuva raa antunnaru” annadu sharath

“doctor nu chesukonu , house wife kavalani cheppu” andi bhaanu ..

“mundu nundi nenu nursing home pettali, doctor ne chesukuntaa anee antunna , ippudu sudden gaa
ninnu vaddu ante elaa nammutharu “ annadu sharath …

“emo naaku teleedu , neevu cancel chesthunnavu anthe “ andi bhanu …

“bhaanu ikkada naaku istam ledu inkaa enjoy cheyyali life lo , US kellali ante anduke kadara engagement
chesi ammayini kooda teesukellu antunnaru intlo ” annadu sharath ..

“is there anyway to stop this” andi bhanu …

“bhaanu artham chesukove, maa intlo vallu kaadu mee amma vallu vachchi adigaru , neevu cheppu sharath vaddu, sasi gaadini chesukuntanu anthe ” anee arichesadu …

bhaanu chivaluna thaletti choosindi “sharath, ippudu sasi nenduku madhyalo laaguthunnavu, ninnevvaru antha irrespective ga matladamannaru thana gurinchi, mundu nundi choosthunna sasi ante padadu neeku, nannu istapaduthunnavaa anduke naa “ andi bhaanu arichesthu ..

“sorry ,cool down cheyyalsindi alochinchu “ anandu sharath ..

“sare enti ippudu emi arrangement jaruguthunnayi ” andi bhanu

“ pelli laaga grand cheddamani anukuntunnaru maa amma valle , aunty ku health bagoledu kanuka
thanaku emi risk pettaradani “ annadu sharath …

“enti annee book chesara” andi bhaanu

“ledu , avanne entha sepu anee ” unnaru annadu sharath …

“sharath , neeku teliyandi emundi sasi ee vishayam teleedu , intlo convince cheyyalemaa iddaramu kalisi ” andi bhaanu …

“emani ” annadu sharath ..

“memu pelli chesukuntamu ippude kaadu , engagement alaa emaina chesthe concentration thagguthundi. Friends gaa undalemu … okari meeda okaru anumanalu , ajamayisheelu avanne vasthayi appudu break ayye badulu first artham chesukuntamu, pelliki mundu roju engagement cheyyandi “ ane cheppu andi bhaanu …

“maree ippudu konthamandiki chepparu ” kada maa vallu annadu sharath …

“abba adee manage cheyyi sharath, sasi di ee vishayam telisedakane kada lekapothe amma vallu choopinchina ee vedhavanu ayina chesukuntanu kada” andi bhaanu …

“ante nenu vedhavanaa” annadu sharath …

“baabu ninnu kaadu evvarini choopinchinaa chesukuntanu anee” annanu kada andi bhanu ..

“sare nenu manage chesthanu neevu emi cheppaku intlo” annadu sharath …

sharath valla family tho patu bhaanu valla intkochchadu..bhaanu valla intlo bhanu pinni vallu
kooda unnaru .. andaru koorchoni engagement cheyyakapothe enti pelli elaanu iddaru PG ayyintharuvathane kada chesedi … maa vaadu evvariki ekkada seats vasthayo teleedu antunnadu ..
Elaa ayinaa bhaanu maaku china kodale memu mata isthunnamu anee sharath parents annaru ..

Thambulalu plates lo ichchi puchukunnaru..Elaanu pedda ceremony laa cheyyaledu kanuka ring exchange alaantivemi pettaledu …sharath vala intlo vaadila kalasipoyadu … bhaanu sharath ku kallatho thanks cheppindi …

PART 19:

Inka sharath bhaanu nu atapattinchatam modalettadu, "kaape" anee ...

bindu ku artham kaaledu "kaape" ante enti anee adigindi ...

maree eppudaina cheputhanu le anee maata daatesadu ...

bhaanu kooda peddagaa pattinchukoledu.endukante valla amma arogyam vishayamai alochisthu thanu sasi tho emi cheppalo engagement jarigindani cheppalaa vadda anee aa alochanalatho munigipoyindi unna rendu rojulu, kaani valla amma nanna mundu chaalaa anandanga unnattu natinchindi. bhanu valla amma arogyam kooda kuduta padindi konchem gaa...

o rendu rojulu undi hyderabad ku iddaru kalisi bayalu deraru.mottam iddaru family vallu vachcharu busy ekinchataniki.sharath valla amma ekamgaa bangaru golusulu cheeralu bhaanu ku vaddanna vinipinchukokundaa ichchi pampinchindi.
sharath tho cheppinchalani choosindi ivannee emi vaddani.kaani ame anadaniki addu cheppalekapoyaaru...

sharath valla amma bhaanu tho andi "emma hostel lo evvarainaa theestharanaa maremi parledu pothe poyayi kaani neevu maa kodalivi bangaru tho kalakalaladuthu undali anee ichcharu.

sharath "ento idee adrustam padisam pattinattu pattatam ante idenemo" anee antu "bhaanu neevu theesuko amma vallu money naaku sarigga pampakapothe nee chain , bangles vadesthanu" anee annadu ...

sharath valla amma sharath nu thiduthu avem matalura shubhama antu bagnaru vesthunte , neevu vaadu emi adigina ivvaddu amma vaadiki thakkuva kharchupettatam nerpinchu , inka vaadini daarilo pettalsindi neeve maa chetha kadu antu bhaanu buggalanu pattukoni daggariki vasthu nuduti meeda muddupettaru. bhaanu ku manasulo emiti aunty inthala abhimanam choopisthondi ..okavela nenu kodalini kakapothe elaa feel avutharu .. devudaa ee pareeksha enti naaku antu badhapadindi ...

bus bayaluderindi ..bhaanu valla amma nu bus lo kanumarugayyevaraku window lo nundi choosthune undi, maree madnulu vesukommaa marachaipovaddu anee arusthune undi ... roju call chesthanu anee andi ...

sharath valla amma manchi kodalini choosukunna choodu valla amma arogyaanni entha baga choosukuntundo , mammalni alaane choosukuntundi inka pelli ayyaka anee anukondi manasulo ..

sharath , bhaanu pakkana seat lo "koorchuntu madam ippudu nenu meekemavuthano telusaa" annadu .

"emavuthavu emi kaavu " andi bhanu ..

"sarele neevu alaa annantha mathrana emi kaakundaa pothana, inka nundi neevu naaku kaape " annadu sharath

"kaape enti " andi bhaanu

"cheppu chooddam " annadu sharath ...

"abbaa naaku thala noppigaa undi, neevu cheppu " andi bhaanu ..

"cheputhunna cheppesthunnaa , kaaboye pellam anee" annadu sharath

"champuthaa alaantivemi pettukoku " andi bhaanu ...

"ayinaa neeku luck undaali le, naa lantivaadini chesukovalante" antu coller egaresadu ..

"edisaavule , poddunne face sarigga addam lo choosukunnattu ledu , velli choosuko " andi bhaanu ..

thana bag lo nundi oka small cute card teesindi
andulo oka teddy bear bomma undi thanks for everything you are doing for me.i do n't have words to express what you mean to me urs lovingly bhaanu anee undi.daanini sharath kisthu maree choodu ippudu choodaku andi ...

Night bhaanu nidrapoyindani confirm chesukoni card theesi mobile veluthurulo chadivaadu ...

bhaanu thala nimiri pichchi pilla entha badhapaduthundo kada anee anukuntu ammo nenenti intha emotional gaa avuthunnaa ,danger ee ammayiki inthadaggaralo padukunte anee venakala seats empty gaa unte velli padukonnadu ...

Part 20:
Bhanu ku thondaraga melukuva vachchesindi, lechi choosthe pakkana seat lo sharath ledu..
venakki thirigi choosindi, venakala seat lo okkade padukoni unnadu ..okka seat chalademo nidrapovataniki ee mahanubhavudiki anukundi ...

adee garuda bus avvatam valla pedda window lo nundi udayisthunna suryunni choosthu undi,
kondala madhya chetla madhya thana pani modalayyindi anukuntu thondara thondaragaa paiki
vasthunna ayananu muchchata gaa choosthu
"aadideva namasthubyam,praseedamama bhaskram " antu namaskrainchindi, surya bhagavanundu namaskara priyudata, shivudu abhisheka priyudata maree srinivasudu alankara priyudu anee anukondi manasulo.

Bus ameerpet daggarakochesthondani thelisi velli sharath nu nidralepindi.idaru digesaru stop ragane..

sharath Bed tea thaguthava andi bhaanu ...

"sare" annadu sharath ...

"sharath, nee salahaa kavali. cheppavaa please "andi bhanu ..

"naaku suggestion ichchentha scene ledani telusu kada "annadu sharath.

"abbaa adee kaadu sharath naa problem artham chesukove " andi bhanu.

"cheppu" annadu sharath

"maree adee ,sasi tho mana engagement vishayam cheppalaa" andi bhaanu

"bhaanu chepthe emi antadu aa ababyi istapaduthunna ninnu vere ammayilaa choosthadu kaani, okavela istapaduthunnna cheppadu neetho eppatiki "annadu sharath

"adee kaadu sharath, nijaanni dachi pettalaa, adee daachi thanatho elaa mataldagalanu,neeku teleedu aa badha ,thananu mosam chesthunnani pade pade naalo nene kumilipothanu " andi bhaanu kalla neellatho ..

"nee istam bhaanu , neevu emi cheyyalanipisthe adee cheyyi, nenu edaina cheyyali ante cheppu chesthanu anthe, choodu okkati mathram nijam edi elaa jaragalani unte adee alaane jaruguthundi, neevu nenu evvaru aapalemu " annadu sharath

"ante neevu cheppedi enti, ivannee through avuthunnadi nenu sharath, elaa anni jaruguthu unte oorakane chetulu kattukoni nilabadi choosthu undamantavu, idee naa jeevitham " andi bhanu

"bhaanu enti nee jeevitham, ippudu naa life kooda neetho mudipadi undi telusaa " anee konchem kopam gaa annadu sharath

bhaanu assalu expect cheyyaledu aa mata... "enti sharath, ante nenu swarthaparuralini nee jeevitham tho kooda adukuntunnanaa?" andi bhaanu

"nenu alaa analedu " annadu sharath bhaanu avesanni choosi ,papam badhapaduthonte thananu maree hurt chesane help cheyyalsindi poyi anee anukunnadu manasulo ...

"ledu ade mata annavu, nenu sasi kosam idantha chesaanu, mee family nu kooda kastapeduthunna, maa intlo vallanu mosam chesthunna ide kada neevu cheppadalachukunnadi " andi bhaanu

"bhanu , ivanne nee manasulo unnayi , andukanee neevu badhapaduthunnavu, y cann't u realise that urself " annadu sharath ...

"avunu nene naatho patu andarini mosam chesthunna naa manassakhini champukoleka adee sasi meeda unna premanu champukoleka idantha chesthunna " andi bhaanu ..

"bhaanu cool down , emayyindani ippudu" annadu sharath ...

"emi kaavali sharath, naa jeevitham lo ilaanti situation vasthundani anukoledu akkada intlo amma nu choosthu alaa undipoyanu, akkada intlo edvataniki kooda ledu, inka mee amma garikemo nenenta vipareethamaina abhimanam, nenu emi chesthunnanu artham kaavatam ledu " andu bhaanu

shararh ku bhaanu nu odarchataaniki chetakavatam ledu ... velli thana pakkana koorchunnadu ..
thana chethini chethilo teesukoni " bhaanu ninnu elaa samudayinchaalo naaku teleedu. okkati mathram nijam nee badhalo mathram nenu untanu, naaku neelaa cheppatam raadu naaku badhagane undi, neevu ee nirnayam teesukunna nenu untanu neeku thodu gaa " anandu sharath ...

sharath bhujam meeda thalavalchi koddisepu kallu moosukundi bhaanu. konchem sepati tharuvatha
bhaanu veladaamaa annadu sharath ...

bhaanu "sare " andi..

"bhaanu sasi tho matladaku ippude, o 2 days tharuvatha matlaadu, inkaa anantapur lone unnavani anukuntadu maremi parledu" annadu sharath.

"endukani " andi bhanu ...

"cheppaa kada, ippude meet ayina matladina cheppesthavu vaddu konni rojulu hold lo pettu ,thana manasento telusukunedaka,
lekapothe just inkonni saarlu meet ayyaka neeku comfortable gaa anipisthundi appudu cheppu idee naaku thosthondi " anandu sharath

"sare alaane " andi bhanu

"idee mana problem needi mathrame kaadu adee gurthunchuko" annadu sharath, ammayilaku thama problems solve chesukone manashiryam untundi kaani emi cheyyalememo anee belagaa , alochisthu badhapadipothuntaru, memu unnaamu atmeeyanga daggaraku tessukoni odaristhe chaalu , aa okka mata chaalu kondantha balanni dhairyanni isthundi. sharath kooda ade chesadu, thana manasulo ilaa anukunnadu, ee ammayi ento nannu kooda marchesthondi nenenaa inthalaa alochisthunnadi matladuthunnadi.

PART 20:

bhaanu thana room loki vachchindi ...
madhu bhaanu nu choosi "emayyindi endukala unnavu ? intlo anthaa bagunnara ?" ani adigindi ...

"aa bagunnaru, journey kada nidrapoledu " anthe andi bhaanu

thanaku class's ku kaani hospital ku kani vellalanipinchaledu...
sharath ku call chesi hospital ku inform cheyyamandi ...

sharath gabhara paduthu "bhaanu nenu raanaa" annadu ..sharath munpati kannaa
ekkuvaga bhanu vishayam lo sradda , caring choopisthunnadu, asalu 3 days mundu
friends anthe kani ippudu pelli jarigithe jeevitha bhagaswamulu okarikokaru ..
jaragakapothe snehithulalaane undipothaaraa , thanadaari thanadi anthe ...
eppudo edurupadithe thappa emi gurthu undaru , devudu manishikichchina goppa varam marupu..
ane bhanu manasulo anukuntu undi

"bhaanu unnavaa" annadu sharath ...

"vaddu ninnu chosthe inkaa badhagaa untundi " andi bhaanu ...

"sare nee istam" annadu sharath ...

bye antu phone pettesindi bhaanu...

room lo evvaru leru, madhu thanu iddare migilaaru, college kellevallu officekellevallu
vellipoyaaru ...

madhu ku bhaanu lo difference gamanisthondi ...

"health bagoleda" andi madhu ..

"madhu , sasi elaa vunnadu ?" andi bhaanu

"baagunnadu " andi madhu

"thanu nenu vachchana anee adagachchu , raledani abaddam cheppavaa please" andi bhaanu

"enduku emaina godava paddaraa ?" andi madhu

"ademi ledu" andi bhanu ..

"mari " andi madhu

"adee anthe " andi bhaanu

"naatho chepparaadu ante cheppaku" andi madhu

antha lone valla room extension phone mogindi ..madhu phone teesindi sasi line lo unnadani thelisi
cheyyi addam petti sasi anee chinna ga cheppindi bhaanutho ...

bhaanu moham lo anukogane phone chesinanduku vanda yellu sasi neeku anukondi manasulo
lenu anee cheppamani saiga chesindi bhaanu ..

" sasi, thanu inkaa oori nundi raaledu " andi madhu

"avunaa ee roju vasthanani cheppindi ,3 days nundi call ledu emayyindo emonanee " annadu kangaru gaa sasi ..

"thanu naaku hostel ku chesthe neeku chepthanu ,inka elaa saaguthondi preperation" andi madhu ..

sasi tho koddi sepu matladuthu undi madhu , bhaanu madhyalo phone theesukoni okkosari sasi matalu vintu undi ...

inka phone pettesaaka "bhaanu matladachchu kada endukilaa neevu artham kaavu " andi madhu ...

edupu thannukochchesindi bhaanu ku. mohaaniki chetulu addam pettukoni edchesindi ..
madhu kangaaru gaa "emayyindi raa, naatho cheppu " andi madhu ...

edusthune "naaku sharath tho engagement ayyindi " andi bhaanu

"adente ? alaa antavu, eppudu ayyindi " madhu ashryangaa

"monna oorellanu ga appudu " andi bhaanu

maree thane "ammaku B.P bagoledu , amma vallu sharath parents vallau adigarata, inka nenu oppukuntananee
matladesaru sambandhaani " andi bhaanu

"sharath ku sasi gurinchi telusaa " andi madhu

"telusu , ayinaa nene amma kosam engagement kanivvamani cheppanu " andi bhaanu ...

"madhu, nenu deni nunchi thappinchukuntunnano teliyatam ledu , nannu nenu mosam chesukuntu andarini
chesthunna , nenu ilaa chesthanani kalalo kooda anukoledu " andi bhaanu

"emi cheppalo teliyatam ledu" andi madhu ..

"sasi tho o 3 days matladanu, konchem sardukunnanaka matladatha" andi bhaanu

"nee istam, maree thanatho chepthava engagement ayyindani" andi madhu

"ade ippudu problem, ade cheppalaa vaddaa, thanu nannu istapaduthunnado ledo kooda teliyadu " andi bhaanu ...

"sare koddisepu paduko, mana chetullo emi ledu , eppudu cheppali sasi ku neevu vachchavani " andi madhu

"nene thanaku call chesthanu 3 days tharuvatha" andi bhaanu ..

Madhu tho paatu sasi kooda hostel kostanani annadu thana material madhu unnadi collect chesukovataniki ...
madhuku elaa avoid cheyyalo teliyaledu ... sare rammandi ... sasi nu wait cheyyamani cheppi bhaanu
gurinchi kindanundi valla room extension ku call chesindi ... bhaanuku cheppalani , bhaanu room ledannaru thana room mates
sare emayithe adee avvanee anee room kellindi mateirial teesukuravataniki ..

bhaanu ade time lo dinner chesthu undi basement lone undi ..thinesi steps ekkuthu sasi nu choosindi ,
sasi ammayila hostel kada adee aa time lo kada uneasy gaa bayata ekakdo choosthunnadu ...
bhaanu inkaa aagalekapoyindi..

"hi , sasi " antu palakarinchindi ..

"eppudu vachhavu " annadu sasi ..

"10 ku alaa vachchanu " andi bhanu thanu poddunne 8 ku call chesadu kada maree madhu chetha
abaddam cheppinchindi kada ...

"maree madhu cheppalede" annadu sasi

"eppudu adigavu " andi bhaanu teliyanidaanilaa ..

"morning call chesanu , maree ippudu cheppaledu " annadu sasi ..

"thanaku ledu room lo nenu vachchanani tanaku teliyadu " andi bhaanu ..

"alaa kaadu le , nee nundi call rakapoyesariki anthe " annadu sasi ..

"sare, madhu vasthondi , hostel vallu maree thidatharu ,repu matladadam" andi bhaanu ..

"enti dull gaa unnnavu bhaanu , everything is fine at home kada " annadu sasi ...

abbaa enti thanu badha apduthundo anandangaa undo itte andariki telispothundaa , aa mathram daachi pettalenaa , cha ento anee manasulo anukuntu "room kellagane call cheyyi teerikaga anni chepthaa , gud night " andi bhaanu ..

PART 21 :

sasi koddigaa late ga call chesaadu teerikagaa mataldachchu bhaanu room lo andaru padukunnaka anukoni...

"hello, bhaanu room ku connect chestharaa " annadu sasi bhaanu hostel ku call chesi...

bhaanu call kosam eduruchoosthu undi, thanatho emi matladaalo teliyatam ledu , matladalani unnaa madhu tho nidrapoyindani abaddam cheppinchalanukundi ...

madhu andukuntu "sasi, bhaanu journey chesi vachchindi kada , inthavaraku nee call kosam eduru choosi nidrapothondi"

"avunaa, thanu emainaa cheppindaa, enduko dull ga undi, health bagundaa madhu thanaku"

madhu ku emi cheppalo artham kaaledu, bhaanu kooda vintondi ,action chesi cheppindi fever anee chepamani ...

"fever vasthunnattu undi "

"maree emaina tablets teesukunda, ikkada daggaralo evvaraina doctor unnaraa ,repu teeseukelathava"

madhu ku navvu vachchindi, "sasi thanu doctor marachipoyava "

sasi thana phone nuduti meeda kottukoni navvesthu "kada , marchepoyanu , ayina thane patient laa untundi inkaa patients ku emi cure chesthundo "

madhu inka undaleka "sasi, thanani istapaduthunnavu kada "

"evvaraina istapdatharu ,thanu alaa untundi "

"aaa istam kaadu nenantunnadi "

"mari ?? "

"nenu deni gurinchi matladuthunnano neeku telusu sasi, okasari alochinchu ne cheppindanni gurinchi "

"madhu, thana health jagratha choosukommani cheppu, rathri maree fever emaina ekkvua ayithe naaku call cheyyi "

"sare" antu phone pettesindi madhu ...

madhu bhaanu tho "bhaanu inka cheppeseyyi aa abbayiki ninnu istapaduthunnadu thondaragaa mugincheseyyi,maree mana chethulu daati pothe emi cheyyalemu " andi ..

madhu,thanu emi alochisthunnado naaku teleedu, okavela thanu ippudannattu ninnu evvarainaa istapdatharu neevu ala untavu anee ante inni samvathsaralu thana meeda entha prema penchukunnanu, thana gnapakalatho gadipaanu, naatho paatu thana meeda prema kooda peruguthune poyindi, thanani marachipothunnanemo anee ee okka kshanam anipinchinaa thalladillipoyedanni , eppudu aa devudini sasi ekkada unna anandanga undali,thanaku jeevitham lo eppudu ee lotu raaraadu , thanaku ee aapada, kastam kalagaradu anee vedukonedanni , naa gurinchi emi adaganu telusaa,ippudu kooda thanatho koddi samayam gadipithe chaalu , thanaku cheppi thanu nee meeda ee abhiprayam ledu ante bharichalenu, adee kolukovataniki entha time paduthundo cheppalenu, inkaa kooni rojulu thanani thanivi teeraa choosukonivvu, thanatho naa jeevitham lo marachipolenu madhura ksanalanu pogu chesukoni aa tharuvatha chepthaanu , thanu naaku kaavali anthe , thanu ledane dakkadani teliste assalu oohane bharinchalekapothunnaa antu kallalo neellu petesukundi ..

madhu bhaanu thalanu odilo pettukoni "pichchi pilla, inkaa sasi tho time gadipithe okavela kudrakapothe marachipovatam kastamavuthundi adee enduku alochinchavu"

"madhu choodu devudu elaa chesaado , okaksari ayinaa jeevitham lo thanani choosthano ledo , okavela kalisinaa etuvanti paristhithullono anee eppudu anukonedanni, thanani kalisi koddi rojulu gadichaayo ledo ilaanti situation , inkaa thana life lo evvarainaa undi unte elaa anukonedanni ,ippudu naa life sharath tho mudipadindi ,emi cheyyanu ? antu vekki vekki edusthu alaane padukundi madhu odilone " ...

PART 22:

Sasi ku nidrapattatam ledu, enduku bhaanu alaa undo emayyi untundaa anee alochinchaadu, health bagoledaa leka valla amma gariki bagoledani emainaa feel avuthondaa anee alaanti alochanalothone tellavaaru eppudu avuthundaa eppudu tirigi call cheyyala anee books mundesukoni koorchunnadu , sudden gaa strike ayyindi sharath tho matladithe telispothundi iddaru kalise kada vellaru anantapur ku anee sare tellavaranee lepudaam anee anukonnadu. anthe thana favourite subject anthropoloy nu mundu pettukunte revise chesinattu untundi time gadachipothundani chadavatam modalettadu.
tellavaaru jhaamuna 6 kantha call chesaadu bhaanu room ku elaa vundo telusukovataniki.

bhaanu teesindi phone , sasi anandam tho bhaanu tone gurthu patti

"elaa vundi bhaanu ippudu ? doctor daggarakeladaamaa "

"sasi intha poddunna , inkaa amma vallanukunna, enti nidrapoledaa"

"neekelaa undi ante cheppave samadhanam"

"baagundi naaku emaindi "

"madhu fever anee cheppindi , elaa vundi ippudu "

"nenu doctor nu sasi, konchem PG entrance exam tension anthe "

"Enti nenu vachchi subjects nerpinchanaa, EAMCET appudu tips ichchagaa"

"meeru medhavalu anee telusu kaani maree anatomy,gynocology annee nerputhaavaa ippudu naaku, MBBS degree ledu kada "

"bhaanu neeku enni subjects unnayi cheppu , okko subject ku one week chaalu, naaku medicine cheyyalani unnindi, nee vallaa aa korika teeripothundi"

"sasi ninnu choodalani undi"

"hey evvaro door knock chesthunnaru, ee pata vinu nee favourite song antu "ISHQ BINA KYAA JEENAA YAARO thana music system lo on chesadu"

thana credle pattukoni ala patanu vintu hum chesthu enjoy chesthondi ...aa paata ayipothu undagaa kinda nundi oka ammayi room ku vachchi nee kosam visitors andi ...

inthapoddunne evarabba, may be sharath vachchademo , ayyo phone petteyyale sasi maree lineloki vasthe elaa anee manasulo anukuntu ayistangaane phone cut chesi kindaku vellindi ... Edurugaa sasi ..

thana manasulo ilaa anukundi

"nesthamaa, ninnu vadili vellalane nepamtho o adugu vesthano ledo
gaalivai eduru gaa vachchi kavvisthaavu, navvisthavu..
ninnu marachipovalane thalupu madilo medalagane chirunavvutho
nee prathibimbanni elaa maruvagalavanee antavu
naa kanneti jadilo lo kantipapa loni nee roopanni cherapalanukunte
yadalothulalo unna nannu elaa thudichiveyyagalvantavu
emitee maaya, endukilaa chesthunnavu? naa vaadivanee okka mata teluparaadaa .."

PART 23:

Bhaanu ku kallalo neellu thiruguthunnaa sasi coosthe bagodani aapukovataniki praythninchindi ...

sasi daggaraku oka chair nu teesukuvasthu koorchommani cheppindi,thanu kooda okati techukoni koorchundi ..

sasi bhaanu nudutini chethitho thaaki fever undo ledo anee choosadu ...

"bhaanu doctoe daggarakeladam pada "

"ee time lo, ayinaa naa mata vinavu kada"

"Image hospitals undi gaa daggarlone"

"nee trupthi kosam vasthaAnu, veladaamaa, kaani nenu bagane unnanu "

"adee kaadu bhaanu, ninna night palakarinchaanu, sariggaa matladaledu neevu, inka emi anukonu, eppudu call chesinaa madhu lift chesthundi, mee oori nunchi vachchaavu kaani emi jarigindo cheppane ledu, health bagoledu doctor daggarikelathamu ante vinavu , ninna night anthaa nidrapoledu neeku ela vundo anee, ippudu kooda neevu eppudu nidra lesthava eppudeppudu choodalaa anee anee wait chesaanu telusaa"

Antha aavesam tho badhatho sasi break avvatam bhaanu modati sari choosindi ...

sasi ventane cool ayipoyi "bhaanu naa maata vinu raa, doctor daggaraku veladaam pada"

bhaanu sare antu emi matladakundaa sasi tho paatu hospital ku bayaladeraboyindi , bhaanu neeke call sharath ata antu hostel security pilichaadu.sasi velli call andukuntu, "hello sharath, bhaanu hospital teesukeluthunnaa , neevu akkadaku vachcheyyi " annadu.sharath tho valla oorilo emi jarigindo telusukoni mataldalani pilichadu...

"sare vasthanu anything serious, bhaanu ku baagundi kada, okka sari bhaanu ku phone ivvu" annadu

"Fever vasthondi ,chaalaa depresed gaa undi , sare isthaanu, one minute " antu pakkane unna bhaanu ku phone ichchadu..

"sharath, maree emi parledu neevu ravalsina pani ledu, sasi unnaadu kada, evening meet avudaam sare naa, untaanu " antu phone pettesindi

"sasi emi anukoku, papam sharath intha early gaa nidra levadu enduku thananu ibbandi pettatam ,veladaamaa"

Iddaru naduchukuntu hospitals daggarakellaaru , hospital lo head nurse bhanu nu palakarinchindi, enti doctor ilaa vachahru intha poddunne leave
lo unnaranukunta andi.

"avunu madam, widol test,bufficoat tests cheyinchukovali ,malaria or typhoid undemo choodali "

"Lab assistant unnattu unnadu, velli cheyinchukondi doctor, anduke leave lo unnara"

"aa avunu "

blood samples icchesi vachchindi..

"sasi inka veladama konni hours paduthundi , breakfast cheddam sare naa "

"choodu, maree edo okati teliyali kada appude veladamantavu"

"phone chesi cheppamani cheppanu, results raagane, oka course teesukunte ayipothundi"

"sare , mata vinavu kada "

"vinnanu kanukane hospitalkochchanu "

"assale health bagoledu ippudu maree neetho arguments waster kaani veladam"

"thanks " antu navvesindi ..

Tharuvatha room daggara dimpesadu sasi bhanunu ..

"nee report raagane call cheyyi"

"aa sare"

"vaddule nene chesthanu eppudu chepthadata"

"afternoon logaa"

"sare 12ku alaa call chesthanu"

"sare , maree bye have a nice day "

sasi bhaanu nu choosukuntu hostel gate dati vellipoyadu ...

12 appudu labassistant call chesadu, rendu reports negative vachchayani.kaani typhoid one week tharuvatha kaani bayatapadadu maree thanu antibiotics teesukondi so negative choopinchi untundi, anee anukondi manasulo, sasi ku call chesi cheppindi vishayam ..

aa roju raathri vipareethamgaa chali inkaa high fever vachchindi bhaanuku.sharath bhaanu ravaddani cheppindani raaledu.sasi two three times call chesinaa thanu nidrapothondani madhu chepthe sare rest tessukontondanukoni lepamanaledu ...

next day ku fever thaggaka poyesariki typhoid anee anukoni sharath, sasi vallaku cheppindi ..

sasi hostel daggaraku vachchadu vishyam telusukoni

"bhaanu room keladam raa ikkada evvaru choosukuntaru ninnu , madhu bhanu dress's pettivvu "

"vaddu , ikkada room lo unnaru choosukuntaru , ayinaa thaggadukada o 10 days untundi "

anthalone sharath vachchadu , sharath bhaanu room ku teesukelathanante ranantondi annadu ...

bhaanu sharath vaipu choosindi, vaddani cheppamantu ..sharath bhaanu cheyyi pattukoni pulse check chesaadu baaga weak gaa undi..

"ooru veladaamaa bhaanu, intlo unte amma untaru kada "

bhaanu kopam gaa choosindi "ninnane kada vachchamu , amma ku health anthantha mathrame
inka typhoid ante kangaru pettesthundi"

"bhaanu artham chesuko 2 days maa room lo undu , kavalisthe sharath vasthadu , madhu kooda untundi, enti nee problem solve ayyindaa , madhu night times kavalisthe hostel ku dimpesthamu "

sharath permission adigindi kallathone "emantavu anee "

"arre mee studies disturb avuthayemo kada sasi, thananu intiki teesukelthanu , kaani 2 days mathrame vasthaamu sare naa "

"ok auto piluchukoni vasthanu, madhu neevu vachcheyyi, night ku ninnu drop chesthanu"

mottaniki naluguru kalisi vellaru. bhaanu prathimaku call chesi cheppindi, edo oka reason cheppi hyderabad ku rammani, prathimaku bhaanu engagement vishayam teleedu, thanu appudu oorilo ledu..

PART 24:

Prathima valla intlo vallaku employment
registration cheyinchali hyderabad vellalani intlo permission adigindi ..valla intlo vallu suresh ragane pamputhamani annaru ..suresh sasi nu adarsanga teesukuni IIT gowhathi lo seat techchukoni akkade chaduvuthunnadu prathima ade vishayam bhaanu tho cheppindi ..
sasi anandangaa feel ayyadu , suresh vasthunnadani teliyagaane ...

sharath sasi iddaru bhaanuku breakfast and medicines teesukuravataniki bayataku vachchaaru ..

"sharath, furniture shops telusaa daggaralo"


"bhaanu ku assale typhoid andunaa idee december, baagaa thakkuva vundi kada temperature, thana kosam
edaina cot konte manchidi kada "

"good idea boss"

furniture inidaggara dimpamani address ichchi vachcharu ..

bhaanu valla intiki call chesi cheppindi freind ku health bagolekapothe friend room lo undani contact number sasi di ichchindi.
Elaanu prathima suresh vallu vasthunnaru kanuka fever thaggedaaka sasi room lone undachchu anee anukondi.

sharath eppaikappudu temperature nu check chesthunnadu, time ku thaggattu medicine isthunnadu...
baaga sannaga ayipoyindi kala lekundaa...

aa roju raathri sasi enduko bhaanu nidrapothunte daggarikelladu ...nuduti meeda cheyyi vesi temperature choosthu
ee ammayi naa sontham ayithe elaa untundi naa life , andamaina kala anee anukoni navvukunnaadu ,bhaanu kallu terichi
choosindi challani chethi sparsa thagilesariki ,choopulu okkasari kalisi thappukunnayi ...

"sasi temperature enthundo choodali, therammeter ivvavaa "

thermometer petti choosaadu..

"centuries koduthunnavu gaa bhaanu"

bhaanu chinnagaa navvi woolen raggu cover cehsukoni mudukkoni padukundi, baagaa chali peduthondi sasi antu ..

"sare inko blanket kappanaa "

"sare ,prathima vallu repatikochchesatharu kada , amma nu choodalani undi sasi, thanakelaa undo health "

"vastharu , neevu paduko emi alochinchaku, konchem fever thaggaka intikeluduvu kaani "

"amma ku BP baagaa ekkuavayyindi, nenu intlone undalsindi, kaani akkada vundalekapoyaanu, neetho oka vishayam cheppali sasi "

alaane matladisthu unte fever ekkuva avuthundani "bhaanu kallu moosukoni paduko , repu poddunne anni matladadaamu sare naa "

"Enti matladuthunte matladanivvavu ? ma oorikellinappudu okati jarigindi, neeku cheppali "

"bhaanu paduko raa , amma kaavali kada repu call chesi cheputhanu ikkade vachchi untaru "

sharath vachchadu gadiloki, "entha vundi madam gariki temperature " antu ...

sasi konchem dooram jarigaadu ... "bhaanu mana cricket team lo undalsinde , ceneturies koduthondi telusaa"

"nights ekkuva vuntondi kada , bhaanu nee hair meeda asalu vaduluko full oodipothayi, tirumalakelli gundu kottinchesuko o pani ayipothundi
okkasari oohinchuko elaa vuntavo"sharath bhaanu navvinchalani atpattisthu annadu ...

"emi parledu, wig pettukuntaanu "

"entha bagolekapoyinaa vadinchataniki mathram energy vachchesthundi kada , ee ammayiki fever ante evvaraina nammutharaa" annadu sasi ...

"sare padukondi madam, memu kooda jaagaram cheyyalaa netho paatu"

"cheyyandi, sasi neevu velli vere room lo chaduvuko, sharath ikkadaku vahchina pane marachipoyava.. PG entrance ilaa ayithe seat vachchinatte
naaku seat vachchi neeku raakapothe mee amma vallu nannu antaru, ee ammayi valle maa vadiki seat raaledu anee"

"Emi parledu, maa vallu neetho nursing home open cheyinchi, nannu compounder gaa pedatharu "

bhaanu orimi choosindi, sasi pakka room lokelladu vella matalu vinnado ledo teliyaledu iddariki ...

"sharath class's neevu egarakodithe cheppevallu undaru repatinundi veluthunanvu prathima vallu vastharu"

bhaanu rathri antha tellaru eppudavuthunda prathimanu eppudeppudu choodali antu eduruchoosindi...

PART 25:

Alaa eduruchoosthu tellareppudo nidrapoyindi ..

bhaanu nu chosthu sasi kooda nidrapoyadu , prathima vallu digaaru call chesaru, sharath lift chesaadu ..
vallu main busstand lo digutharata ,driver nu adigithe inko 20 minutes lo untarata, ade vishayam suresh cheppadu.sharath

ku bhaanu ku vallu entha close friendso telusu, maree thana engagement thanatho ayyindani sasi ku cheppestharani ee

time dorikindi konchem valla tho ekkadainaa TEA thaagu thu matladi next emi cheyyalo discuss chesukovachchu anee

anukunnadu.sharath ku teliyadu suresh vallaku kooda teliyadani.

sasi nu nidra lepatam istam leka room ki 2 locks untayi kada okati bayata nundi vesukoni vellipoyaadu.

Sasi ku sudden gaa melukuva vachchindi, levagane edurugaa bhaanu andangaa nidrapothunna bhangima kanipinchindi,
resist chesukolekapoyaadu , daggarikelli nuduti meeda chinna gaa muddichchi alaa moham lo choosthu undipoyaadu.
bhaanu alasyanga nidrapoyinanduku melukuvalo ledu, alaa thana aramodpu kannulanu choosthu thnalo thane

navvukunnadu, kanureppalu antha pedda kannulanu poorthigaa cover cheyalekapoyayi, adee neevu ememi chesthunnavo

anne nenu gamanisthune unnanu anee annattlu ga undi.

sasi bhaanu chethini thana rendu chethulalo teesukoni tirumalo jarigina teepi gurthunu gurthu techchukunnadu,
andisthene kada telisedi vadilesthano ledo anee thanu anina aa matanu taluchukunnadu, 4 samvathsrala
kindata antha amayakangaa chethini andinchina ee ammayi ippudu jeevithantham thogdu ga untanu vadalanu
ante andisthundaa , baaga matalu nerchindi, mata daatesthundi, annee telisi emi teliyakundaa untondaa, leka annee
naaku nene oohinchukuntunnaa , amma gariki doctor ne chesukovali nursing home lu pettali anee undaa,
Edo okati chepparaa , ee ice break chesedevvaru, poni sharath thanaku friende naa anukunte vaadilo thanatho

matladuthunte jealousy feeling choodaledu eppudu ante bhanu thanaku friend mathrame..inka ee roju prathima vallu

vachchestharu , inka thananu ontarigaa choose avakasam kooda undadu, andarilonu thananu choodalante
evaraina thana manasuloni bhavalanu kanipedatharemonanee bhayam, poni ippude lepi adigesthe , thanu naa
gurinchi emi anukuntundo, thanu okavela avunani ante thama hrudayalalo andangaa likhinchukovalasina apurpamaina

ghattaaniki teranu ilaa dimpeyyalaa, thanu NO ane cheppe avakasam lekundaa oka adbhuthamaina avakasanni devudu

varam gaa isthe ...edi emayinaa ee koddi sepu thananu intha daggaraga choose avakaasanni vadulukoraadu

anukuntunnadu ...bhaanu chinnagaa kadilindi, bhanu lesthe bagodu anee anukoni kadalaboyadu, bhaanu chethini
"mata ichchaavu vadalanani, please vellaku " antu nidra mattulo matalu muddagaa vasthunnayi, kalavaristhondemonani

choosadu...emi matladakunda alaane koorchondi poyaadu ...

bhaanuku leelaga arthamavuthondi sasi daggaraga unnadani , thanu ee roju kosam enni nidraleni raathrulu gadipindo

telusu, melukuvaloki vasthe dooramavuthaadani kallu teravatam ledu , okappudu thanu ilaa anukonedi,thana kosam eduruchoosi choosi visigipoyi kalalonaina kanipisthaademonanee asagaa nidrapothe thanu nijangaane thanakosam vethukuthu vachchinattu, thanu niduralo unnadi kada anee niduralepatam istam leka thana gurthu gaa thanu vachchi vellina parimalanni vidichi velladata , ippudu adee nijangaane jaruguthondi kaani thana duradrustam choodu thanu levaledu mind sahakarinchatam ledu, thanaku typhoid vachchindanduku anandinchaalo leka edvalo artham kavatam ledu ...

sasi ku ekkado chadivina lines gurthochchayi ...

jeevitham lo athyantha madhuramaina ksanaalu priyuralu nidurapothunappudu choosthu undatam ata ...

Part 26 :

Alaane choosthu undipoyaadu, anthalone calling bell mogindi, chethini mellagaa vidipinchukoni
Velli door teesaadu, Edurugaa suresh, prathima vallu sharath tho patu lonikivachcharu,

Suresh and sasi chaala years tharuvatha meet ayyaru kada anadanga hug chesukunnaru, sharath alaane choosthunte North lo unnam kada alavatayyindi annnaru iddaru okesari…

Prathima vallanu choosthu “mee friends kalusukunnaru maa friend edi , entidi emayyindi thanaku “ antu gadiloki vellindi mancham pai padukunna bhaanu daggaraku chuttu medicines , anni choosthu ..

“Enti raa, Phone calls levu emi levu , Emiti agnatha vasam lo unnavaa, assalu neeku bhaanu
Elaa kanipinchindi intha pedda oorilo “

“Thanani lepaku chaalaa late gaa padukondi, let her take rest, velli neevu refresh avvu .”

“rey,adee mathram assalu oohinchane ledu nenu edo walking veluthunte thanu kanipinchindi, thanenaa anee velli palakarinchaa , mottaniki aa roju mathram gurthundi pothundi naa jeevitham lo”

“sasi , thanu neetho cheppaledaa, actually aa roju thanu route miss ayyindi poddunne prathima ku call cheyyataniki vachchi maree hostel route kanukkoleka thirigi thirigi alasipoyi akkada edusthu koorchunnadata ”

“oh! My god cheppalede thanu, lucky ga nenu meet ayyanu saripoyindi lekapothe ”

“sasi thappipoledu kada sare let me refresh”

“sasi, thana temperature emainaa unda check chesava”

“unnattu undi, emi cheddam ??”

“chesedemi ledu, she has to go through anthe”

Prathima  inkentha sepu eppudeppudu nidralepudaama anee bhaanu nu choosthune undi, thanu konchem melukavaloki ragane daggarikelli hug chesukondi.

“ente ilaa ayyavu ? doctor amma patient ayithe elaa”

“emi rogalu doctors ku raakoodadaa”

“ravachchu kaani, cha ninnu ilaa choodalenu raa, elaa thayarayyavu telusaa, amma ku telusaa ”

“ledu , cheppaledu ”

“vellanthaa eri ekakdikellaru”

“breakfast and tendercoconut tevataniki velli vuntaru”

“avuna, inkenti sasi emantunnadu nee dairy choopinchavaa, assalu suresh ayithe shock telusaa neevu thanani meet ayyavante”

“hey , oka promise cheyyaraa please ”

“promise enti avasarama mana Madhya , ninnu meeri edaina eppudaina chesaana chinnapaptinundi ”

“telusu kaani ”

“maree enti, vishayam cheppu’

“naaku sharath ku engagement ayyindi”

“so , what , ippudu sasi nu vadulukuntanu anee sodi cheppaku I’m n’t going to hear”

“adee kaadu raa, ela cheppedi ammaku BP so oppesukovalsi vachchindi”

“ayinaa antha preminchi elaa eduruchoosavo thana kosam naaku telusu , ippudu foolish panulu cheyyaku ”

“abbaa vinavente ??”

“cheppave baabu , vintunnaa”

“sasi ku teliyadu ee vishayam”

“aa telusthune undi”

“maree enti emani cheppali ,devudaa ee paristhithi enti”

“neevu oorukove, memochchamu kada , edo okati cheddam , alochiddam sarenaa”

“chaalu , kaani thanaku nene cheppali, neevu avesapadipoyi emi cheppaku”

“sare mahathalli, inka lechi konchem moham kadukko”

“hey, illu konchem sardaraa, sasi books alaa padesi untaadu”

“madam , ippudu mee hero books meme sardalaa ,nannu mee servant chesaava , friend post teesesi”

“ledu feel avvaku, nene chesthanu, ayinaa neeku anandamemi telusu, thana kosam pani cheyyatam trupthi gaa untundi ”

“abbaaa , ee senti tho chachipothunnane”

“hey, enti emani cheppavu amma vallaku, elaa pampincharu, maa amma emaina pampinchara naakosam”

“ammaa marichaa, aunty evo sunni undalu inkaa evo pettincharu neekimmani”

“avunaa, sare vallaku ivvu, ”

bayataku vellina vallu vachcharu, inkaa suresh sasi matladukuntu koorchunnaru, sharath class kellipoyadu.

“lunch ku daggarlone fishland ku veladam, prathee neevu bhanu nu chosuko”

“ledu sasi, thananu teesukellandi , okkadanne untanu problem emi ledu, ”

"sare, o 30 minutes lo vasthamu take care "
sasi kallathone jagraththa anee saiga chesadu...

bhaanu saluvanu cover chesukuntu okkasari anukundi

"cheppalanukunna oosulanu cheppakane cheputhaayi nee kanula baasalu , naa darikai neevu vese prathi adugu naa madilo kalavaranni repi intha cheruvalo unnaaa intha dooraalelaa antondi , artham chesukolevaa naa ee mouna raganni "

Part 27:

“Chepparaa plans enti ?”

“Emuntayi avvagane campus lo job kottatam settle in life , enjoy for few hours pelli pillalu anthe routine ”

“prathee ku alliances choosthunnaraa ?”

“aaa pelli choopula process start ayyindi, recent gaa evaro Jr. Lecturer ata vachchadu achcham lecturer gaa stereo type matalu matladaadu , prathiki saripothaadu , intlo chesesthaaru ”

“aa ganthaku thagga bontha le sasi, maademundi kaani nee vishayam cheppu… evarinaina vethukkunnavaa delhi lo ”

“antha ledu prathee manavadiki , eppudu chaduve kada ammayilu palakaristhe mohamatangaa face pettesthaadu , inkosari vachchi matladalante valle feel avutharu”

“pappu lo kaalesav raa, sheela , leela neela alaa list chaalaa undi le o saari parichayam chesthaa andarini”

“okka laa mathramparichayam cheyyi raa babu life baga bore koduthondi ”

“ahey mee ammayila gola aapandi, akkada bhanu wait chesthontundi, edaina pack chesukoni veladaama”

room loki adugu pettesariki sharath plate lo rasam annam kaluputhu kanipinchaadu …

“enti akalesthondaa bhaanu, restaurant vaadu order ichchina gantaku gaani ivvaledu”

“ledu sasi tablets vesukovali gaa so sharath teesukochchadu call chesthe, chaalaa rojula tharuvatha suresh vachhcadu kada so matalalo padi poyi untarani anukunna”

“aa bhaanu leela sheela antu edo yedhava gola le , vellaku ammayila topic kante inka hot topic emuntundi cheppu”

“prathee meeku untayi gaa , ee dress ekkada konnavu anee yedhava discussions maavi entha unnaa cinemalu , papali and cricket , ayinaa naalugu koppulu kalisthe …….”

“abbaaa , aapesthaavaa suresh, bhaanu ku headache vasthondi nee matalaku choodu face elaa pettindo virakthigaa”

“aa face annam thinataniki le prathi matalaku kaadu , amma gaariki annam nu edo visham la choosthundi ”

“sasi typhoid vasthe annam sahinchadu , artham chesuko, sharath neevu cheppu thanaku ”

sharath edo cheppaboyaadu,anthalone sasi andukoni “aa sare sare doctors kalisi edo artham kaani words use chesi maa norumoopistharu ”

“bhanu sare nenu room keluthunna , amma vallu nee gurinchi adigaru veelu ayithe o saari casual gaa cheyyi ”antu hint ichchadu sharath …

“prathee aa cardless andukoni bhanu kivvu … sharath mee inti number cheppu thanaku mathi marupu ekkuva gurthu undadu ippude call chesi matladuthundi anthekada “

sharath , prathima ghabara padipoyaaru , matalalo sharath ku bhanu ku engagement ayyindani edaina vishayam dorlipothundemonani assale bhaanu ku health bavoledu inka tension pettadam avasaramaa anee sharath vanka prathee serious gaa choosindi …

“hey sasi amma vallu bayataku vellaru , intlo undaru ee time lo tharuvatha nenu matladipisthanu kada , ok then maree c u guys”

aa roju night ku prathi bhaanu oka room lo and suresh sasi inko room lo padukunnaru ..

prathi enni rojulu ilaa , dina dina gandangaa sasi ki telisipothundemonani bhayapdahu undatam , sharath kooda enni rojulu ilaa manage chesthadu …aunty no leka ammano pressure pedithe pelli chesesthaaru ..edo okati cheyyali lekapothe kudaradu …

suresh prathima vallatho unte alaa alaa rojulu gadachipoyayi konchem recover ayyindi bhaanu , prathima tho ottu veyinchukundi emi cheppoddu sasi ku anee…

“sasi , inka ananatapur vellipothaanu amma tho undalani undi”

“nee istam bhaanu”

“nenu raana bhaanu, amma vallu ninnu okkadanne pampithe thidatharu nannu ”

“sharath, memu veluthunnam kada emi anakundaa choosukuntam le mee bhaanunu ”

“prathee, sharath bhayam sharath di , amma vallu cheppi pampincharu kada bhanu nu jagrathagaa choosukommani ”

“inka mee appaginthalu mugisthe bayaluderuthaamu”

“bhanu, sare amma vallaku call chesi chepthavaa vasthunnarani”

“maremi parledu sharath direct gaane velathaamu”

… … … … …

Intikellagaane moham anthaa peekkupoyina bhaanu nu choodagane emayyindani
Bhaanu valla amma badhapadindi …

“amma typhoid , thaggipoyindile”

“mare okkamaata cheppalede”

“chepithe akkadikosthavu , hostel lo undanivvaru, naaku travel chese opika ledu amma, akakde friend valla intlo unnaa, sharath chaala baga choosukunnadu”

“ayinaa aa abbayi kooda okka mata cheppaledenti, anthaa pedda vallayipoyara”

“abba emite daanini konchem rest teesukonivvu, intiki vachchindi kada”

sharath valla amma ku vishayam teliyagane vachchesaaru …

“bhaanu emmaa enduku cheppaledu maaku , appude anukunnaa active gaa
aunty adee idée ane matladepilla neerasanga matladuthondi emito anukunna , chalaa
saarlu adiganandi bhanunu emayindamma ante emi ledu aunty jalubu ,daggu tone marindi water maarindi anee kathalu cheppedi , emitamma car nu pampinchevallamu kada neevu travel cheyyalenu anukunte endukilaa chesavu edi vaadiki call chesthaamu phone anduko”

“aunty , nene cheppoddannnanu anthe mare serious ayithe vachchesi undedanni kada choodandi ippudemi ledu doctors kada iddaramu maaku telusu kada emi kadani”

“emo kaani inka neevu PG preparation ledu emantaru andi meeru”

“anthe , anthe bhaanu vellaku inka Hyderabad ku sharath nu nee luggage teesuku rammantaanu, vaadiki seat raanivvu USMILE rayanivvu, neevu dependant VISA paina veluduvu kaani intlone undu ”

“aunty , ledu aunty thaggipothundi , nenu velathanu Hyderabad ku”

“bhaanu cheppina mata vinu choodu elaa ayipoyavo , juttu antha oodipoyindi , kallu lopalaku vellayi, 3 nelalu intlo nundi kadaladdu ”

devudaa enti vishama parikshalu ….

PART 28 :

“Hello sasi , oka bad news and oka gud news mundugaa edi cheppamantavu”

“arre ,Enti emayyindi maree health padayipoyindaa baaga, manchi doctor daggarikelli choopinchukovachu kada , ade bad news ayyi untundi kada”

“ayyo, nenu ade anukunna, ikkada ee town lo unnadi one and only one best doctor I know , kaani aa ammayike bagoledata, sare mare gud news emito kooda thamre cheppandi ”

“sare sare perati chettu vaidyaniki paniki raadu kaani , manchi doctor daggaraku vellamma naa mata vinu, inka gud news kompatheesi mee professor evaraina propose chesadaa ”

“arre bhale kanipettare alantide kaani konchem change professor kaadu senior propose chesaadu”

“amma , o pani ayipoyindi , inka prasanthangaa civils ku prepare avvachchu ”

“neevu civils prepare avvataniki naa pelliki sambandham emiti “

“abbaa , just kidding bhaanu, feel ayyava”

“baga guess chesavu kaani nenu Hyderabad ravatam ledu adee anthe inka nee time waste chesevallu leru baga prepare avvu adee neeku gud news”

“hey, nijangane pelli kudirindaa andukosame ninnu pampatam ledaa intlo vallu ”

“Hyderabad water/weather padaledu kada , first time hostel lo undatam kada andukosame konni nelalu intlone undi prepare avuthaa sharath CD ‘s n material testharu ”

“mare nee luggage elaa”

“”adee nee room lo pettukuntaava time being hostel vacate cheyyali”

“no problem , take care , c u soon bhaanu ee saari nenu choosetappatiki healthy gaa kanipinchali”

“emito sasi, ee saari inko 4 years tharuvatha meet avuthaamanukuntaa”

“Na, ee saari alaa jaragadu , jaraganivvanu take care nenu mare call chesthaanu”

pichchi sasi ade jaruguthundi, nenu neetho naaku engagement ayyindani cheppalenu , anthalope pelli chesestharu, Antha daggaragaa neetho gadipe kshanaalu vachchina cheppalekapoyaanu , inka ippudu cheppagalaana ,neevu adiginaa nenu cheppalenu …

… …. … … ….

“Hey sasi, bhanu books bag mee room lo pettesthanu”

“sharath thanu inka PG coaching ku join avvadata kada”

“Nenu ee saari vellinappudu thananu teesukoni vasthanu , enti miss avuthunnaaraa bhaanu nu”

“yeah, konchem ayinaa let her take ret baaga weak gaa ayyindi”

“Next week thana boioks teesukelathanu meeru ekkadiki vellaru kada”

“mains ayyaka interview ku prepare avvali so delhikellipovachu appudu call chesi inform chesthanu velleppudu ”

“all d best, maaku elaagu MD seat ravatam kastam meeru chance kotteyyandi ”

“Emo chooddam”

… … … … … …

“hey bhaanu elaa vundi ippudu, nenu ippudu ekkada vunnano cheppu”

“enti aa gola sounds baga vinipisthunnayi”

“yeah, AP express delhi keluthunnaa , interview ku prepare avvali kada”

“so inka mare back to pavilion, nannu marachipobothunnavu”

“endukala antunnavu , ayinaa okkasari neetho matladinavallu ninnu marachipogalaraa cheppu”

“enti naa gonthu mare antha chandalangaa untundaa”

“ide neelo naaku nachchindi nijalu bhale kanipetasthaave“

„“ee saari thamarin delhi lone meet avvali kaabolu, thamari contact number ichchi velathara”

“hey, neeku kakapothe inkevvarikisthanu , ok wish me gud luck”

“sure, sramayeva jayathe annaru, baga kastapaduthunnavu kada ,thappakundaa vasthudi ,bye for ever”

“thanks, but bye for ever kaadu bye for now anu”

“emo, enduko alaa anpisthondi”

“ok alaane anuko”

“bye for ever sasi”

“bye for now bhanu”

… … … …

part 29:

"sharath vellaka thappadaa? "

"bhaanu, thappadu..."

"andaru nannu vadilesi veluthunnaru , sasi anthe , neevu anthe"

"sare ayithe pelli chesuko nannu iddaramu veladaamu"

"sharath , neeku thelusu ninnu chesukolenani "

"maree ayithe aa engagement ring enduku ichcheyyi"

"ante neeku artham kaadaa ninnu nenu preminchatam ledu, sasi naa manasulo unnarani"

"unte naakenti, enni years wait cheyyali neekosam, fine mee intlo vallatho andarithonu cheppeyyi
u will be breaking this engagement anee"

"hey neevu naa best friend, neevu kooda swartham gaa alochinchaku, ayinaa nenu intlo
vallatho cheppalenanee kada nee dhairyam"

"bhaanu neevu naa best friend vi kanukane nee future gurinchi bhayam, ippudu break chesthe inni nelalu mana engagment
ayyindi ippudu neevu vaddu ante inka neeku pelli kaadu , sasi sasi antaavu kada vaadu kooda vachchi ninnu
pelli chesukodu"

"what do u mean ?"

"adee neeve cheppu"

"neevu thappa nannu inkevvaru pelli chesukoru ane kada , pelle avasaram ledu bathakataaniki,
edainaa maaru moola pallelo kelli pedavallakosam clinic open chesukoni bathikesthaa evvariki
theliyanivvanu nenu ekkada unnano anee"

"neeku antha dhiryam ledu raa, u need always some around to take care of u and u cann't survive in this cruel world
artham chesuko "

"sare maree neevenduku nannu vadili veluthunnavu"

"unte intlo vallu pelli chesthamannaru kanuka , next month muhurtham pettaru neeku teliyadu, pelli aapalante
nenu US kellipovali"

"anthe naa inkemi cheyyalemaa"

"cheyyochu , nenu vere ammayini pelli chesukonesthe?"

"good idea, chesuko chesuko nee type ammayini , chaalamande untaaru ninnu chesukovataniki baane untavu gaa "

"Enti bhaanu jealousy gaa feel avuthunnava"

"ledu , neeku naa type ammaye correct ,ninnu darilo pettalante"

"already pettasaavu gaa , poni neeve pelli chesuko "

"cheppa gaa last preference neeku isthaa "

"hey manaku engagement ayyindi marachipothunnavu"

"yes anduke half rights unnayi naaku manchi pillanu choosi chesthaanu neeku pelli, neevu
US kellatame manchidi, naaku seat raaledani cheppu america lo , neevu settle ayyaka pelli chesukuntanani cheppu
pelli postpone cheyyamani cheppu, intha manage chesaavu idee kooda manage cheseyyi"

"alaane madam, neeku dooram gaa unte nannu miss avuthavemo "

"miss avuthaanu friend gaa ..."
... ... ... ... ...

part 30:

"hello sasi, mee ammanu raa ,naa mata vinu , okkasaari velli ammayini matladi raa "

"amma ippatlo pelli chesukonu,training inkaa 2 and half years untundi"

"unte undanivvu , baaga unnavallu ,manaku kavalsina vallu tirupathi lo 3 theaters unnayi vallaku ,
baga palukubadi undi, nee hoda ku vallu saripothaaru "

"amma ammayini velli matladi vasthanu , phone number ivvu , ammayi nachchakapothe vaddantaanu"

"neeku nahchcuthundi raa "

"peru number cheppu, emi chaduvuthindi kkada "

"MBA chesthondi raa delhilo"

"sare ammaa, mata ivvaddu thondarapadi,just matladi vasthanu anthe"

"sare raa, peru swagathika, number raasuko"

"peru entamma antha kastangaa undi palakatanikkoda raadu "

"perudemundi raa marchukovachhcu pellilo"

"amma pelli daaka vellipovaddu, just matale untaanu"

... .. ..

"swagathika, sasidhar here , meeku telise untundi"

"yes, meetho meet avvali"

ammayi hcaala fast ga undi anee manasulo anukuntu"ekkada meet avudaam"

"andhra bhavan, this sunday after noon lunch ku"

"thats nice idea"

"c u on sunday , bye"


... ... ... ... ...

arre ee ammayini elaa gurthu pattedi, emito akkadekkalaka call chesthaa..
Cool gaa handle cheyyali, bhaanu ayithe elaa handle chesthundi ilaanti situation ...
thanatho matladaka 6 months ayyindi ...thanatho matladithe ventane thana mungita
vaalipovalanipisthundi daanikanna matladakundaa undatame better ... oka subcollector
intiki alludavuthadante intlo vallu oppesukuntaaru adee kaadu samasya , daddy ne ,
ippudu vallaku status symbol nu kada ... anduke swagathika nu choosaru ...mottaniki entha
rate palukuthunnano, navvosthundi naaku nachchina ammayini chesukontaanu maree aa ammayi money
isthundi nannu pelli chesukunnanduku ..abbaa ivanni above my head le , bhaanu ayithe
ee vishayamai minimum 2 hours argue chesthundi ...enduku ee roju anthaga gurthu vasthondi ayintha
thananu eppudu marachipoyaanu ippudu kottagaa gurthu ravataniki .. oh god I love her ...

... ... ... ..

"SWAGATHIKA ekkadunnaru"

"andhrabhavan lone theater daggara unnanu, wait chesthunna meekosam"

"nenu hi antu hand rise chesthaanu , pink color dress ammayi merenaa"

"avunu ekkada unnaru meeru "

"choosanu vasthunna"

... ... ...

"hi, I am sasidhar"


"alaa resturant coffe thaguthu matladukundama"

"sasi striaght gaa point kochesthunna , meeru intlo nachahledani cheppandi"

"endukani? anything wrong"

"pelli chesukovatam ippatlo istam ledu"

"ofcourse mee personnel anukondi, kaani oka chinna question"

"adagandi , nenu evarinaina istapaduthunnanaa ana me doubt"

"mari mee intlo cheppochchu kada "

"cheppinaa waste lendi"

"Emiti abbayi baga poor"

"nenu maa baavanu chesukovalanukunna chinnappati nundi"

"oh family godavalaa"

"thanu evatto bhaanurekha ata ventapadi maree chesukunnadu "

"what come again?, mee baava peru sharath"

"sorry, kopam lo alaa annanu, meeku maa bava telusaa"

"swagathika meetho maree matladathaa bye ..."

"sasidhar emi hceppakunda vellipothunnaru"

"talk to u later ..."
... ... ... ... ...